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Adopting A Puppy

I’m going to be a mommy again.  We are adopting a Bichon Frise puppy – the end of September.  I have always wanted one of these dogs – looked up their history and temperament and talked to several people who know about them or have owned them.  I was sad, however to learn that they are expensive dogs.  And no wonder – they were the ones that the French royalty had as lap dogs for several centuries.  So I had given up and started to inquire about other mixed breeds that had 1/2 Bichon in them.  Bichon’s don’t shed and are considered hypo-allergenic and have a cotton like hair all over their bodies – soft and luxurious.  When mixed with the Royal Cavalier or other shedding dogs – they are perfect non-shedding dogs.  But as I inquired – I was more and more discouraged.  Even the mixed breed dogs were expensive.  And adopting a puppy from the human society or pound in our town was really expensive.  Who knew?  But we did look and inquire.

Everything about another breed of dog didn’t fit well with me.  I needed a house puppy with a pleasing temperament, sweet, gentle, smart and loyal.  One that would adapt to me and my lifestyle – enjoy children and music lessons –  not be hyper or yippy.

I found my puppy on Ebay classified ads – and she is in the Tri-Cities area of Washington – raised by a loving family who only have Bichon Frise dogs – and know everything about raising them and loving them.  I am getting my puppy at a much less rate than other mixed breeds and only a fraction of the price that she is worth!  Why?  Because this family really loves their dogs and believe that there are good owners out there regardless of how much money you make – and know that some of the best owners are not rich – but instead have a loving family that should be allowed to adopt a puppy like this.  She apparently liked what she was hearing from me – and knew that this puppy would be my baby and be loved and treated right.   I spent over an hour on the phone with the owner of the mama dog last night.  My baby hasn’t been born yet – due the end of July.  But I have several pictures of the mother and father Bichon and other puppies so I’m sure about what my puppy will look like.  She is a pure-bred AKA dog – if I desire to show her – or breed her, I would probably not do either – but it’s nice to know her pedigree and rich history – just in case.

Bichon Frise dogs live 15-20 years and become real members of the family.  We are excited around here for our new addition and need a suitable name for an all white precious little baby.  Any suggestions for cute names would be appreciated – I’m knocking around about 25 names right now!  How do you choose???

What kind of puppy do you have?  Are you a cat or dog lover?  Or both?

God Bless

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  1. Martha Parker said:

    lol!! I started to write the beginning of Sept. then changed w/out looking at the calendar. When I did look its more like the end of August!! I have gone a little bichon crazy. I keep looking at videos and reading about them. That’s how I found your blog, which I enjoyed reading. I just retired this year from teaching and she will be my present to myself. 🙂

    • I’m a private music teacher and a recent “empty nester” so our little Bailee is a present for me too! Are you on facebook? There’s a great Bichon page that someone started – and we could exchange pictures of our puppies 🙂 Look me up if you are!

  2. Martha Parker said:

    Hi, Cindy!! I’m getting a bichon the middle of Sept. She was born on July 5. I have seen a 3 week old picture of her!! I am excited, too. We are going to name her Piper. We had a hard time picking a name, too. We considered Bella,(which every new puppy in our town has been named) Daisy, Lucy and finally decided on Piper. I can’t wait for ust to get our new babies!! Keep us updated!!

    • This is so exciting for us both! Congratulations on your new baby too!! If she was born July 5th – why can’t you get her until the middle of September? Won’t she be about 10 weeks by then? Piper is a really cute name – isn’t that Sarah Palin’s youngest daughters’s name? I always loved it!

