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Forced Eavesdropping

So yesterday Greg took me for a late lunch in continued celebration of my “Birthday Week” to Red Lobster. I love seafood and especially crab and lobster! They were having their annual “Lobster Fest” and we thought we would go and try it! They situated us in a cozy little booth in an “almost empty” restaurant except for a couple in an adjoining booth directly behind me. Greg couldn’t see them because of the barrier at the top of my back rest but we could hear them – what sounded like a younger woman and a much older man. The woman was distinctive and rather LOUD in a thick Romanian accent. She was fascinating and had many stories of her adventures – most of them unbelievable – her many conquests and a few husbands too. The man seemed very quiet and I wondered how he could let her go ON AND ON forever about herself without interrupting her! There was some mention on his part after a while, about family and “following” her many adventures – and suggested that she too should keep a journal like he did to make it easier for her to remember everything. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem for her. She never ran out of “stories” and seemed to NEVER stop talking. At one point I tried to get Greg to have to “go to the bathroom” just so he’d get up and get a good look at her – but Greg shy’s away from anything that would draw attention to himself – and I just knew he would not be very convincing if he came up with some such scheme – so after a while, I decided to take matters into my own hands – and I got up and stood by the side of our table and took my time in looking around casually in that “trying to find the way to the bathroom” look. I was able to take in a great deal from that “look” and off I went to the bathroom. The woman was pretty young – and it seemed unlikely she could have had as many adventures and conquests as she claimed. It was pretty easy to detect a narcissistic personality but she seemed to have this man’s total attention. He looked old enough to be her Grandfather!

I guess we will never know exactly who she was – or why she was with that older gentleman who seemed greatly amused by her. I think I would have been annoyed! I detest it when people can only talk about themselves – on and on and never stop to take a breath and even inquire how I might be. It’s like it never occurs to them that there’s another person with them – they just like to hear themselves talk. Have you ever experienced this? It’s hard to sit there and smile and say nothing, isn’t it? Don’t you just want to say, “Well enough about YOU – next subject!” But usually my good breeding make it impossible for me to be impolite – so I say nothing and privately decide I’m not going to put myself in that position again. God is still working on me to have MUCH patience with some people.

I would be MORTIFIED to go into a restaurant or any other public place and be a spectacle for everyone to be forced to listen to. But I was intrigued at the older gentleman who seemed so patient and so kind.

Am I always kind? Do I exhibit impatience with people who don’t seem to have any manners? Am I gracious? I would like to think that I’m learning how to be. But I am still on a journey.

Greg thought it was highly amusing too – and spoke in a Romanian accent the rest of the day to me – imitating some of her “highlights” in the restaurant. It was so hilarious – he almost had me spitting out my coffee – not very lady like at all ☺

Have a wonderful day!

God Bless


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  1. Okaaaaayyy…this is just scary. Kelly would have asked for another table! LOL…I’m with Greg. I don’t like doing anything that draws attention to myself. Once I’m at a table, I hate moving – almost for any reason. For someone who doesn’t like hearing someone talk about themselves, you sure were captured by this woman talking about herself! LOL…too funny. It seems more and more that people in public places could care less about their language, topic of discussions and who can hear them. I was in a coffee shop yesterday and had to put up with a foul mouthed guy who continually polluted the air space with expletives – clearly an indication of a lack of verbal maturity and development.

    • We thought it was hilarious! Greg too was highly amused and there was no way we were moving to another table and missing all the drama! Too funny! It’s way different when you’re listening in than when the conversation is directed at you – so I guess this is why it tickled us – we wouldn’t have put up with it nearly so graciously as her counter part 🙂

      Yes – people in public places are VERY rude sometimes and it’s incredible what things come out of their mouths and at a high volume!

      Greg is so sensitive to it in public that he’s actually had to Shush ME!! And I’m very polite – okay I laugh pretty loud sometimes but that’s not the same!! Hey – I enjoy life!!!

  2. I get emails all the time for Russian wives.

  3. mayablogs said:

    Well, I don’t blame you for listening in, Cindy. She was in a public place and knew that others were listening. Perhaps he was her Granddad, perhaps she wanted to date him….we’ll never know.:)

    • Actually the thought DID occur to me that this was an “escort” service – but he seemed to know her – a family member I’m thinking. I don’t think an “escort” service would encourage a woman to talk about herself – she would be trying to “draw out” the client and make him feel understood and valued. Not that I know anything about how those things work or anything! She did look like a model or maybe an actress who was very full of herself and just showing off a bit. Who knows!

      • mayablogs said:

        My first thought was that she’d found him on a dating-site or something like that. (?) Those East-European girls are desperately trying to marry a guy (any guy,lol) to get citizen-ship.

      • Wow – who’d want to marry her! I know she was stunning to look at – but once she opened her mouth – Wow. Talk about an open sewer. If guys are just into the physical – then I guess – but HONESTLY!!!

      • mayablogs said:

        If the older guy is silly enough to marry her he’ll have a beautiful, young (if chatty) wife to show off to his friends. Unfortunately he won’t be married for long….she’ll be off the moment she’s an American…:(

      • Wow – the poor guy. Well – he’s a little dumb too – so I don’t know how sorry I am for him. But a “trophy” wife is worth it to some of them. I was just saying that to Greg the other day – “I want to be a trophy wife” LOL and he told me he’s proud to have me on his arm ALL THE TIME – so I thought that was very sweet ♥

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