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Happy March!


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The lion has come in – and let’s hope he leaves as a lamb.  We all like to feel a little spring when we turn the calendar to March – and especially me.

This is my birthday month – not just any birthday either.  It’s the big one.  Forty was okay – I didn’t freak out at all – and I have to say that my forties was the very best and worst of times.  Greg and I successfully raised two teenagers during this period – and our daughter even got married while I was 48. And we’re still here to tell about it.

So what will a new decade bring?  I’ve never been one to dwell on age – and it IS just a number – so why do we freak out about it?  We are only as old as we feel, right?  Yeah – that’s what I’m afraid of.  In my forties I felt pretty good up until a couple of years ago – then little things like upper body pain from sitting too long – or not bouncing back as quickly from exercise and sickness – are just some of the wonderful joys of getting older.  One lovely senior woman once told me many years ago – “Cindy – don’t ever get old”.  Great.  I’m working on it.

The happy news is that my husband is a couple of years older than I – and most of our friends are hitting this happy spot on their journey too – Yes, Ron – I’m talking about you my friend – you will join me soon after my birthday.  And a few of our friends are already there – waving us on – like Barbara and Bob Coccia.  They say, “Hey it’s not so bad!”  And so I have no other choice but to believe them.  One of our friends is 10 years older than Greg – and when Greg turned 50 he told him – “You think the time went fast from 40 to 50?  Just wait until you see how fast it goes from 50 – 60”!  Great.

Well I plan to take the whole month to celebrate – even though my actual birthday isn’t until the 11th of this month.  And spring better hurry up – my capris and sandals are looking a little lonely in my closet – and you can’t have a spring birthday without those!  And if you are in this ‘season of life’ – take heart – you are not alone – I’m right there with you!  Let’s CELEBRATE!!


God Bless

Letters To Juliet

Last night Greg and I went to see “Letters to Juliet”.  I had heard great things about it – but Greg being a ‘guy’ was unsure about this highly acclaimed ‘girl movie’ and was skeptical to say the least.  But because he’s an unusual guy and we are ‘dating’ and having fun in everything that we do – and because he likes me to be happy – he decided he could endure it – for my sake.  But he changed his mind after we both read this review from widely respected movie critic, Roger Ebert.  If you had doubts about the movie – you most likely will not after reading his remarks and personal experiences from the film – including a glimpse into his personal romantic life.

Something that is noteworthy in this movie is that the two ‘leads’ are actually married in real life and have a similar story to the movie – met and fell in love when they were young and on the set of “Camelot” and then were separated until just a few years ago – when they decided to marry.  It’s very sweet – and below is a little bit more about the story from the stars themselves – Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero.

While sitting there watching it – we were caught up in the story – sure it was a bit predictable and a little ‘far fetched’ – but I also know of true stories that are maybe not so different from this story – and they say – “truth is stranger than fiction’ – and in many cases it is – some of the stories I’ve heard about involving time, love and restoration after many years is something out of a story book (or movie) and I’ve said many times, “you just can’t make this stuff up!” and meant it!

Enjoy the  video below and I hope that you will go and see this – it’s a very sweet love story – for all of you ‘true’ romantics ♥

Lucky One

There are a few moments in this lifetime where everything is good.  I mean – really good.

Everyone in your family is safe and happy – everyone is healthy.

Oh you still have some residual “stuff” from the past – and there are scars that just living life have produced – but all in all – you have much to be thankful for.

All of this can turn “on a dime” – and life can go sideways.  Things happen that you didn’t sign up for.  That call from the doctor – or a death in the family – affecting you or one of your close friends  – Something happens – there’s a problem with your child – or an aging parent – and in that moment everything changes  – and all of a sudden your peaceful “perfect” little world – stops.

But today is one of those few rare moments where everything is peaceful – and I feel lucky.  I am incredibly blessed – and don’t feel as if I somehow deserve it.  The past threatens to rear its ugly head and points its finger straight at me – and I falter beneath the heavy reproach – the feelings and emotions threaten to strangle me – if I let them.  But “there but for the grace of God – go I” resounds in my head – and I realize that God is merciful to me a sinner.  His grace is new every morning and I am incredibly happy and thankful for His wonderful blessing on my life.  Somehow I found favor and even the “dead and gone” has been given new life and has been restored to me.  And I feel loved. And all my questions don’t really matter anymore.  He has restored – He has brought back something that has depth and meaning to me.  He understood my heart and restored my faith once again in the miraculous and in friendship that can go through the fire and yet – still be there in the end.

