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So today I had the rare opportunity to actually drive MY OWN CAR for an appointment.  I have to secure MY OWN CAR in advance with my 18 year old son – who always has other “plans” for my vehicle.  And so I went through the proper procedure – allowing enough time for his 18 year old brain to make the necessary adjustments for leaving him abandoned and “carless” for the morning – (something I have learned to live with) and arranged for his father to take him to school – which left me TOTALLY FREE to celebrate my newly earned (and well deserved) little outing with MY OWN CAR.

So I happily got into my car – after checking with Greg to see if I actually had enough gas in the car – just a side note here – I DO NOT LIKE PUMPING MY OWN GAS.  And most of the time when I get the RARE opportunity to drive MY OWN CAR – it is usually on fumes when I take over.  Not fun.  Did I mention I DO NOT LIKE PUMPING MY OWN GAS?   Anyway – I digress.

Like I said – I got into the car – started to “bond” again with it – it’s such a happy little car and I’ve missed it so – leather seats and nice and comfortable – black and mellow – like me ♥  And found my CD’s and began to play one of my “mixes” and started down the road.  It is rare that I can find my CD’s EVER in the vehicle that is MY OWN CAR – but that’s another story – and today it was right where it should be.  But then I noticed that something was missing.  Something I had bought for MY OWN CAR.  It is my car charger.  It was gone.  I looked under the seats – in the glove box – in the middle console – in the side consoles – it was NO WHERE.

So after the appointment I came home and Greg and I were having lunch together when our darling 18 year old son walked in (he had to walk home from school – awww poor BABY!!)  and I remembered about the car charger.  He was rattling on and on about completing his senior project and how well he did and that it was a MAJOR stress off his shoulders – yada yada yada – when finally I said to him, “Shawn – enough about you – where is MY car charger?”  He looked blankly at me for just a second or two (men have the look down so well) and then said so matter of factly, “Oh, it’s in Connor’s car” as if saying that would settle the question once and for all.  And how ridiculous of me to wonder where it was!  Of course it would be in Connor’s car – why HOW SILLY OF ME!

Now at this point – and understand me completely when I say this:  I live with two men.  And they are VERY confusing at times – in fact it just doesn’t take too much to mess me up and I think they know this.  Just a “little push” and it could send me over – if you know what I mean.

Am I wrong for wanting own car charger in MY OWN CAR?  Is it unreasonable that it would be in MY OWN CAR and not Connor’s?  I ask you – am I completely insane???

So then Shawn who was already bored with the conversation – and having NO STRESS anymore – left the room.  I, however found that whatever stress level he had – was somehow shifted (in some cosmic mother and son way) to ME!!  Then my dear darling husband proceeded to point to the hallway where Shawn had just walked down and said, “Baby of the family” and then pointed at ME and said, “Baby of the family”  And I said, “so this is somehow MY FAULT???”  I guess because I am the “baby” of my family and gave birth to a “baby” of the family – I am somehow “guilty”.  Of  just what – I do not know.

All I wanted was MY OWN CAR and….my car charger.

That’s all I have to say.  This “baby” is not saying anything more.

Yes – I’m Grumpy – and Confused.


Comments on: "Mrs. Grumpy Is Easily Confused" (14)

  1. Great post!

    You need to move to Oregon. We’re so dumb we can’t even pump our own gas! You’d love it!

    • So I’ve heard! Not about the dumb part – just about not having to PUMP YOUR OWN GAS!!!! I would love it there! Do you need someone to just do funerals and weddings? Greg’s your man!

  2. mayablogs said:

    Oooh, I know that “look” so well. And I wish I could learn how to to it. 🙂 It says: You don’t understand and I don’t really want to explain because it’s soooo obvious! 🙂

    Fun-story, thanks for the laugh Cindy! 🙂

  3. Cindy O'Brien said:

    Ok, its in your car!!! Hopefully it will make it home. : ) Woo Hoo the charger is going back to mama!

  4. This is so funny! I had to laugh. And Greg’s response…priceless. Leave it to a man to boil it all down to it’s simplest elements. HA!
    Though, I don’t understand why you don’t like pumping your own gas. It’s rather simple really. Too bad you didn’t live in Oregon where the gas is always pumped for you!

    One thing about kids, they’ll keep you on your toes! Our daughter just totaled the car I left her in North Dakota. So, now we’re trying to work with insurance and replace a car 1,500 miles away. Oh, the fun! So far, 2010 has started out to be a real doozie. Oofda.

    Then the day comes when they are gone and you miss them so much you would gladly put up with their foils and goofieness. (sigh)

    • Oh Wow Ron!! Our daughter “totaled” our car when she was 16 or 17 – so we feel your pain!! So sorry!

      Yes – kids keep you on your toes for sure!!! I’m sure I will miss Shawn when he’s gone – but it will also be nice too – I think you know what I mean! ♥

  5. I’m glad my car is mine, has been mine, and always will be mine. 😀 Have a great Friday. Good luck.

  6. Oh that’s too funny! I was in your house all the time? I know what you mean though. I have to share my computer with my dh. We got this one for me to use for my businesses. We have three others in the house but none of them are hooked up. OYE!

  7. Cindy O'Brien said:

    Well, after reading your blog, I read it to my husband.
    “Do you know where Cindy Holman’s car charger is?”
    “What, no, I don’t think it’s in the car (ie; Connor’s car)”
    It was at this point that he picked up the phone and called Shawn. Moments later he walked into the garage and returned with said car charger in his hand!!
    Shawn said “this is a good reason my mom shouldn’t be on facebook”
    To which I mused, well it will got the car charger back!!
    So all of this to say, I am looking at a car charger and will be giving it to your son this evening after 8, he’s supposed to come over here then (probably in your car).
    Thanks for the fun story, and remember it’s us against them. Lets work together to win!!

    • Okay – I LOVE this!! Our boys can’t get away with ANYTHING you know!!! Gotta love it! Yes Cindy – it’s “us” against “them” for sure!!! And all I can say is – they deserve it!!! ♥ Thanks for your comment!!!

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