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Today my dear husband and I were having a lovely trip into the country – we attend church in Enumclaw which is quite a little drive from Renton – but it’s beautiful – and on a day like today there is a crystal clear view of Mt. Rainier. This time I actually remembered to pack along my digital camera to get some great shots of the mountain in all its glory.

While looking for a spot to take the pictures from I happily spotted an espresso stand in the middle of nowhere – which was actually open on a Sunday! I expressed my joy to Greg who was focused on finding “just the right spot” for pictures – I even mentioned it to him, “it’s actually OPEN”!! I said – expecting that he would take note of it and later come back to it. So after finding a place complete with some beautiful cherry trees to take some pictures – we got back in the truck and I said – do you remember where that little coffee place was? I was confident – because my husband is NOTHING if not a “human compass” – knowing how to find things – even if it’s been YEARS since he’s been there. He never gets lost and always has a brilliant sense of direction – unlike me – who has NO sense of direction. But he replied, “What little coffee place?” Hmmm. This couldn’t be good. I wouldn’t be able to find my way out of a paper bag – let alone far into the country with nothing familiar to guide me. So I tried the best I could, “Don’t you remember we passed it on the way and I said, “It’s actually OPEN!!”? He did not. No recollection at all – UNTIL we passed by it and I exclaimed, “There it is!!! – See?” He was like, “No I don’t remember that – I thought you were talking about the Grange Hall being open” Hmmmm. Why would I CARE about a Grange Hall???? Wow. Yeah – that sounds just like me – “Hey let’s pull over RIGHT NOW and go in the Grange Hall – it’s actually OPEN!!! YIPPEE!!!!” Right.

So it was then that I tossed around an idea – I have actually had my suspicions on this subject for quite a while now. Here it is: Men have “temporary files” it’s a little scary because they often cannot find the file anywhere once it downloads. Lots of little “temporary files” with no permanent destination. Just lost and forlorn – looking for a home. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I have thousands of those on my computer and every once in a while I have to clean them out – or it clogs up my hard drive and it runs slow and sluggish. Women burn thoughts and all external information straight to their “hard drive”. Yup – that’s our default setting. One it downloads – it’s there permanently. It takes much more effort to remove it – and sometimes like a pesky file or virus on your computer – it cannot be removed at all. Ever. With Men – they are just a “click” away at all times from “deleting” those temporary “bites’ of information. I think it’s why they look so confused and lost most of the time when trying to talk to them. Greg says he’s desperately trying to figure out what I’m saying – and trying to come up with the correct response fast enough so he won’t look like an idiot. It’s a full-time job sometimes to try to “access” the correct “file”. And let’s face it – sometimes it’s not even there anymore. It’s gone. POOF!!! There’s no memory of it – nothing. Just gone.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a crazy person. Searching for understanding from someone who will not make me feel like I’m insane. “You didn’t say that” he will say. And I will respond, “I most certainly DID.” You know – those conversations.

Ah – the complexities of men and women – trying to battle it out – speaking their own unique languages – which make no sense to the other. It’s blissful and wonderful sometimes, isn’t it? Can’t you just feel the love?

I’m thinking the old, “can’t live with them – can’t live without them” certainly applies BIG TIME – right here.

Maybe this is why women are sometimes grumpy. We remember everything. I think it is not always a blessing. Oh to sometime be a man. Live and let live – “Don’t need this “temporary file” – I’ll just delete it!” Wow – what a concept.

Here’s wishing you plenty of patience today as you try to understand the complex language of the sexes.

God Bless

Comments on: "Mrs. Grumpy And The Temporary Files" (8)

  1. In all fairness to Greg and other men/husbands, don’t blame the product. Blame the manufacturer! We were made that way. I’m certain God had perfectly good reasons, you can ask him about them when you see him. (Part of hell is eternally wondering what the heck was wrong with the opposite sex, I think.) Men in general and husbands specifically will have their own questions, I’m sure.

