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A Mixture of Blues And Blahs

Broken heart sewn back together

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I’ve been trying to shake a feeling the last couple of days.  Oh nothing serious.  You know. The feeling that things are overwhelming and daunting.  Nothing really is – it’s just a feeling.

I call it a mixture of the blues and blahs.
The author Jaime Buckingham, knew what this was.  He said his wife had it once a month – he called it her, ‘once a month – nobody loves me’ period.  And I will agree that for us women – it sometimes is chemical – nothing more.  But I know a lot of men that feel this way too – so it has to be something more.  The heart feels broken and sad.

The ‘blues’ – what exactly are they?  Where do they come from?  Why do we feel like this?  Why can’t we just ‘snap out of it’?

I’ve never been one to stay ‘blue’ for very long.  My personality is pretty upbeat most of the time – I’d say I’m even-tempered and not ‘down in the dumps’ too often.  Even ‘grumpy’ very often – although I have my days like everyone else.

Elton John had a great song, “I guess that’s why they call it the blues” – and for some reason I can relate to those lyrics.  They speak about the human condition, relationships, feelings and emotions – the ‘blues’ – and sadness that comes from giving our heart away.

I think it’s healthy to recognize what brings us down.  For me it could be anything, really.  Trying to figure things out – that I know I never can – this can drive me crazy and bring me down.  Or worrying about things that may or may not happen – another thing that can bring me down.  I don’t consider myself a ‘worrier‘ but I can get ‘sad’ or ‘stressed’ when I can’t solve an issue.

Our pastor spoke about: ‘How to deal with worry’ on Sunday.  Great message.  If we don’t get a hold of my own worry (stress – or being uptight) – it will eat me up inside.  I know for me – I need to concentrate on Jesus – and what He’s trying to teach me through the ‘blah’ and ‘blue’ – yes – the sad days.   I hear Him so much better in these kind of days – than in the ‘sunshine’ days of my life.  When I’m ‘blue’ and ‘blah’ – I am still. And I can hear His voice so much better.

For me – it doesn’t work to just ‘busy myself’ with other projects and things.  Or even friendships.  I need to be alone with Jesus and let Him fill me up again.  And it’s nice to know that he will not scold me for not being busy or not getting my work done.  He wants me to spend that time – doing nothing.  Just sitting at His feet.  Taking Him in.  Letting Him penetrate my being.  Not worrying about what others will say.  Just stopping.  And waiting.  And being still.

He speaks to me in my writing as well.  It is like He just takes over and the words just flow.  The words that are helpful and give great insight to others – but mostly – they are for me alone.  Healing words of life and joy.

And I know – that in time – my ‘blues’ and ‘blahs’ will finally go away.  But not right away – not until He is done speaking to me – gently correcting me.  Making sure that my heart isn’t so sad that I will do and say the wrong things – or react out of pain and heartache – or even….revenge. Making sure that in my ‘blues’ I don’t start pointing my finger at someone else and blaming.  He works with my heart and motives and deals with me alone.  As long as it takes…And because I am stubborn and still want things and situations – my own way – it takes time.  I’m getting a little better.  But I still have a long way to go.

How about you?  What are your ‘blues’ and ‘blahs’ today?  Maybe – God is trying to speak to you through this.  Stop and listen.  He is there waiting in the silence and sadness.

God Bless


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  1. I can get sucked into a deep, deep dark hole. Kelly hates it. I can’t help it. It particularly hits me in the winter months. I think it is S.A.D., but never have been diagnosed with it. It sucks out life and joy and all energy. Attempting to keep an upbeat demeanor around others (‘put on a happy face’!) is exhausting. However, I’ve found that most people do not know how to relate to someone working through a period of depression. I get either the hyper-spiritual responses of needing to pray more, praise more, worship more, listen to Christian music, read my Bible more, blah, blah, blah. Doesn’t help me. Or, I get the blank stare that says the person has no idea what I’m really trying to tell them and get some kind of saccharine response like, “Oh, yeah. I get down once in a while too.” Uh huh…