And I never again will take for granted the “little things” in life.  There is so much to be thankful for – and I intend to live every one of them with a thankful heart and open arms – with much love and forgiveness that pours out of my life to others.

This song is dedicated to all of the special people in my life – who make me feel lucky and so blessed.

Thank you

God Bless


Yesterday I had some good news on a personal level.  Someone I had been estranged from  – had come full circle to send me a message – it was something I had been praying about for over a year.

It got me thinking about our “words” and “words” from others.

Words can be healing to us – or bring pain.  How powerful are “words”!

The Bible talks about the tongue being “sharper than a two edged sword” – and I have felt the cuts over the years – from people that are casual people in my life  – and worse yet – those that I love and that I thought loved me back.  Words that sent me into a tailspin and left me bleeding and wounded.

I have also experienced the “lack” of words – that I so desperately needed to hear.  The silence that just SCREAMS.  Been there and done that – and that can hurt and cut just as deep.  Nothing worse than being separated from a good friend and having no way to reconcile the situation.  You feel helpless.

In one situation just recently I found that there was only one person who could say the “healing” words I needed to here.  Many others tried – gave feeble explanations for things gone wrong and even said to just “forget about it”.  It will get better with time.  But it did not.  No closure – no explanation – no reconciliation – no words of healing.  I knew everyone meant well – but no one knows my heart – other than God.  In the end – it was that one person that could offer the gift of stepping toward forgiveness and understanding – and that was what I needed.  A healing balm over a sad and troubled heart.

Our words are powerful.  They can bring healing – or death to a person.  We can withhold them and it can be a slow torturous ride – sending a person to sadness and depression – wondering why there can be nothing to break the silence.  We need to use our words to bring life and healing to those we are in fellowship with – those in our world and those who brush up against it.  We need to let everything that flows out of our mouths  – be sweet and loving – knowing that we can produce life or death to a person hearing them.

I have had my break through – it was much prayed for – and I never gave up.  You see – I believe with all my heart that God wants forgiveness and reconciliation for all of us.  He lovingly softens even the hardest heart that has been hurt so badly – He reaches in and begins to speak peace and healing to that hard heart.  He is in the restoring business.  He is ALL love.

Don’t give up.  Use your words today to bring peace into a situation of chaos and hopelessness.  Even if it looks like you might not get your answer – and that maybe God has abandoned you – I want to encourage you.  He has not forgotten about you and your hurting heart.  He has a plan for your life – he is working round the clock to bring about a miracle for your life.  Keep believing.  If you are waiting for those “words” you need to hear to bring your healing today – they may be just around the corner.  And you may have a sweet surprise of your own to write about.

God Bless

You Don’t Always Get What You Want

You don’t always get what you want – but you get what you need

The Rolling Stones

This scripture below is my son’s favorite scripture verse – he loves it in the NIV but I love the Message Bible:

Ephesians 3:20 (Message Bible)

20-21God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.

I love this passage because it is a gentle reminder of God’s nature – at work in and through our lives.

Just like a child who requests a special gift for a Christmas present from his parents – so we often make our requests known to God.  Only with us – we are so limited in our thinking – seeing and perspective on life that we don’t always know what to ask for.  Luckily, for our sake – we don’t always get what we want – or what we think we want.  But we DO get what we need.

Ever have a reminder of a past event in your life?  An event that you thought at the time was the end of the world?  A lost relationship, job or situation?  And like a child – you cried and begged God to fix it – heal it – or turn it around?  Only to find out weeks, months or years later that it was the best thing NOT to have had your way?  The great lyricist, Cindy Morgan – said in one of her songs, “heartaches are often blessings in disguise”.  How true this is.  But we DON’T often see it that way at the time.  We need perspective and space away from the event to determine this in our own hearts and lives.

No we don’t always get what we want.  We can fuss and fume – rant and rave – cry, scream and stomp our feet – even have accusatory arguments with God and still…we don’t always get what we want.  But here is a guarantee that you can take to the bank:  You will always get what you need.

And part of that guarantee is that not only will we get what we need – but far above that – far above what we could even ask or dream for ourselves.  Because He made us – knows us – is concerned about the daily concerns of our daily existence – we know for sure that He has something very wonderful planned for us – to surprise us – much like a parent will surprise their child with a special gift the child was not even asking for or expecting!  “Our wildest dreams”.

