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Just A Tick?


The other day we had quite the adventure. Our puppy had been acting funny and protecting her mouth. We knew there was something wrong, but as she is a little drama queen, we tried to downplay her episodes and see if the sudden yelping and crying out at random times throughout the day would just simply go away.

Because we are first time dog owners and have never had a puppy, I'm sure we have once or twice jumped to conclusions about her throwing up occasionally – usually bile when she's too picky to eat. Or thinking not eating is a serious sign when she simply does not feel like eating. And there was that one time when something irritated her tummy and she kept throwing up. We finally took her in and the doctor told us it was fairly normal when a dog gets upset, that anything to further irritate the tummy will result in more throwing up. We made it through that long night and next day – gave her pepcid for another day or so and then she was fine.

But this was different. She would not let us near her mouth to see what was wrong. The more we tried the more she screamed. She would not let the nice doctor examine her – so it was decided that she would have to be sedated. A couple of hours later we got the call. There was nothing wrong with her. No reason at all for her to be acting so fussy. No reason why she would be favoring her mouth, wouldn't bite and play. Nothing at all. We brought her home and as the pain meds wore off she was no better – in fact she seemed fussier than ever – yelping and screaming out at random times – tail tucked down and under. I consulted with the Vet on the phone – as their office had just closed. I told them there WAS something wrong. I don't think she really believed me and sent me to another Vet office in Covington that was still open.

At this point we were feeling really silly – but we knew there was something wrong with our dog. The Vet was very nice at this new place. We explained what we had been through and that she was examined from stem to stern and that it was determined there was not anything wrong with her. He listened and examined the puppy who was not too keen on strangers after her ordeal. She did like him though, and soon she was at ease – although still appeared to be troubled. He would lean down and let her come to him and the gently pet her. After spending 20 or so minutes in the room with us – he explained he was going to take a closer look. We could tell he was not convinced that this was nothing. And he ruled out neck or mouth pain almost immediately after probing around. We could hear her yelping from a back room as he was taking a closer look. Within a few minutes he came back in the room and explained that he had almost missed it – but what he found when pinpointing the origin of pain – was a TICK. Attached to Daisy's lower lip on the outside, buried deep within her hair. It had burrowed its way into her mouth making it very uncomfortable for her to eat, bite or act normal.

After he removed it (more screaming and yelping) she was fine almost right away. The nurse said she even hugged her ūüôā I was so relieved for Daisy – but also SO GLAD I wasn't losing my mind – that I could have KISSED that doctor and almost did! He was amazed to find a tick as they are not very common here – and he was also surprised that she would have the reaction to the tiny tick that she had. However, we who know her – were not. She is like the “princess and the pea”. The tiniest thing troubles her – and even today she is still recovering from 2 shots of pains meds and so much man-handling. What a sweet sensitive girl she it!

When you know a person or animal very well – you just know when they are not acting normal – and no one can tell you differently, right? Can a thing like just a little tick cause so much drama? Now I know the answer to that. YES!


Well, that's my story. The true ones are always the most fun – I mean, you just can't make this stuff up!

Take care and God Bless


The Real Protector

We have a puppy.  A little dog who will never be much more than 10 or 11 pounds.  She is a lot of fun Рand to be sure, so much more than I ever thought possible because she seems so human.  But I will never feel protection from her.  Just a lot of love.

This is our 10 month old Bichon Frise named Daisy. 
She is a wonderful dog. ¬†She likes to cuddle and¬†play, be silly – and loves to make us laugh by dragging a shoe or slipper off and then turning to see our reaction. ¬†She is not destructive like I’ve heard so many breeds of dogs can be – especially when left alone for long periods of time. ¬†When we come home from being gone – nothing is disturbed – and we know she just runs upstairs to our bed and sleeps. ¬†She is gentle and LOVES people – sometimes too much and gets TOO excited when first greeting them, but then soon calms down and enjoys just being near anyone. ¬†She follows me everywhere – my little shadow, hanging on my every word.

