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Mercy’s Arms

We were visiting Evergreen Foursquare Church yesterday in Auburn, Washington – where our friend Doug Bursch is the pastor.   The message was probably the best one I have ever heard – on the subject of humility.  It is amazing how we can grow up in the church and even see the same passages of scripture and yet – when somebody else reveals another truth from those passages – it can seem like it’s brand new.  This happened yesterday.

I am constantly amazed at how God will speak – using people and things in our lives to drive home a point and whisper truth into our hearts.  We spend so much time and energy on ‘puffing ourselves up’ to look good – or to feel better – even if we don’t openly admit it – and we can sure find fault with everyone else – again to make us feel good.  We may say to ourselves, “well – I don’t do what THEY do – so I’m better than they are”  – or, “good grief – I’m glad I’m not like them – they’re so WEAK.  I would never do that”  Be very careful – for what you see in your neighbor you are VERY capable of having the same thing happen – unless you take care of your own heart.

What Doug pointed out yesterday was this:  All sin is against God alone.  We don’t sin against our brother or they against us – it’s ALWAYS a problem between God and us – and if I don’t get down to the root of the problem with God alone – I will always point fingers and blame – but it won’t do me any good – in the end I need to come to the complete resolution that I have sinned against God and He will hold me accountable.  I cannot control what others do – I can only control me.  I think sometimes I feel justified in feeling as I do – when others harm me – or hurt me.  And it is completely wrong.

Jesus took a position of servant. He didn’t have to.  But He humbled himself and tried to teach it to the men around him – even though they were pretty ‘brain dead’ and just ‘didn’t get it’ most of the time.  His was a model of humility for me – to take the lowest position – become lower and lower – prefer others over me – even if I feel just the opposite.  Even if others use me – discard me – blame me and mistreat me.  It doesn’t come naturally – because it is the sin nature inside of me that wants to blame – deflect and feel justified.  It is not easy to take on humility.  It is just the right thing to do.

And like the song lyrics below – the ‘walls’ of pride around my heart have to crumble – as I learn to surrender to all He has for me – and surrender to “Mercy’s Arms”.  And as I do – I find that my heart is forever changed – I begin to take on the character and humility of  Christ – as He cleans up my heart – becoming less and less like myself and more and more like Him – so others will catch a glimpse of Jesus in me.

God Bless

The mighty fortress walls
I have built around my foolish heart
how they crumble and they fall
as I surrender all
to Mercy’s Arms

Bathed in holy rain
cleansed from sinner’s bitter stain
only love remains
I’m forever changed
by Mercy’s Arms
sweet the surrender
sweet the embrace
sweet the forgiveness
to one forever undeserving of his grace
safety encircled
rested and warmed
sweet is the taste of love that awaits
un Mercy’s Arms

In the light the life the way
is the key unlocking every chain
sin is lost and freedom gained
the price was paid
by Mercy’s Arms

When I reach my journey’s end
how I hope that He will call me friend
and reach out for me again
forever spend
in Mercy’s Arms

Comments on: "Mercy’s Arms" (6)

  1. Nice thoughts!

      • Sure, thank you Cindy for sharing. I have some thoughts to add, though…..

        Humility is something that is learned…it is something that can be difficult to talk about because if a person is truly humble (or on the path), they will not feel qualified to talk about it–so, I guess it is a topic that should be talked about cautiously. Jesus is the perfect example…as he humbled himself to death on a cross.

        Humility is a huge problem in America and so many can be quick to point out another person’s pride. Letting someone know that they are prideful is a lot like saying that one needs to eat healthier, be more organized with their time, or should never (and I mean never) make the same mistake twice–these are areas that everyone can improve on–no matter how accomplished they are. Pride and how to deal with it is an issue that everyone must come to grips with.

        Sunday, I had the privilege of attending the final round of the U.S. Seniors Open @ Sahalee. This was the first time that I had been to a professional golf tournament. What is interesting about golf is all of the “professional courtesy” and rules to follow. Some of the big ones at a tournament are to not talk or use a cell phone. People can glare at you if you are in a conversation, for example, at the wrong time.

        I find it interesting that even though our society values doing what feels good they have such stringent rules when it comes to this game. I do understand the importance of being quiet, but it is the attitude that is not always good. Humility is about love. If a person merely puts on an outward appearance of humility, but it does not come from the heart that would not be humility.

        The Pharisees were good at showing outward humility, but their hearts were like whitewashed tombs as Jesus said. What is so interesting about our society is that they are all about the outward. Pride is masked in outward humility only.

        Society loves to point out the weaknesses of others which somehow raises them to a higher level of humility and pushes the other person even lower (in order to humble them).

        No, true humility is not outward but inward—as the inward will ultimately affect the outward. If a person simply focuses on the outside and masks the inside they will eventually crumble–if not in this life…in eternity. Jesus said that there is no profit in gaining the whole world and losing one’s soul. Gaining the whole world is not necessarily being the richest person, but simply having so much contentment and security that one is too “humble” or good to get off on some fanatical fairy tale of thinking that Jesus, the Bible, or other Christian religious stuff really has any relevance.

        Jesus is just a crutch to them—and they say only the weak need a crutch. The interesting thing about this is that we actually need Jesus in a deeper way when we are weak, as he is our strength. If a person does not see the need for Jesus, they are already weak–and they don’t even know it. Jesus came to make “the blind see and those that see blind”….blind to their own way of thinking so that they can be freed from certain death.

        Jesus was all about life eternal. Even though this earth is all we have experienced it is not all there is–people plan for the future, but how interesting that the future of too many is just to plan for funeral arrangements and providing for those that follow.

        As self-centered as people can be, why don’t they plan for the next life which will ultimately affect them?

        A person may be able to fool everyone on earth about their humility, but the ultimate cost of pride is eternal death. People really need to know that “being humble” is not just about getting the right kind of people to like them, but more importantly about knowing the person of Jesus Christ who truly loves them unconditionally….and will help them love others (and even themselves) so that their humility is genuine.

      • Great thoughts here Scott! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! Amen and Amen!!

  2. When I think of being humble I always come back to an old Mac Davis song…”Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.” And that’s why it’s hard for humans to be humble. ;D

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