What are your wildest dreams?  Do you still have them?  Have you stopped dreaming?  Do you hesitate to ask God anything good for your life – because of past disappointments?  Because, maybe – you didn’t get what you wanted?  And you failed to see the “bigger picture” of what you needed instead?

I love that God works gently in and through us – doing a deep work within us. Working to give us – not only what we need – but to far surpass our wildest expectations!

Dream BIG – Live with great expectation – Dare to ask far above and beyond – allow Him to do that deep work in your life – to produce in you the ability to see beyond your “wants” – to just satisfy the temporary.  Ask Him for a vision of your life – as He sees you – and wants to bless you.  Make 2010 a year of victory – and no regrets.

Do it.  Do it today.

God Bless

Crying For A Christmas

These are the lives of the rearranged
Scattered souls who’ve been displaced
Nowhere else to turn
Like Bethlehem we have packed the place
Human need fills ever space
No room at the inn

Still God found a corner,
Made a bed down in the hay
Could he reappear, make his advent here
Will he still draw near today?

My world is crying,
Crying for a Christmas
Some way to know for sure –
That our God is with us
We could all use a sign
A little glimpse of divine
For a world that still cries for Christmas

Feeding trough on a dirty floor
Unimpressive welcome for
God’s Almighty Son
Are we as blind to incarnation
Daily proof of our salvation
Love’s already come

We are not abandoned,
All alone in our despair
He who once came down, he can still be found
Every when and everywhere

My world is crying,
Crying for a Christmas
Some way to know for sure –
That our God is with us
Once a baby so small
Grew to die for us all
For a world that still cries for Christmas.

Jesus you are here, Jesus you are now
Jesus you are here, Jesus you are now

My world is crying,
Crying for a Christmas
Some way to know for sure –
That our God is with us
We can all be the sign
That his love is alive
For a world that still cries for Christmas

Scott Krippayne

I love this song.  I would post it if I could find it on youtube.  Maybe some day.  Ever have a song that touches things deep inside that only music can do?  You can’t express what you feel in mere conversation – but somehow this song writer really “gets it” – that’s how I feel.

Look it up on iTunes – you’ll be blessed.  I promise.

Merry Christmas and God Bless ♥

I’m “Officially” Living With An Old Man

Yes it’s Official.  This Man of mine turns 50 tomorrow.  The nerve.  Not only has he passed right “over the hill” – but he had the audacity and unmitigated gall to be born right BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!  What WAS he thinking???  Okay – maybe it wasn’t his fault – but his irresponsible parents – how unthoughtful of them!  Someone must be to blame for this unfortunate occurrence.

Every year it’s the same thing – We put up the lights and tree – all the decorations and we’re in CHRISTMAS mode – and then – WHAMMO – we’re hit with a Birthday – 5 days before Christmas!!  Unthinkable.

Well  – tomorrow we will fuss over him and make him feel really great to try to sooth his masculinity – after all – he IS pretty old.  He can’t help it – it happens to us all – I myself am never turning 50 – I have decided it’s not for me.  Even though 50 is the new 30 – or something like that – and I’ve never looked or felt better – Nope – it’s not for me ☺

I feel as though I must say some things about this wonderful man I’m married to.  He’s one of a kind – and I know I could never replace him.  No one could put up with me as he has – shown love and graciousness as he has done and been the example to me and our children of God’s patience, humor and consistency through the good and bad times.  I’m in awe of him.  He’s one of the most “perfect” human beings I’ve ever met – never a cross word in 28 years of marriage – hardly ever loses his temper – I’ve only seen it happen a couple of times and is always positive and loving – and it’s been a good thing too – because I am so flawed and make so many mistakes.  But he is steadfast and dependable – always seeking – always doing the right things – always believing the best and wanting me to be better – his encouragement and strength have been a “god-send” and daily I’m reminded how lucky I am.  He is truly the best man I’ve ever had the privilege to know.  All his friends would say the same thing about him – they feel lucky to know him.  His parents and brothers can’t say enough good things about him either.  He is blessed ♥

Tomorrow we celebrate with Eddie Duarte cooking Mexican for us and having all the family and friends come through our home for a Birthday Open House.  We are getting the house ready for everyone today – and excited to see everyone – old friends – some we haven’t seen in a long time – some we see all the time.  We are thinking today of our out of town friends that we wish could be here too – our thoughts are with you today ♥

Below is a baby picture of my dear husband and a picture of what he looks like today – He’s a handsome, sexy 50 year old!!  Much love to you, Greg ♥♥♥

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