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Breakfast.  For me – if it’s not exciting – I’d rather decline and just have a cup of coffee – or tea if we’re out of coffee.

My dear husband and I have had much discussion on this topic over the years – and we know we shall never agree (sigh) – but rather we will always “agree to disagree”.

I believe that every meal should be exciting and especially in the morning.  Nothing dull and boring for me – such as dry cereal.  No indeed.  I require excitement for my palette.  It’s something to look forward to – a reason to GET UP in the morning!

Greg would settle for dry cereal – several different ones in fact – IN THE SAME BOWL – sprinkled with a little milk to make it good and soggy.  He eats the SAME THING every morning – and has for as long as I’ve known him.  Yuck.  Boring.  NOT FOR ME!!

I like a Danish – or a muffin – pancakes, french toast or an omelette made to perfection.  There is only one kind of cereal I can tolerate in the morning – and that is a very yummy maple pecan granola.  All other cereal (if I am forced to eat it) should be consumed in the evening hours (when no one can see me).

Greg has tried to “push” his cereal on me – especially when he’s panicking as the cereal in the boxes is getting older and may get stale – and he knows there’s NO WAY our dear son will eat stale cereal.  But if does not work – like I said – I would rather have NOTHING than eat that foul stuff.  Greg buys cereal on sale and actually likes things like corn flakes, Cheerios and all kinds of other tasteless varieties  – because he mixes them together.  To him – that’s VERY exciting.

Both of “my boys” can consume LARGE quantities of cereal.  It’s amazing to watch.  Shawn has taken on his dear father’s love of cereal in the morning.  In fact I think Shawn would eat it every meal of the day if we’d let him and there was nothing else in the house.

When Greg and I were first dating – he would come over to my house and see all the cereal boxes pretty much left for dead in my parent’s kitchen cupboard.  I remember he was AMAZED how cereal could actually sit there long enough to get stale!  It would never have happened in his home growing up with 3 hungry BOYS!!  At my home growing up – when a cereal started to get stale – none of us women (my mom, sister  and me) would have anything more to do with it – and my Dad ended up being the “garbage can” for everything we “cast off”.  It’s really amazing that my Dad doesn’t weigh about 1000 pounds after all those years of eating everything we wouldn’t.

Today I poached 2 eggs in boiling water – the “Julia Child” way.  It was amazing – no oils or butter – just water to cook it.  I gave one to Greg and ate the other.  I said, “now THIS is exciting”  I added a corn bread muffin on the side with my coffee and had a winner.

So please DON’T pass the dry cereal to me.  I won’t be eating that for breakfast.  After all – it IS the most important meal of the day.

Here’s wishing you an exciting day for your palette – made to order just the way you like it!

God Bless


Comments on: "The Most Important Meal Of The Day" (9)

  1. Cheese Whiz?? Are you kidding me, right now? Does that even qualify as a food product? I pretty sure is just all chemical compound! Goodness…

    You HAVE to try ‘ants on a log’ – you’ll LOVE it. Trust me.

    But buttermilk? Brrrrrrrr….gack! Unbelievable. Not to mention what it would do to my already over-the-top cholesterol numbers. Good grief! My grandfather used to have a glass of buttermilk with his peanut butter and onion sandwich right before he went to bed; which probably explains why he and grandmother always slept in two separate rooms.

    But, peanut butter cookies, now you’re talking. I should have mentioned those as one of my favorites, too. Pretty much anything with peanut butter (except onions – I did not inherit that taste from my grandfather). I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Peanut butter and pickle too – dill or sweet. My daughter eats her baby carrots dipped in peanut butter. Where in the world she got that I’ll never know.

    Donuts are like drugs, Cindy. Just say, No!

    • Cheese Whiz is really good!! Goodness – did you have a deprived childhood or what? My Mother used to buy the stuff! And Velveeta too! Makes yummy casseroles! But Buttermilk with a patty melt smothered in grilled onions? The BEST!! And the only thing that ever kept Greg from sleeping with me was HIS snoring! I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to chase him away with onions and buttermilk – but that’s a great idea…Hmmm I will have to keep that one in my back pocket.

      Have you ever had the molasses cookies they have at Starbuck’s? Oh My!!! The best – the peanut butter ones too – only I don’t think they make those anymore.