    Men are wired to either keep, temporarily store, or discard information. Since we are not multi-taskers and have limited hard drives, this task must be done on the fly. This leads to inevitable memory failures and hard drive crashes. When there is a conflict in software programs attempting to run at the same time – “Honey, can you stop by the store and while your at it pick up Johnny from school and remember to take out the garbage when you get home and don’t forget we have dinner at the Clarks tonight” – the whole system crashes and you have to reboot, which means all the previous information is lost.

    It’s like trying to run MS Office 7 on a Windows ’98 operating system on a 10 year-old computer. You’re asking for trouble, ladies. Run only one program at a time. Refresh the screen multiple times. Frequently and Delete unwanted files and Defrag the system. And, when necessary, reboot and start over.

    I hope this helps.

    • This made me laugh RIGHT OUT LOUD!!!! It’s so wonderful to have men in my life – first my husband (I have no brothers) and then my wonderful guy friends, like you Ron. But I have to say that you men are also really annoying and confusing to us women! Because you can’t multi-task – you are not always clear in your intentions and are HORRIBLE at communication – from daily interaction to expectations and easy going friendships. You think women are unclear – men are so singularly focused – it can appear to women that we are not important or worth communicating to. I know it’s just a differences in the sexes – but a differences worth noting if you want to keep and maintain relationships in your life.

      • Well, it does drive a bit mad that the finer sex is always and constantly bring up new subjects, changing subjects or moving on to new subjects without verbal or physical notification. We are like big semi-trucks going down the road. Once we get going we’re hard to stop. But don’t expect us to change lanes too quickly or take an exit at the last second. We’ll miss both altogether. Whereas, you fine specimens of God’s wonderful creative genius are like Maserati’s and Ferrari’s. You can go 0 – 100 in 4 seconds flat, change lanes, be off the freeway and back on it before we have gotten into 8th gear. Meanwhile, we’re left wondering, “What was that?”

      • That was so beautifully put – this is why we cannot stay annoyed at you men for long – especially when using your charm as you just did 🙂 it’s forgivable and irresistable 🙂

  2. Men cannot multitask. Though we women often talk when they are doing something else, we cannot expect them to remember. They don’t multitask. Even if they respond…with something that actually is a valid comment or question…they are not paying attention. They don’t multitask.

    I once called my dh at work to ask him if he could come home early on a Thursday so I could be on a local cable tv show a month from then. Eh asked a pertinent question, made cogent comments and said he’d get the day off to go ahead. The day of the event came and I reminded him in the morning. He said, “What TV SHOW?!”

    • I LOVE this JoJo! I was just laughing with Greg about what you wrote here! Men cannot multitask! It’s the truth! I’ve been saying that for years – and I tell my husband and my guy friends this – and they know it too!!! It’s so hilarious watching a man try to do several things at once – I was telling one of my guy friends the other day – “I can make dinner, return emails, print music, listen to music, play scrabble online – all at the same time!!! So funny but so TRUE!!!

  3. Oh how I love this post!!:)
    Yes, men have a “selective memory”. They delete anything that they consider unnecessary, leaving a lot of memory for stuff like: sports results from 20 years ago, where to find food in unfamiliar towns, and how the remote control works. But we women remember the really important stuff, like birthdays, the names of neighbors 30 years ago and which shampoo really delivers what it says on the bottle.:)

    After hundreds of years of marriage, I’ve come to the conclusion that placing a video camera on the coffee table and just letting it run 24 hours a day will avoid the “You never said that” and the “I can’t remember” bits.;)

    Now all I have to do is buy that video camera,LOL

    • Haha!! So true, isn’t it? I’m glad I’m not alone on this ☺ Guys do seem to have room for bits of trivia and things we would not think too important – although I don’t know if Greg is really even in THAT category. I’m not sure what he remembers – I can remember EVERYTHING!!!

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