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If you love to journal like me – writing becomes your best friend – blogging just another way of expressing ones self.  I have found over the many years of doing this – that it is also very healing.  Like an artist who sees something they HAVE to paint – and the athlete who MUST compete – so is the writer who HAS to express in the written word.

Any time I hear about someone who is going through a struggle – or painful experience, I always advise them to write. King David was the first “real” blogger – expressing himself in the Psalms.  He wrote when he was sad, frightened, lost, had fallen into sin, experienced gut wrenching pain – and also when he was joyful, peaceful and hopeful.  Many of his writings were put to music back then and sung – even still today we find great nuggets of truth and inspiration from his words – and we also put some of them to music and sing them.

With each of us – we are on a journey.  Life happens to us – sometimes planned out – sometimes hit from our “blind side” – but it is still our journey.  No one can live it for us – no one can make choices for us.  No one can tell us how to feel.  So expressing ourselves becomes important – and in a way it is our way of validating that journey.

As I walk, listen to music – talk with God – I am reminded that God sees the “big picture” of my life.  This has helped me so much in the past as I have gone through “seasons” of change and had many questions.  And I must admit that it’s very crucial for me now – because I have some unresolved issues of a personal nature.  And if you are anything like me – you probably do too.  As I talk with God – I can honestly say that I am filled with hope and reassurance – as I wrestle – yes even struggle to find the answers for all my questions and concerns.  He is a constant faithful friend – and I hear Him gently whisper, “things are going to be okay”.  And that, my friends – is enough for me.

If you are like me – and writing becomes a way of releasing pain, frustration, questions – but also expressing great hope, happiness and joy – then you know how you must write.  David not only agreed with me – but proved it by writing 150 “blogs” – or Psalms of his own.

Does writing solve anything?  No.  But as I write – I find a sweet presence is with me – encouraging me – giving me hope and helping me to release whatever is inside – locked away so deep – to give hope to others – and encouragement to tell you that you are not alone in your struggles.

My prayer for you today is this:  that you would be able to release what is inside of you – either through writing it down – or if there’s someone you need to talk to – drafting a letter  expressing your feelings – even if you never send it or give it to them – or by letting your speech be authentic – true and honest.  Even if that someone is God himself.  Learn to express yourself to Him – let Him whisper things into your life today – to give you hope and a promise of a future…

I am praying for you

God Bless


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  1. Cindy,

    You definitely have a gift of communication. Many people want to get what out what is in their heart, but they may never get around to saying or even writing it. Some may say that it is their personality–and maybe that is the case. But, just think if more people could express what is in their heart, maybe it would do more to free them.

    I have found that in many ways we are all the same when it comes to dealing with various issues. The differences are in how we perceive situations and what our actual experiences are. Because people have different experiences it can be difficult for others to empathize.

    You may have found that even though you are a good communicator, there are many others that would rather not talk (let alone write) at all about various issues. While you are passionate about putting your thoughts in a journal or blog, others could care less. Not to say that they have to care about the things that you care about, but it can be quite enlightening to find these things out.

    People in general, though, are interested in what is going on around them–it is human nature, of course. One interesting point to note here in our country is how people approach the Lord. It has become culturally acceptable within the “Christian community,” if you will, to talk about the things of God in a trite sort of way–it is an idea that God can be looked at as passé, and the way to make him more relevant is to package him with more excitement and pizzazz. While we are to be all things to all people, we are not to compromise the holiness of God.

    It is not for me to judge “all Christians in the U.S.” as that is too broad of a paint brush to use, and would also be stereotyping us. When it comes down to it, Jesus said by their fruit you should know them. Fruit today in the church has been defined with the same definition as businesses define success: profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, etc. Has God been deduced down to money and numbers? I don’t think so. While growth in a church, for example, could very well express itself in increased revenue and more people in attendance it is not the leading indicator of God’s blessing and approval.

    Man looks on the outward appearance while the Lord looks at the heart. The body of Christ is just that–a body. When everyone is fulfilling their role, it is healthy. But, if it gets unbalanced or if God is not receiving the glory it can begin to crumble on the inside. While the number of people and the money that comes in could still be large and increasing, that in and of itself is not a successful church according to the Bible.