      Greg hates buttermilk too, by the way. And you are sounding more and more like him EVERYDAY!! I’m not sure I can handle both of you in the same room at once! What ever am I going to do with you both???

  2. Spicy foods are good. I love Mexican, Indian and Thai foods.

    I also like raisins. Ever have ‘ants on a log’? It’s peanut butter on a celery stick with raisin lined up on it. I love peanut butter and raisin sandwiches, too. Of course, it’s always good in oatmeal, though my kids think its gross. Oatmeal raisins cookies are my favorite along with molasses cookies.

    Well, I can’t go without breakfast, so it’s usually cereal or toast with peanut butter and raspberry or strawberry jam.

    I can’t do donuts, however. There really bad for a person. Did you know an old fashioned glazed donut requires 110 minutes on a exercise bike to burn off? Take any jelly-filled, sugary mass from there and it only gets worse! No thanks. I’m far enough behind in that category as it is!

    • You can’t spoil my fun – Mister HEALTH NUT! I believe everything in moderation – and a good glazed doughnut is WORTH IT!! I don’t care what you say. I love molasses cookies also – and peanut butter cookies – my favorite! You sound just like Greg with the raisin thing. No I have never had ‘ants on a log’ – it sounds just nasty – but then again – I LOVE buttermilk – so I suppose that’s nasty to most people. I love cheese whiz on celery – not peanut butter. And I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches – Greg LOVES peanut butter and jelly or jam sandwiches – and ANY kind of berry in a pie or in a jam. I LOVE raspberry freezer jam – so yummy on toast! I’m still having my occasional doughnut Ron – I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!

  3. I’m with Greg on this one. I love cereal. But I have to have fruit in it or on it – bananas, berries, raisins, etc. I hate oatmeal. That’s all I ate growing up, practically, and just cannot endure it anymore unless it’s buried in brown sugar, nuts, banana and a slab of butter. But then it ceases being good for a person, so why bother?
    I’m NOT a morning person. So, the idea of actually cooking or fixing something for breakfast is more than I can stand. Just get it to me quickly and I’ll be happy. Thus, cereal is a good remedy. I love granola too, but some of them are worse for you than the cereals! And, as for eating something like Captain Crunch in the evening…well…let’s just say, THAT explains a LOT!!

    • My dearest birthday boy Ron – I DO NOT have Captain Crunch in the evening very often – in fact I don’t think I’ve seen a box of it around our home for years! Greg refuses to buy anything unless it’s on sale – and that rarely is I’m afraid – but since I was not allowed to have that growing up very much – it is a special treat ONCE IN A WHILE! By the way you talk – it sounds to everyone like I eat a HUGE bowl of it EVERY night! And I suppose that’s why I’m so CRAZY! Sorry to disappoint – I’m just naturally CRAZY pretty much ALL THE TIME – and cannot be held responsible for what I say and do when over tired – or having conversations or scrabble games with very funny people like yourself ☺

      I love oatmeal – had it once a week or so growing up – but if you put a lot of walnuts and brown sugar on it – it’s really good! Yes I know that granola is pretty bad for you – but if it tastes bad – really – what’s the POINT? I won’t eat it unless it’s exciting – and dry tasteless things are not for me. I also LOVE spicy foods and I’m the only one in the family who does. My Mexican is always hot and Indian food is always at least a 2 star.

      Greg is obsessed with raisins. Oh my. He eats them on EVERYTHING. I think that it’s disgusting and can only tolerate them in bran muffins (which I love) and rice pudding. Sounds like you would make a great team – with your fruit or raisins on your cereal. Oh my.

      But if it’s not exciting – I’d rather skip it too – just coffee for me – it’s easier. Oh – I LOVE glazed doughnuts too! Forgot about those!

  4. I have to have breakfast but my dh never eats it. After church on Sundays I make breakfast so late that it’s practically lunch. Then my schedule is all off. lol

  5. I love cereal! But not as much as I love danishes and muffins. I like to extend my breakfast into lunch as well. =)

    • I actually like SOME kinds of cereal – but never in the morning – always at night. I love Captain Crunch – even though it’s really bad for me – it tastes good!! Thanks for stopping by!

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