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Today I’m sharing an article that is usually only for my music students and parents from my music blog site.  But I thought that everyone might like to read this one.  Enjoy!

What Is Your Unique Gift?

I just got off the phone with a customer service Rep. for the company where we purchased our bed.  After carefully following the directions that were emailed to me and calling him back this morning, he gave me the nicest compliment!  He said, “I see here that you have your own music business, what do you do?”  I told him and he said, “No wonder then!  You are the nicest and friendliest person and I know it’s because you teach.

I never thought I was any different from anyone else, quite honestly.  Doesn’t everyone speak nicely on the phone with customer service, especially when they are helping you with a replacement part?  Isn’t everyone thankful and helpful?  Doesn’t everyone follow through with instructions and try to do their best – even in a negative situation?   He surprised me and I thanked him for the gracious compliment.  Quite honestly, it made my day!


Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

But it got me thinking.  I said to Greg at the breakfast table this morning, “You know the saying: ‘those who can DO and those who can’t TEACH’ – do you think it’s true?”  He thought for a moment and said, “No – not always.  Sometimes people retire or chose not to DO anymore”  Yes.  That’s me.  I choose to TEACH rather than perform, although I have done and still do my share of both.  I realized long ago that I do not get the same thrill and energy from performing that others do – and knowing that I am quite comfortable coaching and teaching others to do that – if they choose to.

We all have gifts and talents that are God-given.  Recognizing what they are sometimes take a whole lifetime – but it is worth exploring.  In exploring and finding out what that is – we are happier and more fulfilled human beings.  I knew long ago that my main gift is in encouraging others.  I have a unique ability to see the positive.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my share of negative things happen to me – but I have been able to come out of each situation with gratefulness and thankfulness because of how God designed me.

Maybe your gift is in leadership.  Maybe it’s in hospitality.  Maybe you are good with numbers.  Maybe you have influence.  Maybe you are gentle and meek.  Maybe you are one who sees beauty in everyone.  Maybe music is your love.  Maybe taking pictures gives you energy.  Maybe being on stage performing is where you were made to be.  Find out what gives you energy and go in that direction.

There are no accidents.  God made you the way you are for a reason.  You are unique.

God Bless

Crossing Paths

English: Crossing of paths, Gwydyr Forest The ...

English: Crossing of paths, Gwydyr Forest The waymarked walk taking in Llyn y Parc is crossed by a singletrack section of the Marin Mountain Bike trail. Walkers should watch out for speeding bikers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while the many tracks of our lives intersect.  The subtle joining of like interests and purpose combine into one timeless moment.

My journey and purpose that God has uniquely designed for me sometimes crosses the path of my past life and career, my music legacy, sometimes through writing, sometimes through people sometimes through specific events  – leaving me feeling  humbled and reflective.

The last week I have been organizing my music studio/office in my home – plus gathering video and pictures for my website, which just went up for the first time this last Monday.  If you missed it – you can visit me on my website at  Cindy’s Music Studio  It is my first attempt to duplicate what happens in my studio and in person – to an equal experience online.

In the process of trying to break down and ‘capture’ all the special moments of my music teaching career over the last 15+ years in this one area alone – it has been a daunting but also given me many thrilling moments looking at many past recital performances and pictures over the years.  The growth and development in each one – and the happy glow of pride and sense of accomplishment – the feeling of joy and resolution in choosing the path of teaching that I chose many years ago instead of a sales career teaching and training women about skin care.

This too has crossed my path again recently as my daughter (who was a little girl at the time when I was with Mary Kay) has decided to join the ranks of the many sales representatives and sell this great product as well as continue to do hair styling and color in her own home studio.  It is all very surreal to me and brings back many memories of my 5 years spent with that company – 2 years as a sales director.

Sometimes our lives intertwine into areas that we never dream we will cross again.  We do not simply just “wave good-bye” and then never see them again – sometimes they comes back in ways we least expect.  It is the same with my music teaching and my writing – the two are different and yet – sometimes they cross.  The things we are passionate about in this life – the unique and God-given talents and abilities we are given –  have the potential of crossing and interjecting every day – through people, events and circumstances – and yes – even our own children.

My NEW Website!!

Most of you know – but maybe some of you don’t – that I’m a piano and voice teacher, who also loves to write.  I’ve been teaching professionally in my home since 1995.  It is what I LOVE to do – invest in students and help develop a love of music in each one.

I’m so happy to finally be able to offer the lessons that I teach in my home to those of you out there who are interested in lessons ONLINE.  I now have a website designed for just that purpose.  I hope you will hop over there to see my new site and watch a short video of introduction of yours truly and tell me what you think!
It was hilarious making not one but FOUR videos to include with a sign-up from the first page. Greg had these BRIGHT lights pointed right at me and I had trouble seeing – let alone speaking correctly – so they are quite funny for me to watch back and remember what fun we had that day – with a whiny puppy in tow!  If you sign up on the first page you will be directed to my other videos – and it’s free to do so, all you need is your email to do so. Some of the pictures and videos are not up yet – but most things are there for you to get an idea about what I do. I have room for some new online students in my schedule especially in the summer and so if you know of anyone who is an area without a teacher – direct them to my site and I will see if I can help them.
Cindy’s Music Studio

Thanks so much for taking a look!  Have an awesome day!


God Bless

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