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Life Always Finds A Way

The above photo is of the gravel space next to our driveway in front of our home. We were taking a walk with our puppy the other day, and coming home Greg remarked that no matter what he does, he can NOT get rid of the weeds coming up through the gravel – and he’s tried EVERYTHING!

In true “Jurassic Park” style, I said this : “Life always finds a way.”

It’s nice to know that life will continue, no matter the obstacles, the storms or adversity – but sometimes it is also disheartening.  “Life” does not always mean “health”.  Sometimes it can mean a slow death like the weeds in our yard.

Those pesky “weeds” in our yard – are similar to those “weeds” in our own hearts and lives – things that look and seem great – but that are actually unhealthy for us.  We may think we are trying to get rid of them – but most times we are not successful because the right method is not used.  They keep popping up again and again – so frustrating!

But sometimes we are just so used to the weeds and  to the  “unhealthy” living along side “healthy” that we cannot tell the difference.  

If you know you have some “unhealthy” things living in your heart – ask the Father today what you need to do about it.  The first and most powerful step is recognizing that something is there – the rest you can trust in God alone to help you get rid of and put aside for good – allowing you stop those weeds that threaten to choke out the good and “healthy” things in your life.

Be aware, be on guard – and most of all – be willing to admit those things that are not healthy for you.  Let the good things and blessings find a way in your life today.  Don’t let the weeds rob you of the best things that God has for you.

God Bless

Comments on: "Life Always Finds A Way" (2)

  1. Ricky Anderson said:

    Thanks for reminding me I have to go pull the weeds on the side of the house this weekend.

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