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Today while working out on the elliptical – Greg was watching one of the HUGE flat screen TVs they have at our club – and caught a doctor’s program.  Subject:  How drinking a couple cups of coffee before working out actually helps your workout – and decreases muscle pain.  Well that was indeed good news for us – as so many people say caffeine is the enemy – or the Antichrist – or something like that.  I never personally bought into any of this heresy and would staunchly defend my right to be a coffee lover and to drink it every day – even among all the doubters and “nay sayers” out there.

Caffeine is also an ingredient in Excederin Migraine – or any other serious prescription migraine medicine because of what it does to help reduce the blood flow to the brain stem – or some such thing.  At least that’s what the doctor told me.  When you have a migraine – ingest some caffeine and it really helps!

Now my friend Ron was pointing out to us the other day that while we are self proclaimed “coffee snobs” and like Starbucks french roast – that it IS NOT the bean with the most caffeine.  It is the lighter roast bean that has the most – and better yet –  something called “white coffee”  apparently has 3 times the amount of caffeine!!  Imagine that?  I’ve never tried it – but it is said to be very mild and has no coffee taste at all.  This is probably why I have not tried it – because to be perfectly honest – I drink coffee for the taste – which is why I like french roast.  It’s not for what is does for me – but for how it tastes going down.  And drinking white coffee would be to me…well…what would be the point?

I am happy to know this information however,  and if I feel another migraine coming on – who cares about taste anyway?  I’m lucky to just get a cup of coffee down!  But that’s another story for another day – and if you look back far enough I believe I have a story or two about my migraine headaches complete with curling up in a fetal position and basically wanting to die.  Add to that the vomitting and you have a REAL winner!

I’ve been “migraine free” for about a year now – and so I must be doing something right – and drinking that coffee doesn’t seem to be hurting me – so I will continue my “bad habit” and….have another cup!

Hope you have an awesome day – would you like to join me in a cup?

God Bless

Comments on: "Everyone Needs To Believe In Something…I Believe I’ll Have A Second Cup…" (10)

  1. Ever since I read ‘Dieting To Your Blood-type” (or some title like that) and found out that coffee is GOOD for A+ types, I’ve encouraged myself in drinking the brew. (However, it was disappointing to discover that these types are supposed to cut out red meats for fish and tofu. So, I discard that bit of advice and kept the part about coffee I liked.) I’m glad to have been a part of your “coffee education”. By the way, “white coffee” is just coffee brewed from dried but unroasted coffee beans. It is the roasting that draws out the color and flavor. The “darker” the roast, the longer the roasting, which draws out the caffeine and leaves a stronger roasted coffee flavor. The “lighter” the roast, the shorter the roaster period, which leaves in the caffeine and gives the bean a lighter roasted flavor, bringing out some of the subtler flavors of the beans – which comes from the sun light, soil, and climate thus making the place where the bean came from very important – Asia, Africa, or Latin/South America. Which is why it’s kind of fun to try the different beans from the different parts of the world and taste their subtleties.

    • Well Ron – if you aren’t just a walking encyclopedia! I don’t even have to do a google search for anything anymore – I just ask you – and you ALWAYS have the answer! You must read everything you get your hands on – and more!! I think you need to host a radio show entitled “Just Ask Ron”! I bet you’d get a HUGE audience of people who just WANT TO KNOW!! Greg thinks you have missed your calling all together and should be a “Master Brewer” like they have in the Starbucks company – and you could travel the world in search of the perfect coffee bean for the company – and then write articles on this subject and educate everyone about coffee ☺ But we do take exception with your “Type A+” personality. I think of you as a mix of Choleric and Melancholy – you don’t seem “hyper” enough like a Rick Ross – our former pastor from New Life when we first started at that church 15 years ago. Now HE was an A+ – he ate confrontation for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and thrived on the high paced dealings of building programs etc. I see you more as a loving “shepherd” of your congregations – having a real heart for people and never being to busy to engage with them and care deeply. Am I right? You are a treasure and I appreciate your friendship ♥

      • LOL…well, I’ve never been called “a walking encyclopedia.” And, please, that is A+ BLOOD TYPE! Not personality type!! Hahahahaha…not EVEN me. That’s too funny.

        Now, the Starbucks job! THAT would be too cool!! I could so go for that or the one where they come up with the flowery descriptions of the different beans and blends: “A strong aromatic flavor with undertones of almonds and apricots added with the earthy richness of the deep dark soil from the Island of Sumatra.” How’s that sound? I think I’d be good! HA! So, if Greg’s got any contacts, let him make a couple calls for me will you?

      • Oh good – I’m glad you clarified that it was BLOOD TYPE – too funny!! Am I right about your personality type?
        I will tell Greg to put in a good word for you – but remember he contracts out to do pressure washing and windows, and high dusting for Starbucks – and has no “pull” with the exec’s in the company ☺
        I am seriously hurt that you have ignored my “talk show host” idea – I liked it!

      • Yes, you nailed the personality type.

        Well, if Greg misses some jobs maybe he’ll get a chance to meet with the exec’s face-to-face. Nothing like a little face-to-face time! LOL…

        Eh…as to the “talk show host” idea…I don’t know. It’s tough getting sponsors these days with the tight economy and all. Maybe Starbucks is looking to help launch a new talk show?

      • Greg says he’ll do a radio show with you – kind of like “The Ron and Don Show” here in Seattle. They are hilarious – and Greg loves to listen to their friendly banter on many subjects! The one guy always says, “Why wouldn’t I be DON O’NIELL!” That’s his trademark – so funny! Can’t you just picture it? But sadly you would have to move to Seattle, Ron ☺

  2. Having one right now w/my dh. Although I’m not really supposed to. They say it’s not good for those with hypothyroid or who have insomnia.

  3. mayablogs said:

    I’ll join you, Cindy!! I drink coffee by the gallon.:)

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