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It Is What It Is

A warm embrace

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The longer that I live – the more I am convinced of two things:

1) I have WAY more questions than answers.


2) God is the one who adds and subtracts people from our lives.

To address point #1 – let me just say that I think this stinks – BIG TIME.  I’m a ‘give me an answer’ kind of girl.  Everything must happen for a reason – Every question should have an answer – every conflict should be able to be resolved – ask a simple question – get a simple answer etc, etc.  But this is clearly NOT the case when talking about complex people and complicated situations.  Unfortunately we allow things to be WAY more complicated than they need to be – but  it always comes down to this:

It is what it is.

And like the Billy Joel song I have posted below, that I love and can relate to in many ways, ‘And so it goes, and so it goes, and you’re the only one who knows.’  It is clear that we are not meant to know all the answers and…


It is what it is

And so it goes.

To #2 – I simply say this:  God does amazing things in our lives behind the scenes.  I am proof of  that.  Just when I’ve needed a certain personality in my world – He  positioned someone kind and accepting to help me through a dark and sad time of struggle.  And though it’s been said before – it bears repeating: Sometimes it is only for a season. And then – the next thing I know – they are gone – removed from my life like a distant echo of the past.  I miss them – their presence and difference they made in my life – the laughter and the happy times – so I mourn.  But only for a while.  Then something amazing will happen – another friend will step in who has ‘like mindedness’ and fills a gap in my wounded heart – and you know it’s a God thing.  These friends are the ones who stay. Bringing laughter, hope and understanding into my daily world.

But sometimes there are those who do damage on their way out of my life.  To those that do this – slam a ‘proverbial door’ as they leave my world – hide behind other people – blame – point fingers and run away – and allow themselves to adopt a mindset of distance and silence – believing things that they know deep down inside are not true – this makes me the most sad.   I believe it is those individuals that are missing out on God’s richest blessings of forgiveness and full reconciliation. They have bought into a lie:  That some things cannot be healed – some things cannot be forgiven.  And they will never know how their wounded and broken heart can be healed by the wonderful love and forgiveness of a lost friendship.  They will never know that those they have desperately tried to cut out of their lives – are the very ones that will be able to answer the questions for them and begin the healing process – and they will never know that these are the ones that will forgive and allow them to start over. Helping them to truly make sense of what went wrong in the first place.  That is a ‘God thing’ when it is done right – when hearts are soft and pliable – and people are ready to put the past finally and completely behind them.

But in the end –

It is what it is.

And so it goes.

I have been given a gift.  I have been forgiven.  And God’s richest blessings are now in my life.  I’m not perfect – I’ve blown it big time – but He’s allowed me to share in the gift of struggle – to understand myself and those around me.  And because He has lavishly poured His love out on me  – I can love and forgive you – and welcome you with open arms – even if you have wronged me.

I am praying God’s richest blessing on your life – that you will find that the  blessed additions and subtractions in your life – those that are there – or not there are for a reason – and is for a higher purpose than you know.  Although there are not always answers to the questions – there is always a reason. And forgiveness and reconciliation is always possible with God. Don’t give up.  Always trust, hope and believe – that there will be answers to the questions – one day.

God Bless

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  1. […] It Is What It Is ( […]

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Did you write this post for me? I am going through a tough time in my life right now, wondering what I did wrong. I have been praying for this person so much, not to come back to me, but to come back to God, and that God’s Holy Spirit nay guide him and show him the right way in life. Not for my glory, but for God’s glory. The path he is choosing may seem safe and tempting for now, but there is no future to it, only by choosing God’s ways can we succeed in life. I used to rebel agianst God all the time, and I still do, Im learnign to stop and be still. But you know Cindy, God always pulls me back from danger, even when I dont know danger exists. God truly takes care of me, like his little child.

    I wish God would come into e’s like, and the Holy Spirit would show him how leading a godly life can be one of the most pleasurable things a human can have.

    Thank you for writing this passage. 🙂 And please pray for me if you can.

    • I am honored that you would write to me and ask me to remember you in prayer – I would be happy to. Thanks for saying all the encouraging words – I feel as if I write these articles out of my personal experience and am really happy when God can take it and use it to speak to someone else – like you. I’m sorry to hear about your personal pain and heartache – I’ve been there so I understand. There’s nothing so painful as a love or friendship that’s gone horribly wrong with no way to fix it. Just know that God sees the big picture of your life and sometimes He takes people from your life because that is the best thing for you. And praying for His return to Christ is wonderful but remember it is God’s spirit that draws – and you must let Him do His work in him.

      Believe, hope and keep your heart open for a miracle 🙂

      God Bless

      • Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and blessing me Cindy. I will wait on the Lord. I have done all I can and given it up to Him. I know sometimes I feel like God isnt answering my prayers. But I also know I have to wait and be still. But its so tough waiting Cindy, and painful too. Please keep praying for me Cindy. I need prayer and blessings in my life.
        Thank you.
        Have a great day today.

  3. I have had many people come and go from my life. Some only for a season, some for a very long season, some are still here. Some have caused damage on their way out, some have brought blessings in and some, who are no longer here, are still bringing blessings to me still. You are a blessing to me, Cindy, and I pray you will stay in my life.

    • There is one that caused ‘damage’ – then came back to ‘apologize’ and make amends after a year – and then disappeared again – with no word and no reason. Very bizarre. I think that does just as much damage as slamming a door and making a loud exit. The ‘silence’ can be just as distressing – as the destruction that precedes it. But I know that God knows – and that He is the ultimate healer of situations and in the hearts of those that have hurt me – and that I have hurt.
      I’m glad you are in my life too JoJo – you’re a ‘lifer’ ♥

  4. I’m glad God has added you and Greg to mine and Mandy’s lives. 🙂

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