But Daisy is NOT a watch dog. ¬†I’m glad I was somewhat prepared for this before deciding on the right breed for us. ¬†I wanted a companion dog – Greg works a lot at night and knew it would be important to have the right kind of dog to keep me company. ¬†And having a dog around I just knew I would be safer as the dog¬†would alert me, ¬†bark or growl and scare away prowlers and the like – at least I thought. ¬†

However, Bichons are¬†lovers¬†not fighters. ¬†Alas – that sweet cottony white angel is too gently and timid to be much of a menacing presence to scare¬†anyone. ¬†But they like to¬†think¬†they are. ¬†For example: ¬†she will be out in the yard playing, something will spook her, like the dogs barking next door and she will run in the doggie door and look through the french doors to the backyard and BARK AND BARK her head off. ¬†Even¬†occasionally¬†HOWL and GROWL with such LOUD DETERMINATION – all the while safe in her own home. ¬†It is quite humorous and this can go on for a very long time – until she feels the danger has passed – or that she has exerted herself for long enough to tell “them” a thing or two.

Unfortunately for me – she also feels the need to “alert” me – or “them” of her¬†superiority in the “wee” hours while Greg is out and I am trying to sleep. ¬†It can be very alarming to be awakened out of a deep sleep with Daisy barking before even raising her head and then flying off the bed to tell “whomever’ or ‘whatever’ that she is the boss of this house.¬† ¬†This behavior puts me in such a state of panic – I actually think there really¬†is¬†someone in the house – especially when she won’t stop growling standing firmly on the upstairs banister – staring straight down into the dark downstairs. ¬† Yikes. ¬†The first time it happened, several weeks ago, I was quite alarmed, thinking there really was someone in the house. ¬†I turned on my iPhone and called Greg. ¬†He said it was probably nothing – and sure enough – it was. ¬†It did freak me out a little though, if I’m honest. ¬†It does not happen every night – just enough to throw me off, keep me a little off-balance and really mess with me!

Last night it¬†happened¬†again. ¬†But by now I have realized what makes her jump thinking the neighbors have probably just come home and opened up their garage door, which sounds a great deal like ours when it opens. ¬†Daisy is waiting for “Daddy” to get home and is always sleeping with one eye open – waiting for that glorious moment when she can fly down the stairs to meet him ūüôā ¬†We both know the¬†real protector¬†of our home –

It’s Greg.

God Bless

A Quick Fix

Today we made another discovery with our 7 month old puppy, Daisy.  She is not a normal dog.  She is picky like a cat.  She does not scarf down food Рinstead sniffs it and sometimes will eat it.  If it suits her.  She eats to live Рnot the other way around.

Because she is a small white Bichon Frise – she also has tear staining issues. ¬†We’ve tried everything. ¬†But since being on more of a raw diet (fresh meat, freeze-dried and air-dried raw) she is much improved. ¬†We were also told to get stainless steel bowls for her water and food. ¬†She had pink porcelain before – but just in case any dye could seep through – we decided to try them.

Well believe it or not Рshe was FREAKED OUT because she could see her reflection in the shiny new bowls.  We tried to coax her to drink her water but she would NOT go anywhere near those scary things.

So we returned them and got plastic.  With plastic there is no clanking of her tag against metal or porcelain Рso a double bonus.

But with these new bowls Рthere was another problem.  They were scary and deep.

She simply would NOT put her face inside the bowl to eat her food. ¬†Drinking was okay because she didn’t have to go as far inside the bowl. ¬†But in order to eat – we would have to put her food on the floor beside the bowl or hand feed it. ¬†Because she is still a puppy – it is important for her to eat – tough love doesn’t work for growing puppies.

But we made a discovery!  When we brought the food up higher in her bowl Рshe went right to it and ate it just fine!  So Greg got a plastic lid Рand with a little hot glue Рhe glued in to the inside of her bowl.

Guess who is eating now? With NO PROBLEM.

It was such a quick fix – so cheap and very little effort. And now we can all relax and know she is getting enough to eat ūüôā

It’s the little things in life – that cost nothing, that give the most satisfaction.

When was the last time you had a “quick fix”?

God Bless


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My puppy puts me to shame

She is loyal


She will not leave my side

even in the early morning when she’s hungry

She waits for me

to have my devotions

and coffee

and to fully

get up

and put my slippers on

even though it takes me

several minutes

to finally go downstairs

She does not get upset

or anxious

she trusts

and waits


How faithful am I?

