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Hi Everyone!  My name is Cindy Holman.  I am a wife, mom, musician, writer, Christ follower and friend to many.  For most of my adult life I have been a private music teacher, teaching 25 piano and voice student each week.   I have a BA in music from Northwest University and have been involved in music my whole life.  I love motivating students young and old to be the best they can be and this has been my passion since 1995. Recently my husband and I have embarked on a career change where we spent 2 years in Union Gap, Washington and now we live in Mount Vernon, Washington.  Being a community manager is a little like being a mayor of a small town – and there is a lot to learn – but we’re enjoying it!

I married Greg in 1981 – we have two children, Ashlee and Shawn. And a wonderful son-in-law, Drew.  In January 2016 we will be Grandparents for the first time as our daughter and son-in-law have our first Grandchild, Lucy Elizabeth.  We are so excited for this event!

I accepted the Lord as a small child and have walked with Him ever since.  I am far from perfect and have many flaws – as my family and close friends can personally testify to – but I have found that God has had much grace for my mistakes in life and that I am still on a journey.

I am a passionate person – and I love my family and friends.    I also love music and teaching – and coaching music is one of my special gifts.  I also love listening to music and you will rarely find me without some kind of music on when I am at the computer or in the car.

We also are Mom and Dad to two very spoiled Bichon Frise dogs named Daisy and Bella.

God Bless!

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  1. Hi Cindy-

    Love your blog! Especially the Christmas music- there’s never a bad season for that! “Somewhere in my Memory” always reminds me of Home Alone!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on “He’s Waiting”. I also wanted to check out more of your blog. Warmest regards from upstate New York,


  3. Cindy,

    Thanks for liking my devotionals on “A True Witness” and “Using Your Gift”. Blessings to you and family.

  4. said:


    Thanks for liking my two devotionals “A True Witness” and “Using Your Gift”. Many blessings to you and family.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m happy to have found yours 🙂

  6. My Tropical Home said:

    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve looked around the blog and your music studio. I’m curious about the online piano lesson. May I know what time zone you are in? Thanks!

    Warm regards from the Philippines,

  7. Thanks for the mention of my post about The Vow. Blessings!

  8. Cindy,

    This is Tony Bolan from South Carolina. I LOVE your blog! You have done a really nice job! I like reading your posts!

    I’m married to Maria and like you, we’ve been married 29 years. As the years roll by we grow deeper in love.

    I’m new to blogging, so I’m looking at yours learning what I can. How long have you been at it?

    Mine is Have a look and feel free to offer up some suggestions.

    I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

  9. Also- Follow us on Twitter @theonlinemusical

  10. Thank you! Be sure to check out the first episode on Monday and help determine what happens next!

  11. Hello!

    We’re a group of about 40 students from the University of Virginia who are writing, composing, performing, and producing a 12-part interactive musical where the viewer determines what happens next. Every Saturday for 12 weeks we come together to record that week’s 10 minute-long segment, which is premiered on Youtube that Monday. Viewers respond via Youtube video responses, emails, mp3s, or comments on our website that Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday we start writing next week’s segment. Essentially what we’re trying to do is create a musical that is completely organic and grows each week based on what our viewers want to see happen.

    As you can guess, everyone involved is very passionate about musical theatre, and what we enjoy about your blog is that you are a musical theatre director and bring your experiences off the webpage and give them life.

    We are looking for responses and suggestions especially from those knowledgeable and passionate about musical theatre, and would love if you were able to give us responses for our next episodes and watch as we grow. Our promo video is up online, and our first episode premieres this Monday, Sept. 13 at 8pm Eastern Time.

    Our Youtube page is:
    Our website is:

    The Cast and Crew of “Musical: The Online Musical”

  12. Penny Howard said:

    HI Cindy, We haven’t met, but I’m friends with Judy Thompson and Juanita Boulds. Is there anyone in the Tri-Cities you could reccommend for voice lessons – 11 year old student.

    • I am asking a few friends that live in that area – but your best bet would be to “google” it – ask for voice teachers in the Tri-Cities – or look up music stores in that area – and they could tell you. I wish you lived closer to me – I would love to have you as a student!

  13. Thanks so much, Sarah! How kind you are. Yes I am very sentimental – anybody that knows me can see that right away – I also have a wicked sense of humor – and both of these qualities have a tendency to get me into trouble on occasion – But I would not trade my deep, sensitive, melancholy self for the world! I love other “deep souls” and those that have a great sense of humor – I am always drawn to those types of people 🙂 I think you can subscribe to a persons “feed” on their blog page. Maybe at the top under RSS – just a thought. I personally have not done this – because the people that I follow I have just added them to my blogroll – as you can see on the right hand side – then I can see them all the time. You might try that. I look forward to looking at your blog! Blessings on you 🙂

  14. Hi Cindy,

    It’s nice to meet you.

    Thank you for wanting to follow our family blog; that is always a blessing. I am like you with the twitter thing…..I don’t even know how or what it is….it just reminds me of a baby bird every time I hear someone use that word.

    Anywho, I saw your reply to our facebook discussion. Yes, please follow, but can you follow it directly and not through facebook?

    We aren’t sure how long we will keep facebook open.

    How do I follow yours? I’m not sure how to follow wordpress or do I just follow yours on facebook? I like your site and how you wrote you cry and are empathize quickly….you sound very sentimental like myself. 😀

    I’ll try to figure out where to follow you on WordPress, but then also I’ll follow you on facebook. Tell me if you run into any snags following me directly. We do have a few wordpress followers but they had a problem following at first….I’m not sure how they finally got it to work…..

  15. Check out Greg’s new Wedding Website at: if you or someone you know is getting married and wants a beautiful ceremony – Greg does a wonderful job – has years of experience – is simply the “best” at what he does! Our daughter, Ashlee is a talented hair stylist and will do a wonderful job for the Bride and all the attendants! You will find a link for her on this website under “Hair by Ashlee” Check it out!!!

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