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So Glad

Amy Grant (album)

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Here’s an old Amy Grant tune from the 70’s that I just love.

Enjoy and God Bless!

I had laid some mighty plans,
Thought I held them in my hands.
Then my world began to crumble all away.
I tried to build it back again;
I couldn’t bear to see it end,
How it hurt to know You wanted it that way.

And I’m so glad,
Glad to find the reason,
That I’m happy-sad
That You’ve torn it all away,
And I’m so glad,
Though it hurts to know I’m leaving
Everything I ever thought that I would be.
Once I held it in my hand.
It was a kingdom made of sand.
But now You’ve blown it all away.
I can’t believe that I can say,
That I’m glad.

Long before my plans were made,
I know a master plan was laid,
With a power that superseded my control.
And if that truth could pierce my heart,
I wouldn’t wander from the start,
Trying desperately to make it on my own.

And I’m so glad,
Glad to find the reason,
That I’m happy-sad
That You’ve torn it all away,
And I’m so glad,
Though it hurts to know I’m leaving
Everything I ever thought that I would be.
Once I held it in my hand.
It was a kingdom made of sand.
But now You’ve blown it all away.
I can’t believe that I can say,
That I’m glad.

So glad.
Oh, I’m so glad.
So glad….
Oh, I’m so glad….
Yes, I’m glad….
So very, very glad….

La la la….
La la la….
La, la la, la la, la la, la la….
Da da da….

Having A ‘Jaws’ Season

Cover of "Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)...

Cover of Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)

Last night Greg and I watched a 2 hour documentary about the making of the movie ‘Jaws’ – released in 1975.  I remember going to see ‘Jaws’ that summer with some friends – in fact I’ll never forget it.  It reinforced my very strong fear of the water and especially the ocean.

What looks easy to the observer, however, often is just the opposite.  This movie was fraught with disasters, cast and crew problems and weather complications filming on the open sea.  As I watched all of this – my appreciation for a great film increased as was my admiration for the film’s young director, Steven Spielberg who was just 27 years old at the time.

Spielberg, in a very candid interview about his memories of making this film said this, “Everyday I was worried I would get fired – I thought it would finish me as a director – but I keep pushing on anyway”  And push on he did – way over budget and past the breaking point for cast and crew many times.  He worked well under the stress – even Richard Dreyfess said, “All Steven did was bite his nails”   Well you know the rest – ‘Jaws’ brought many records that year and was the first of what we would call ‘blockbuster’ films of that era.  What could have been Spielberg’s worst disaster – turned out to be his greatest achievement and his shining moment.  All because he did not give up and give in to the negative – worked with integrity and finished it.  A true masterpiece.

How many times have I been through a ‘Jaws’ season?  Too many.  But I have also learned something.  Even in my darkest times as a human being – my true self comes out in a way in which I cannot hide.  It is my true nature – my default setting.  And often times what feels like my most disastrous season – may also be my finest moment.

Every ‘saint’ of the Bible went through their own ‘Jaws’ period at one time or another.  What separated them from other people – was that they were people of faith and they trusted God – kept their heart right – and didn’t compromise who they were even when hit with hard times.  They kept believing – kept hoping and kept loving.

Have you ever had a ‘Jaws’ season?  A time when trouble came to you – hung on and wouldn’t let go?  An illness or family problem that you just couldn’t brush aside – but that went on and on – forever?  A stress or heartbreak that threatens to swallow you?  Hang on.  Don’t lose hope.  Help is on the way.  And though you cannot see it – there is a reason.  And someday you will have the answers to the questions.  The real you is being formed and shaped.  There is a purpose for the pain.

Here is a song by Amy Grant that has always helped me when I’m hit with a difficult season.

Lucky One

There are a few moments in this lifetime where everything is good.  I mean – really good.

Everyone in your family is safe and happy – everyone is healthy.

Oh you still have some residual “stuff” from the past – and there are scars that just living life have produced – but all in all – you have much to be thankful for.

All of this can turn “on a dime” – and life can go sideways.  Things happen that you didn’t sign up for.  That call from the doctor – or a death in the family – affecting you or one of your close friends  – Something happens – there’s a problem with your child – or an aging parent – and in that moment everything changes  – and all of a sudden your peaceful “perfect” little world – stops.

But today is one of those few rare moments where everything is peaceful – and I feel lucky.  I am incredibly blessed – and don’t feel as if I somehow deserve it.  The past threatens to rear its ugly head and points its finger straight at me – and I falter beneath the heavy reproach – the feelings and emotions threaten to strangle me – if I let them.  But “there but for the grace of God – go I” resounds in my head – and I realize that God is merciful to me a sinner.  His grace is new every morning and I am incredibly happy and thankful for His wonderful blessing on my life.  Somehow I found favor and even the “dead and gone” has been given new life and has been restored to me.  And I feel loved. And all my questions don’t really matter anymore.  He has restored – He has brought back something that has depth and meaning to me.  He understood my heart and restored my faith once again in the miraculous and in friendship that can go through the fire and yet – still be there in the end.

And I never again will take for granted the “little things” in life.  There is so much to be thankful for – and I intend to live every one of them with a thankful heart and open arms – with much love and forgiveness that pours out of my life to others.

This song is dedicated to all of the special people in my life – who make me feel lucky and so blessed.

Thank you

God Bless

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