How patient?

Can I wait?

Do I run ahead?


Set my own course?

Am I willing to wait

on God

for the things

He says I must?

Can I sit

and  quietly contemplate

drink in

calm my scattered mind

and just

be faithful?

I’m tired

and need strength

I complain

fuss and fume

I need

to relax

stop the spinning

sit back

and wait.

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. 
   They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,¬†
¬†¬†¬†they walk and don’t lag behind. ¬†Isaiah 40:31 ¬†Message Bible

What about you?  Feeling weary?  Need some fresh strength today?  I know a source of strength that will not only renew Рbut help you to soar like an eagle.  Imagine running and not getting tired, walking and not lagging behind?

Yes – I think I can – I know I can – Lord help me to...wait.

God Bless

Things That Go SQUEAK In The Night

I am used to unusual noises in our home – especially at night. ¬†We live in an older home and it likes to POP and CRACK at the most inconvenient times – like when I’m all alone. ¬†When we first moved in – almost 10 years ago, I was downstairs in my office – and the wind blew a door shut upstairs. ¬†I was SURE there was someone in our house! ¬†It sounded creepy like footsteps above me! ¬† And going to sleep was difficult at first. ¬†But over time I have become¬†accustom¬†to it. ¬†When we have guests here – often they will hear something above their heads and then look at us¬†quizzically, and then ask, “are you sure there is no one home”?¬† ¬†We will then nod and look at each other with knowing looks (we could really have fun with people if we chose to) and say, “it’s just our old creaky house – it likes to settle.

It is also not unusual for Greg to be gone until the wee hours of morning. ¬†He is a contractor in his “other” job, moonlighting for a company called “Northwood Construction” and they are contracted out to many Starbucks stores in the greater Seattle area. ¬†So his job includes, and is not limited to: ¬†window washing after hours, high dusting, pressure washing and light maintenance. ¬†Last night it was another late one. ¬†He has become an expert at slipping in very quietly – that is until we got a puppy. Dogs have an uncanny way of smelling and hearing you before you arrive – and our puppy is always looking for someone to come and see her and is listening intently – especially for Dad to come home after working.

So Greg can not exactly slip in unnoticed anymore. ¬†Daisy will jump off the bed, and I will hear her running down the hall, clickety click – down the stairs and then to the back door wagging her tail madly and waiting for that magic moment when Greg opens the door. ¬†Last night was no exception. ¬†But Greg was very quiet and soon I drifted back to sleep. ¬†The next thing I remember was hearing a very loud SQUEAK from one of Daisy’s toys and wondered to myself, “why is she playing with her toys in the middle of the night?” and then I heard a very LOUD CRASH – which had me sitting straight up in bed yelling, “Greg? ¬†Is that you? ¬†What’s going ON?” ¬†This was¬†accompanied¬†by Greg laughing out loud and saying, “well – first I tried to turn out the light down here, I stepped on this blasted squeaky toy and then in the dark, I knocked over the coffee table!” ¬†We had a good laugh as I accused him of playing with Daisy’s toys and telling him I was sure it had been her!

It’s the little comedies in life that give an extra sparkle to relationships and have us looking at ourselves and others with humor – as we all try to ¬†take ourselves a little less seriously. ¬†And folks, if you can laugh at things even in the middle of the night – then I would say that you have passed the test and have found the little things are some of the most important things, after all.

Here’s wishing you and yours a little more comedy and a little less tragedy as you discover laughter and the true medicine it is ūüôā

God Bless

Who Is Leading You?

Today I took our puppy Daisy on her second walk ever with a leash. ¬†It has been fun to watch her adapting to a leash for the first time. ¬†At first she stood still and wouldn’t move – and now when I put it on she turns her head and tries to bite the leash – thinking she can get the blasted thing OFF!

When we walked today, she alternated between stopping to sniff everything in the patches of grass in neighbor’s yards – and getting tangled up in the leash, then stopping and dragging her feet so I would have to pull her. ¬†There is some road construction on the road near our home and we walked near it on our circle coming back home. ¬†She stopped and looked at the big trucks, pondered for a moment what she should do – and then turned toward home and RAN! ¬†It was all I could do to hold her back from her fast TROT – we arrived home today in record time!