  3. Debi Selix (Verwers) said:

    Daric’ had/has(She still lives with me…the “Mommmm, can you keep her she’s use to you Mom!!!” LOL a sweet kitty named Charity…she was given her name because she showed up at our back door one day with 2 of her siblings looking for food of course, some love, safety and warmth….so we found homes for her sibs and she was the only one left….”weeeeee” Jim & Dar who talked me into this sweet little orange tabby with beautiful green eyes bundle of fur, both of who neither remember talking me into her….well we named her Charity because she was our sweet little “charity-case”…..she is now just about 18 years old, getting smaller, slower, more hugable then she ever use to be, still sleeps a ton and is very much loved, and warm(she has in the past slept on top of a heater vent literately burning the fur off her little tookus…..
    Daric’ also had a cute little Minnie poodle mix who hair had a slight butterscotch color to his fur when he was born, so his name became “Butterscotch” which fit him perfect….
    Really until you have the fury bundle for a while it seems you have to sorta try out their names like looking at your child for the first time and saying “Hey, Daric’s here VS Derek’s here…LOL”

    Have fun Cindy….do they come trained??? LOL That’s the fun part!!

    • She will be 8 weeks old when we get her – the breeder starts training them at 5 weeks – so yes she will be trained – but I know she will probably have a few accidents going to a new house. Greg is installing a doggie door for her 🙂 We are very excited!

  4. That’s a cute dog. I love dogs but never had one.

    I would suggest you name him: Nebuchadnezzar (nebi short) or Monster. Nothing like having a tough name for a little harmless dog. 🙂

  5. I’m just a generic animal lover, Cindy. Always have been. Of course, I grew up with a woman who thought horses were house pets. Don’t ask. I currently have a dog, 5 cats and a rabbit. My dog is a very old German Shepherd and probably won’t last out the year. Will I get another one? Yes, I will. Love dogs. The loyalty and caring is amazing with a dog. Cats, too, although most people don’t think so. They’re just not as eager to please, but cats have emotions, too. Five cats may sound like a lot to people, but we used to do cat rescue and have had up to 30 at one time. Not in the house, mind you. We have five acres and have out buildings. The rabbit is my husband’s rescue. She loves him with a passion. It’s really funny. He built her this great 2-story hutch and she has a portable play yard. He moves her from place to place in the summer so she can graze new spots in her playpen. All she has to do is hear his voice and she starts trying to climb out and run toward him. The cats don’t even mind her. One of them, in fact, gets in the playpen and sits with her. And this is the cat that likes. . . shall we say “fresh” food? I can’t remember a period in my life without an animal of some sort, usually more than one. They are our furkids and we have cried over every 2oz. kitten we had to bury.

    Good luck with your new baby! I have never had a Bichon Frise due to cost. I have had friends who have owned them and loved them to death. They look just like a toy dog when they are little. Training a puppy is hard work, but she will reward you with unconditional love. . . and lots of puppy spit! 🙂

    • You house sounds like a place I would LOVE to visit. There’s something heartwarming about a true animal lover – I love it that you rescued cats and that your rabbit loves your husband – so adorable! The reason we never had a Bichon Frise – was due to cost too – this puppy was affordable and within driving distance too. Just a blessing and gift from God – she will truly be my baby 🙂 Thanks for all the love and encouragement – I may be calling on you to help me if I get into a fix 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness! Those dogs are so adorable! What an exciting time for you as you wait for your new “little one” to arrive…can’t wait to see pictures on your blog.

  7. Congratulations. Do you give out cigars or Milkbone when you’re expecting a puppy?

  8. Duh. Ray. Or, if that’s not cute enough, Ray-Ray. Listen, I’m the biggest dog I know in my county so the name works.

  9. How cute! I’m more of a cat person, but I do like dogs too. I love watching the Dog Whisperer (I ♥ Caesar) too.

    For names…Snowball! I think for names, sometimes you just have to wait until you have the puppy to see his/her attitude, friskiness, personality, etc. and sometimes the name just comes to you.

  10. Adorable!

    Can you find me one? We’ve been looking for one of these for a little while now. 🙂

  11. Oh wow, what a cute dog! We have a havanese and they’re non-shedding, odorless, hypo-allergenic too. He’s been a great one with the kids. I know you’ll have a blast!

    • Thanks Jason – can’t wait! We’re going on our Alaska Cruise in September and then when we get back – we go and pick her up! We’ll be in Juneau for one day 🙂

  12. I’m so excited! I have a great name for you to give your new puppy! 🙂

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