    A small church, on the other hand, does not indicate God’s blessing because it is small or God’s lack of concern because it may not be growing. There are many factors when it comes to seeing God move in a particular church or community, for example. The first and most important factor is to understand what the purpose of even meeting is. It is not to impress God or others, to put on the best service, etc. While it is important to do the best job that we can for the Lord, God is not impressed with a slick and organized church service. While people may be–and maybe more will keep coming, the Lord just looks on.

    What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world (or has the largest church) if it is not done for the glory of God. Or, what does it profit a man if he has one of the smallest churches (thinking that he is being humble in not making a big show of his ministry, for example), but does not give the glory to God.

    In the end it is important to be passionate about God and serving people. But, it is interesting that if you are passionate and others just don’t quite understand that can put a damper on things. Jesus dealt with this very issue when he went to minister in his hometown….as not many miracles were done. If churches in the U.S. continue to be pleasure seekers, I believe God is just going to write “Ichabod” “The Glory has departed” on the doors of those churches.

    May this never be…….God does not stay where he is not wanted or desired, though….a sobering thought for sure.

    One last thought, I believe that writing can solve problems. It gets the thoughts out and may even forge a plan or track to run on. While a person may not get anywhere if they never get beyond writing about something (and never doing), it is still an important step to take (of course). Solomon wrote about all of the wisdom that he had discovered from his life’s experiences. Even though we can learn from others and be more efficient in life, for example, let us never put man’s experiences above the scriptures…that is a big danger in the church today–as people are spending more time reading a great leader’s books than even reading their Bibles. Man is imperfect and limited in their understanding, but God is perfect and unlimited in his wisdom and understanding. Not only were the earth’s foundations layed through wisdom, but God wants us to go deeper into gaining wisdom and understanding. He truly knows what’s best for us.

    • I appreciate these thoughts Scott – you are also a gifted writer and have a great way of explaining things through the written word. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. […] God Bless- If you love to journal like me – writing becomes your best friend – blogging just another way of expressing ones self.  I have found over the many years of doing this – that it is also very healing.  Like an artist who sees something they HAVE to paint – and the athlete who MUST compete – so is the writer who HAS to express in the written word. Any time I hear about someone who is going through a struggle – or painful experience, I always advise … Read More […]

  3. Thank so much “beautifulpresence” for your sweet comment! I’ve never thought of writing “Psalms” of my own – I consider my “blogs” to be like “Psalms” already – but I will consider it and I’m going to your blog site to see some of yours! God Bless you too!

  4. Thanks, JoJo for your great comment! I do get a good amount of “frustration” out in my writings – that’s for sure! Greg’s “Blog” coming right up!

  5. beautifulpresence said:

    Hi Cindy, I wonder if you have ever tried writing your own psalms. I have found this to be a wonderful way of expressing what is on my heart to the Lord and I feel His sweet presence as I write. I have posted some examples on my blog,

    God bless.

  6. I do find that when I’ve had a particularly frustrating experience, writing does help me. It doesn’t solve the problem-usually although I have blogged about techie issues and had someone step up with an idea that has saved my sanity –that month! But it does help me get the frustration out so that I can move on. It also makes for good Blog Fodder! I find so many relate to the things that frustrate the begeebers outta me. And after they read my blog, they can usually go through the rest of their experience with more of their begeebers in tact. ;D

    I love the reference to blogging. Never thought of David as a blogger but I guess that was blogging back then! Looking forward to hearing Greg’s insights on your blog!

  7. I like that – “Psalm” is the Hebrew word for “Blog” very clever, Greg – I’m sure our Hebrew professors from Northwest would not approve LOL!

    You have even written some very clever things of your own – and I am inspiring you to be a “blogger” too. What you wrote to me today I am going to put in a blog tomorrow about the 4th of July – maybe then you will realize a hidden talent that you have 🙂

  8. This is great stuff, Cindy!
    I’m sure David himself never imagined that his “bloggings” would be read and re-read through thousands of years – encouraging millions in thier daily walk. We will never know how something we wrote to express our personal journey may one day serve to bless someone else “down the road.”
    I wonder if “Psalm” comes from the same Hebrew word as “Blog” – ha! (as in “a Blog of praise”).

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