And it got me thinking –¬†who was the one leading?¬†¬†It should have been me – but most of the time because of her¬†inexperience¬†and lack of leash training – it was¬†her.

Puppies need to be trained to walk at the same pace as their owners Рand not take the lead.  They need to learn true submission and hold back natural and instinctive inclinations within them Рlike bolting, stopping to sniff every few steps and then refusing to move, having to be dragged.

This is a picture of what I must be like to my Heavenly Father. ¬†He should be leader – but how often do I¬†take it from Him? ¬†I like to be¬†independent¬†and do my own thing – stopping and getting distracted with things that look good – but that aren’t especially good for me, wasting time on the wrong things – completely stopping and giving up – even though He is with me and guiding me through tough times – and then just BOLTING – when He asks me to SLOW DOWN and walk beside Him – not getting too far ahead so I can’t tell who is leading anymore.

His gentle tug on my “leash” is a¬†gift to me¬†– He is still in charge of my life and sees all the dangers around me – and the temptations. ¬†He still needs to drag me through areas I don’t want to go through – and then teaches me patience at times when I want to go ahead on my own – even though my timing for things is not always right. ¬†Like our puppy on a leash – I have an invisible one that connects me to God. ¬†It is His¬†invisible¬†hand of protection on my life.¬†¬†And like the good Father that He is – He knows what is best for me – even though I sometimes can’t see it. ¬†He knows my weaknesses, and my fears – and promises to walk beside me – never taking His hand from my life for a moment, even though I may wander off on my own.

Why do I fear the unknown with Him beside me?  Can I match my pace with Him?  Will I ever learn true submission without question?   Sometimes I think I have it Рand then I fail again.

Dear Lord,

Help me to be a better “follower” – and not attempt to take “the lead” from your hand. ¬†Teach me true submission as you guide me silently through life’s circumstances and situations that I cannot see yet – or even comprehend. ¬†Being in charge of my own life is exhausting and I want to give it over to you willingly – without the hint of reservations. ¬†Help me with my stubbornness. ¬†Help me not to get ahead of your plan and purpose for me life. ¬† ¬†Help me to be ready for what lies ahead. ¬†Teach me to know the sound of your voice so well – that I obey without question when you hold me back. Amen.

What is God asking of you today?  Can you match His stride?  Can you do what He requires of you today?

Are you the one leading?  Or is it God?

Who is leading you?

God Bless

Being Left Alone

English: An anxious person

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Sometimes things just happen. ¬†Sometimes it’s a good thing. ¬†Sometimes it’s bad. ¬† ¬†There are things and people added to our plans – and sometimes things and people are taken away. ¬†There are times of happiness, comfort and safety – But ¬†then there is a time of desolation, hurt and loss.

No one wants to feel abandoned, isolated and left behind. ¬†While it may not happen so much when we’re young – sooner or later it does as we get older. ¬†The same comforts, circumstances and even people in our lives, that are with us when we begin our journey, or part way through our journey – sometimes do not continue with us the rest of the way. ¬†It is the feeling of being “left alone”. ¬†It is difficult to understand. ¬†But it is called life.

This week we’ve been training our 14 week old puppy, Daisy to stay home alone – without anyone here. ¬†Training her to wait – be patient – that we will come back again – therefore reassuring her, by our return that she is not being left permanently. ¬†It is a training for us too as we do not want her to feel lonely, brush her aside like she is not important – but at the same time we want to reduce her anxiety by the fact that we will return. ¬†It is difficult to explain that to a puppy.

In the same way – I wonder how much our earthly anxiety is a mixture of “unnecessary¬†worry” and “childlike anxiety” simply because we do not understand our situation and circumstances like God does. ¬†We don’t have the ability to wait and trust that God sees the bigger picture – and that it is only for a “season” and not “forever”. ¬†I’m sure that God must say, “I know best. ¬†I can see everything all at once. ¬†Trust me” ¬†But we miss it – because we’re too busy being uncomfortable at our own perceived feeling of “being left”. ¬†And more than that – that God doesn’t hear us or understand.