    • It may be chemical with you – I’ve heard of other people that describe their ‘blue’ and ‘sad’ times much as you have described to me above – and when we’ve talked before. There’s nothing wrong spiritually with you when you feel like that – and I wish people would STOP saying that it is! It makes me crazy – just like I know it does you. Many things are chemical and can’t be helped. You’re great just the way you are Ron – and I know it’s depressing and hard to live with – but you are real source of encouragement and wisdom – even in your ‘dark’ times – and I believe that God has allowed you to walk in some ‘dark places’ so that you will be more sensitive and tender to folks going through crisis and pain. Thank you for being willing to be used – even though it’s painful at times.

  2. I have my moments like everyone else. I try to stay upbeat, but there’s a lot going on around here and if I don’t watch carefully, down I slump. And like you, Cindy, I find that I hear God’s voice much easier in the valleys than on the mountain. Wonder why? You’d think being that high up, it would easier and LOUDER, eh? LOL Still, when we are on top, I don’t think we’re listening the way we should be.

    9 or 10 hours of sleep, eh? If I get 3-4, I consider it a lot. I don’t think I’ve slept for even 6-7 hours in years upon years. Maybe that colors it, too. Not sure. I’m just not a good sleeper and with the arthritis/fibro/lupus triple threat I have, the pain keeps me awake. Never was a good sleeper anyway.

    • Yes – it’s funny how that is – in the dark times when we’re way down – we hear Him so much clearer – and up on the mountain we SHOULD be closer!! Not fair. Actually I’m the one who keeps moving and I need to keep that in perspective and not move away so much!

      There are a lot of people who have trouble sleeping especially as they get older. For a while I did too – was on a migraine preventive med called ‘topamax’ and it messed with my sleep BIG TIME. I would just wander through the house – write – pray – read – ANYTHING – so frustrating!! Insomnia runs in my family – so I know it might be a matter of time before I’m affected too – but with Greg keeping such weird hours with his work – often times coming in at 3 or 4am – it wakes me up too and it’s hard to sleep again. But I’ve been going to bed later when he’s gone – and often my son is gone too – so I like staying up and having a quiet house to write – talk to friends – return emails or just watch TV. Then – I CAN sleep through the night because I got to bed SO late!!

  3. I’m usually running at 90 mph so I don’t have much time to be sad. I get angry and frustrated, but rarely sad. In years past, I’ve had to cut down on all the activities I took on. Now that I have much less to do each day, I find I do them in more detail. LOL I’m just that kind of nut. God gives me waaay too many great ideas to pass many of them up and so I’m usually running from 3am til midnight.

  4. Cinday, I wake every morning in pain (my knees) and I go to sleep in pain. How do you like that? Pain every day. It’s definitely going to make my moods rock back and forth. Throughout the day I rub my knees with Bio Freeze which I found to be helpful. It’s not sold in stores, but it can be ordered or bought from a Chiropractor. Losses in my family and immediate family have also caused me loads of these stressful days. I also found that stress contributes to other maladies in our bodies. What I do though is thank the Lord for such a beautiful day and for giving it to me. I then go about my business and when the pain returns, I just rub more Bio on the good old knees. Tee Hee. In my worst days when I’m missing my son, I cry and let it all out and then go about my business. I figure there are others out there who have it a lot worse than I do, so I just have to be thankful. I hope you feel better, everybody loves you Cindy. Take care.::hugs::

    • I’m so sorry about your pain, Gloria! I can see how that would definitely work on your moods! I’ve had the rare ‘pull’ in my back that has really left me feeling helpless and in so much PAIN before – that it has greatly increased my empathy for chronic sufferers.

      Thank you for your sweet words of love and encouragement, Gloria! You are loved too! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  5. I’m convinced that men have some kind of menstrual cycle, too. Once a month I’m moody and overly emotional. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long. 🙂

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