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The other day I attempted to “cut my friend list” on facebook.  You know how it goes – you have an account for a while, and pretty soon people just start “appearing” on your friend list until you have near 1000 people!  This happened to me a few years ago.  I heard the snickers and taunts from my other facebook friends, “no one has 100o friends!” and set out to cut it back and only have people there I actually knew in person and had a connection with.

That was 2 or 3 years ago.  Then over time it crept up again as I slowly added those that were “late adopters” in joining the social media world.  Students, former students and people I had a relationship with on some level all came on board and asked to “friend” me.  Usually I did – because I knew them, or a friend knew them.

And like you, I have also been forced to eliminate some who I don’t need to be seeing every little thing they do, have contact with – or who for some reason have made me feel uncomfortable by status updates, pictures and comments.  And some people I do not feel comfortable with them seeing every little thing about me either.  But luckily this number is very small.

The other day I noticed my numbers were climbing up there again.  “NO ONE has 800 or 1000 close friends”, I said to myself.  I went through my list of “friends” and started eliminating based on whether or not I ever had a conversation with them.  As I was cutting back my list – I noticed something.  Most of these people are students, former students, past ministry life, or current friendships and church connections.  And because I love being connected with those I have had a part in the investing process – I don’t want to cut it loose.  Students grow up, get jobs, get married and have children – how much I would miss if I didn’t have them on facebook.

I guess the bottom line is this:

Yes I REALLY DO have 700 friends in my life.  I would not have known that until I went to look at them closely, individually, one by one.  Each face is a reminder of an event in both our lives that made that special connection.  Some are people I know only through the blogging community and many of them I have been able to talk with on Skype, although I have not met them in person.  They are daily contributors to my world of writing – and we have a common faith in Jesus Christ.

For those of you who are not aware who is on your friend list – I encourage you to do the same thing.  Look at your list and for each person you keep, remember why they are in your life and what brought you to this point in time.

I love making new friends – but mostly the people who I remain in contact with are the relationships that have stood the test of time and have meaning in my life today.

I am thankful for facebook.  It has allowed me to stay in touch and be a part of those I love as we share pictures, love and laughter together, encouraging and praying for each other – it helps to fill in those times when we can’t be together in person 🙂

As a teacher – facebook has been a great tool for keeping students and parents informed.  I have a page for my music studio as well as one for my blog.  These have both been great tools of communication!

And I’m a sucker for former and current students “dropping by” my page and saying “hello” to me 🙂

How many “friends” do you have on facebook?

God Bless


Comments on: "Yes I Really Do Have 700 Friends On Facebook" (15)

  1. I have, I think, 430 friends on FB as of today’s date. I would say I know about 300 of them in more than just passing. Like JoJo, I will accept friend requests from folks I have things in common with. In the beginning, I would accept everybody and, boy, did I goof with that! I hate unfriending people, but I’ve been known to do it. I’ve been trying to talk myself into going on a culling mission. Not quite there yet, though. LOL

  2. I have 200ish friends on Facebook.

    I like your take on this, Cindy. And, it reminds me of a quote: Some people walk into your life and leave footprints on your heart and you are never the same.

    I enjoy reconnecting with people, but sometimes I wish there was a way to just view someone’s profile and say “hey”! without friending them. I want to connect just to say a quick hi, but I can’t keep up all these relationships, at least not in a healthy way.

    • It’s fun to see pictures and know that a quick “hi” is all you need sometimes to stay connected – I agree with you – too hard to keep up with everyone everyday 🙂

  3. Something I think on a lot . . . . How many and why are they on my list . . .

  4. I’m a bad friend. I haven’t commented on your blog in a looooong time even though you faithfully keep up with mine. Thank you.

    As far as Facebook, I’ll just say this. I’m very glad it doesn’t allow people to choose to be your “enemy.” I’d probably have a 2:1 ratio. Lord.

    • Yes you ARE a bad friend!! Just messing with you 🙂 I am perfectly secure in our wonderful friendship, Ray. As far as facebook ratios – if I had one like yours – I’d do some SERIOUS cleaning out, man! Yup – half of them should be gone!

  5. 1059. And I really have had interactions at some point with all of them. I think. I’m not sure. There’s just too many of them. AAAUUUUGGGHHHH!

  6. None. Not on Facebook.

    I’m on Google+ because of you, but I don’t really use it.

    The main thing I use is Twitter.

    I follow back anybody that follows me and isn’t a bot, but i use lists to read those that I’m interested in.

  7. I currently have 126 friends. I like to use Facebook as an actual friend and family network, so I do keep conversations and contact with those people. I take most friends request, but after a month, if I see there is no real “friending” or community going on with some of these connections, they will be unfriended.

    With that said, the “subscribe” feature is a great tool to keep in touch with some who are not really friends but I like to keep up to date on their whereabouts (usually influential people in Religion, technology, social networks, media).

    • I have done what you do too, Moe – and then after a while I clean them out if I don’t have any connection or conversation with them. I usually let it go longer than you, though – but I’m getting better 🙂 I actually don’t subscribe because I find it stresses me out to get so many notices in my inbox – so for blogs I usually just list the ones on the side of this page that I read everyday – and then I can tell if there is a new one that day too 🙂

  8. Me too! You are one of those, JoJo! However, for me – it was hard to handle all those masses of people and I wasn’t really having a real connection with them – so for many that I did not know personally or did not have any conversations with them – I would just cut them loose. When it mattered to someone they would add me back, no harm done – but most of them never did – so I knew it was not a meaningful friendship.

  9. I have almost 3000 friends. To me, everyone is a friend. Every human being is a friend unless he proves to be a foe. Not everyone is a FB friend, but I will accept friendships requests from people who I have things in common with: Christian homeschoolers, writers, purple lovers… I do unfriend someone if they post things that use profanity or are rude. Been doing a lot of that recently. I am surprised at how many claim to be Christian and post foul language or nudity on their walls. However, on the whole, if we have several things in common, I will accept a friend request. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting the most precious sisters and brothers in the Lord this way.

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