There are some lessons that can only be learned without anyone with me.  Feeling that isolation is good for me.  In anxiety I learn trust.  In feeling abandoned by my overwhelming circumstance РI learn faith.  And I also want to remain hopeful that God has all the answers to the questions I have.  That there will be a time when I understand.

And until then РI must learn the same painful lesson that our puppy must.  Being left alone is sometimes how God speaks His most powerful insights to me.  It is in that lesson, that I am stronger, more compassionate to others, and ready for God to use me again.

When was the last time you feel completely alone?  When you lost something you thought you would always have?  Did you hear God speak to you?


God Bless

Driving Miss “Daisy”

Many of you know that my husband and I became parents again – and at our age too! ¬†No – it’s not a human baby, although we have raised two children and they now have homes of their own. ¬†No – this time we took on a puppy – and not just any puppy. ¬†A very special Bichon Frise puppy – all curly white, pink tummy and joyful bundle of happiness ¬†ūüôā

We’ve been waiting since July for the day where we would go pick her up and drive her home. ¬†There have been a few twists and turns along the way – which made the waiting harder – but wait we did. ¬†Two weeks ago we went to visit and pick out just which special puppy would be “Daisy”. ¬†And ¬†at the right time where she was old enough to leave home – we took the journey to go and get her – this past Sunday.

Now I have not been the parent of a “baby” ¬†human or otherwise – in 20 years. ¬†So this was no easy task – I can assure you. ¬†And although she is very good – and really smart – she is still a baby and very needy – more for attention than anything. ¬†She does not like me out of her sight – so when she is “passed out” after eating, doing her business outside and playing hard – I have a few minutes to myself to shower, dress or anything else that needs doing without a puppy in tow.

Daisy is a sweet bundle of love. ¬†Well worth the inconvenience for a few nights of adjustment without the usual amount of sleep, ¬†to make sure she is comfortable and safe. ¬†And since Bichon’s prefer human company over anything else – she not only sleeps with us at night – but stretches out and takes up most of the bed too!

For those of you that have had a puppy – or a Bichon Frise dog of any age – I think you’ll agree that they are worth the effort and give lots of humorous moments, love and sweetness – all the while looking adorable and cuddly.

I’ve met many new friends online who also have one of these special dogs and have discovered a bond of friendship with them, sharing our love of puppies and experiences with them. ¬†And I’ve had countless support from many of my friends who have either a dog or cat – and think of them very much as their own children. ¬†The love and encouragement have been priceless over the past several months and I feel as if I look at things in a strange new way, like a whole new world has opened up to me.

And I think – what a creative God we have! ¬† He even cares about little puppies and made each of them with love and care – attention to detail that bring out a very special tugging at our heartstrings when we see them. ¬†Recently I saw a program about puppies. ¬†There is a chemical released in our brain when we are around a puppy – bringing out pure joy and happiness. ¬†How many have said they love “puppy breath” and wish they could bottle it? ¬† Me too. ¬†Yes – there’s something about a puppy.

Below is a picture of our little Miss “Daisy” and a video too.

You know the saying, “puppy dogs, rainbows and ice cream”? ¬†Well now I say it with new meaning and understanding.¬†¬†There’s nothing better than a puppy ūüôā

God Bless

Deferring To The One Not Sleep Challenged

My assignment today was to write about a recent event hosted at my home with fellow blogging buddies (and personal friends) from the West Coast, AKA – West Coast Ninja’s. However – I am WAY to tired and over stimulated due to our recent trip to the Tri-Cities yesterday to pick up our new addition – 6 1/2 week old Daisy, a Bichon Frise puppy. ¬†And although she is mostly very good – she DOES take up the WHOLE bed and I did not have my usual amount of sleep for the last two night – the first in anticipation of going to get her – and last night – her first time home with us.

However, while I may have no brain cells left to write coherently on the subject of our wild and wonderful adventure – my good friend, Deanna has written about it in the following article. Egg timers, Oreo Castles and Twitter…with Cindy’s delicious cheese dip.¬† I thought it was so clever – so I invite you to check it out. In the article – please find links to the other fellow bloggers from this great event and see what they have to say about the AWESOME West Coast Ninja’s!

God Bless!

Oh – and “Hi” from Daisy ūüôā

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