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Yesterday was a very strange day.  I went to a dermatologist appointment with my husband – and while in the elevator on the way out – he suddenly looks at his phone, talks to NO ONE and then proceeds to march me through another doorway, opposite of the way out.  I kept asking him, “where are we going”?  He mumbled something non coherent and continued down this strange hallway to this innocent looking office.  He was obviously looking for someone – and he’d been there before – but I was completely in the dark.  We entered the abandoned office and then looked though a glass window to a very large lab behind the office.  Greg recognized the man behind the glass and said, “There he is!” and then proceeded to walk to some offices in search of the man’s wife – saying, “I’m just wanting to stop by and say hello”.  But I’m like – “who ARE these people?”  Now I’m not one of those wives who HAS to know everything about her husband, where he goes, who he knows etc.  – but I was curious – and a little bewildered.  Greg  finding no one in the office said – ‘we’re going to have to go in and say hello’.  Then he quickly said, in an excited voice, “this is a lab where they do experiments and procedures on dead body parts – isn’t it GREAT”?  Well why didn’t you just say so.  Uhhh – WHAT?

Just then a woman came out of the lab,  recognized Greg and asked if we wanted to come in a “take a look”.  I said firmly to Greg – “Uh – I’m staying here – you can go say hello”  and he was like, “but I want him to meet you – you have to come” and then started dragging me in.

It was very surreal.  The body parts were all neatly covered up – but it was creepy all the same.  I have never been around dead bodies in my life.  My husband does funerals for a living and is used to and quite comfortable with death and dying.  I just never realized HOW comfortable.  As we walked into the lab another woman asked me if I wanted scrubs – and would I be assisting today?  I was like, “No thank you – I’m with HIM.”  We stood there in this giant lab surrounded by what must have been a dozen or more gurneys with dead body parts under blue plastic – chatting and talking about how wonderful everything was.  I thought to myself, – ‘no one will ever believe me.’

This organization is part of a body donor program – allowing medical trainees and other medical professions come and do procedures on cadavers to further training for live patients.  Yesterday they were learning how to do hip replacements.  They were expecting 80 or so medical personal to work on the hip section body parts on the tables.  This organization  also picks up and transports bodies as they come available.  Now my husband will be on call to help them in this.  Sure – why not?  All in a day’s work, I say.

This experience had me in some what of a fog for the rest of my insanely busy day, teaching and rehearsing – for not only “Bugsy Malone” – which opens in 3 weeks – but also my students have a recital in a month!  Good grief – what a day.

How was YOUR day?  Can you top this?  Would you like to have seen the lab like my husband all excited and just like a little boy?  Or would you have been just a little “creeped out” – like me?

Here’s to you and yours – wishing you a day with no cadavers and dead body parts in it – unless you want it to be 🙂

God Bless

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  1. That is CRAZY! However, it doesn’t surprise me that Greg was okay with it with all of the funerals he has done.

    I do have to admit that I have a weird interest in that sort of thing. It’s like when you drive by an accident and you know it’s really a horrible thing but you can’t help but look.

    • Yup. All the men have a twisted fascination for dead bodies and carnage – all the women think it’s icky – those not in the medical field, that is 🙂

  2. Too funny!!! When I was in massage school one of the requirements for the Anatomy class was to take a weekend Cadaver class at a Tacoma University…. They had several body sections showing different joints, muscle groups, veins, arteries…..the smell was of formaldehyde…it took a bit to get use to, as I was walking through I just kept thinking how much my son would love this….soooo I went home and after he was home from school I brought him on an excursion he has never forgot…LOL He loved it! We went back the next 3 years till the program was shut down because of cost cuts!
    Now if you gave me music to play, or asked me to sing I think I would run like you wanted to most likely do….even though I play the clarinet I really don’t have an ear for music, I enjoy hearing it but no one would enjoy hearing me sing, lol…. we all have our interest don’t we!!!

  3. I have to admit I’d be torn between Ewwwwwwwwww icky!!!!!! and morbid curiosity. I’ve seen dead bodies before and doesn’t bother me. . . provided it’s not mine. LOL I think Greg got a little bit overly enthused about it, though. My sister is a ghoul. She studied mortuary science for three years and then changed up, all of a sudden, to nursing. I guess she decided she wanted her patients to talk to her or something. She has a very macabre sense of humor to this day. I take it you won’t be going on any midnight raids, eh, Miss Cindy? 🙂

    • Probably not – although if he has a pickup out of town and it’s a fun road trip – I might be tempted – it would sure give me great material to write about, don’t you think?

  4. I am not very computer savvy, but I wanted to change the address of my blog, so I did it in a way where my viewers will have to type to have access to it in the blog roll, not by clicking on the old link to my blog. If anybody has an easier way to help viewers have access to my blog using the new address, please let me know. God bless!

  5. Hmm, I always thought your dates with Greg were of the rather innocent kind like drinking coffee somewhere. This is heading somewhere…Just refuse if he asks you if he could use your fridge for “something related to work”. 😉

  6. If I’m lucky Greg will let me poke one with a stick.

    • Oh Stephen. Yes I ‘m sure if you say “pretty, pretty please – may I poke that dead body with a stick?” then just maybe – he will let you. Be sure and say “please” though.

  7. How unnerving! I was around body parts once in junior high. We got the “See this dead person’s lung? They were a smoker and this one over here was not.” lesson that day. I’ll NEVER forget it. It was so creepy. I’m still asking myself how I ended up reading this blog post so I can only imagine how you felt! 🙂

  8. Greg Holman said:

    It was kinda’ fun, wasn’t it? I can see us now, riding together to go on one of the “pick up” assisnments – cruising down the freeway to the tune “Taking Care of Business” (or perhaps something by Greatful Dead?), with “George” in the back. And the fun we’d have stopping at a Burger King drive through…oh, so many fun possibilities there (“We’ll take 2 Whopper Jr.s, and George will have the…”)!
    I see great times ahead!

  9. My class just went on a trip to funeral homes and the crematorium, didn’t see dead bodies, but it was a strange experience to say the least.

  10. I’ll tell you what comes to mind for me is the phrase… “Ewwww icky!” I would have refused to go in. I’m sorry but I draw the line at dead body parts! I did see a dead body once and I don’t ever want to see one again. When I was very young, we were visiting my grandmother and her mother lived with her. She was in her late 80’s and I was told to go upstairs and wake her up.

  11. That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

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