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My husband likes to say this about me, “Cindy is an ‘early adopter’ and an ‘early embracer'”  I like new ideas – can move well into new concepts, even if they are somewhat difficult to wrap my brain around.  I love a challenge.  I love new technology.  I will usually be one of the first to jump in.  I will learn it if it KILLS ME!

But I also have a really practical side.  Some would call it “cheap” – but I like practical and careful.  I do my research – am an avid reader and learn all I can about new things.  I love the latest gadget and you don’t have to convince me of anything – except the price.  For example:  I have a free account for my blog, I have a 3G iPhone that I got for $99 a couple of years ago when the latest iPhone came out that summer.  I have two free music accounts on my computer, Pandora and Spotify.  Sure the ads are annoying – but pay for a monthly subscription when I can get it for free?  Never!  I live on Ebay and NEVER pay retail for anything.  And I would LOVE to have an iPad – and I’m looking for a used one for $99 and then I’m IN!!

My husband Greg is a late adopter, and a “late embracer”.  Although I think he embraces things and new people faster than he thinks he does.  He is what I would call a slow processer.  Nothing wrong with that – it’s just another way of  looking at things.  He does not jump on the latest technology right away.  He has to think about it and process things before he decides.  I bought him his first iPhone a few years ago and he has the one that is the 3GS – one step better than mine – so it will do video where mine won’t – a feature that he has used quite a bit.

And he is also very practical – even more so than I am.  So paying for things like computers, cell phones, web pages and music subscriptions do not sit well with him at all.   But being a practical man – who also has a small business, he has had to have two web pages and he pays a monthly fee to maintain both of them.  Because this is for “work” and not “play” he can easily justify it – as it brings him monthly business and that means money.  But I remember this being hard for him – he didn’t jump right on.

I am aware of the “early adopters” – they are all on google+ – the techno geeks and those who are interested in the latest trends in social media.  I was one of the first ones on there as well – and it’s been fun to connect with all the “movers and shakers” of technology.  Some are impractical and have the latest phones and computers – some are practical like me and do not – but we are all in the same vehicle – moving forward and seeing if this generation will be changed by what google is doing right now.

I am aware of the “late adopters”.  I have some in my family and in my circle of friends.  Some are on the internet via facebook and twitter – some are not on either one and use email as their only source of connecting with the outside world.  Believe it or not – some of these people don’t even have a cell phone.  I know it’s hard to believe – but there it is.

So my question is:

Which one are you?  Early or late adopter?  Practical or impractical?  Do you easily embrace new ideas and try to incorporate them into your lifestyle – or do you tend to think about things first and see if it will be useful?  I’d love to hear your story!

God Bless

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  2. I am adopter ! Somewhere in between you and your husband.

  3. Early adopter for sure. I love technology (just like Kip). 🙂

  4. With technology, I’m typically an early adopter. Not always “bleeding edge” adopter but before most of my friends and family.

    I am a very practical person but I’m learning more about being spontaneous and adventurous.

    I’m a lot better about adopting and incorporating new ideas.

  5. Cindy, I am both early and impractical! I jump into everything head first. I adjust easily and adapt well, but never give a thought to whether it’s a good idea or not. In other words, I’m a nightmare for my wife! Great thoughts. God bless you!

    • You are just like a good friend of ours – he’s a great guy and really enjoys life – much to the dismay of his poor wife too! They are our best friends and really great people – so I’m sure you two are very similar 🙂

  6. I’m a late adopter, definitely. . . maybe even a non-adopter. You have to drag me kicking and screaming into “things.” I could very easily ditch all the electronics and live like the old days. I always said I was born 50 years too late. As to practicality, however, I am the most practical person you’ll ever meet! I never ever EVER pay full price for anything either. I’m a black belt shopper when I have to shop. We’ve never had quite enough and had kids with many problems, so I had to be practical like it or not. One of my dreams is to go to the grocery store without a calculator. Just once. 🙂 I will learn what I have to of this new techno age we live in, but I definitely prefer not to. I have a BlackBerry cell phone and it will be the last @#**#&$*@# cell phone I ever buy. I had to relearn with every one and this one? Blackberrys are animals unto themselves. The first night I had it, it hit the wall with a vengeance despite what I paid for it. Now we have a grudging friendship. But I’m not switching to anything else and re-entering all those numbers! Label me: DINOSAUR! LOL

  7. Middle of the road.

    I follow the reviews on new things and jump on iteration #2.

    • I’m loving that you jumped onboard google+ – you’re going to love it! Best of both worlds!

      • I’ve been on it for a while, just have never posted anything. You got me to do that; thanks.

        I’m not sure what I think of it yet. Mostly it feels like another echo chamber, but at least it doesn’t have the ads and apps of Facebook.

        Can’t stand Facebook.

  8. I used to jump right on that bandwagon, but there were several times when I fell off because it wasn’t very sturdy. Now I review things thoroughly before I jump into something new, especially if it requires lots of set up. Too many things promise what they cannot deliver or aren’t as great as they seem. My time is like gold right now. I can’t afford to waste it jumping into everything that comes along, no matter how good it may seem or may be.

    • I can’t afford to waste my time either – twitter was sort of a waste for me – no real connecting – just little blurbs of info from everyone – I’m all about real connections and am mostly on google+ now 🙂 Wish all the later adopters would be a little earlier on this bandwagon so I won’t have to spend a lot of my time on facebook connecting with the ones who don’t want to come on board 🙂 Google+ is a mixture of both worlds and it’s really great because most of us use google search and iTunes each day – it’s just a time saver for me.

  9. I think I would consider myself like you. I adopt as early as is feasible and practical. I guess as far as technology goes though, compared to 95% of those in my immediate vicinity, even if I’m a year late in adopting I’m still an early adopter by comparison. Ha!

    • Yes – you’re probably pretty early by most standards out there – me too – but just practical enough that I tend to wait for things to go down in price 🙂

  10. I’ve always been an early adopter. I had the original iPhone since 2007 on day 1. I’m always the one with access to new software, social networks and beta programs. I guess I like to explore and be part of the action. Sometimes is frustrating and other times it’s rewarding.

    However, I really enjoy it. 🙂

    • I can tell you’re an early adopter – especially the other day when you were downloading the latest software for the Mac and I wouldn’t pay for it – funny stuff!! You were one of those that paid about $300 or more dollars for the first iPhones, right? I waited for mine – but it was hard.

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