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Clothes Shopping With Your Husband

IMG_3528I know what you’re thinking.  It’s an oxymoron.  It simply shouldn’t be done.  Ever.  At least NOT if you want to really find something to wear.  Most men HATE – (did I mention – HATE) clothes shopping with a PASSION.  Greg used to step into a mall and immediately a sort of sick feeling would come over him and he would have to find someplace to sit down.  I’m told that most Guys like to “hunt it down” and then “bag it up” and then LEAVE.  Well most of the fun for women is window shopping and trying on clothes to see how they look.  Men don’t understand that AT ALL.

So yesterday I had a “hot date” with my handsome agreeable husband – who’s been a real flirt lately for reasons that are most suspicious.  Anyway – he took me to a mall in our area – Bellevue Square.  And we went to one of my favorite stores to find me something nice to wear for our daughter’s dress rehearsal next Friday night for her WEDDING the next day!!!!  Wow.  I’m still trying to process this.  Can you tell?  But I digress.  Back to the story.  We are in the store and I had help from two very nice young ladies.  Luckily for Greg there is a nice soft chair for him in the dressing room area – and he was as happy as a clam – texting and emailing on his Blackberry while I tried on clothes and periodically came out to “model” them for him.  The young women found Greg delightful with all his comments and funny repartee’ especially one gal – who seemed thrilled by his attention 🙂  It was pretty cute.  But the good news – we were in and out of there in just over an hour – so it is all good – and I even found a new outfit 🙂

Then we were off to Macy’s to find Greg a new pair of jeans and a new white dress shirt for his suit.  Do you know THEY DON’T have a soft comfy chair in the Men’s dressing room?  How sick and twisted is that?  It’s a definite message that “women” should not be in the Men’s dressing room.  It’s a “guy thing”.  But since I don’t DO rules very well – I just sat on the floor.  I just want to take a moment to say that I think it is UNFAIR how guys can take a few pairs of jeans to the dressing room and every single STINKIN’ one of them fits PERFECTLY.  This is SO UNFAIR.  I have to try on at least 4 pairs to find the right one for my body.  Nope – they ALL fit Greg just fine – like a glove – like he was born to wear them all – but he CHOOSES not to.   It’s so stupid.  So all he had to decide was – which one was the best deal.  Well since they were all wonderful, sexy and PERFECT – it was not hard to choose.

I will have to add that we HAD to cross the street to the See’s Candy store first of all – I have a favorite chocolate – the butterscotch cream – and so Greg made sure that I got a couple of those before we even ventured into the mall – and before that he got me a coffee too – so we were all really happy campers – going in.  This was helpful while I was trying clothes on – and Greg kept telling me that he was eating ALL the chocolates while he had to sit there.

I think that this was a most enjoyable venture – and we even stopped by a sweet little bakery in the mall and shared a sandwich – and took a detour into a handmade soap shop called “lush” to end our evening.  That’s a really fun place, by the way – you should all go there and see the AMAZING products they have – I even bought Ashlee and Drew a honeymoon gift in there 🙂

Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

God Bless

How To Date Your Husband…

You know how it is.  You are married a while.  You get comfortable.  You even start to take each other a little bit – sometimes a lot – for granted.  You forget the “little things” that used to be very attractive about your mate.  It’s a stretch sometimes to remember the “good old days” of courtship, the fun days of dating and flirting.  Every marriage has the possibility of growing stale – and even losing emotional connection.  This can be very damaging – because it happens so slowly over time – you don’t even realize it’s happening.  No marriage is “safe” from outside influences and “boredom” from inside.  If you think to yourself, “it would never happen to me”.  Think again.  I’m here to tell you that not only can it happen – it does happen and it may affect you and your marriage at some point in your life – if you’re human – and if you interact with people.

Need a recharge to your marriage?  Are things just not very exciting anymore?  Do you look for excitement from other sources?   Have you taken your spouse for granted?  Have you forgotten why you fell in love with them in the first place?

I have an antidote for this.  Start dating your spouse again.  I know it sounds silly.  You say, “we already live together – why should we date?”  I used to say that too.  Oh Greg and I would occasionally go out on a weekend – and go to lunch together during the week – but it was simply having a meal together – not much “deep” conversation.  Just work or kids was the topic of what we talked about.

Dating.  It means getting to know each other all over again.  Going back to the beginning of why you connected in the first place.  All the “little things” and “little inside jokes” between the two of you – coming back into play.  The flirting and playing and being like teenagers again.  Dating does not have to be wasted on the teenagers and early adults.  No.  You should be having fun!  Decide that you’re  going to have fun!!  Laughing and enjoying each others company.  No expectations – just all the fun coming back into play.

We can become WAY too serious in this life.  And I’m not playing down stresses in our lives – we have all have them.  We’ve had a really tough stressful year – and yet – we have chosen to “date” again – and it’s really been sweet and fun and wonderful.  It’s like discovering something new – that has been there all along – just hidden.

We go places together now like we first used to when we first discovered each other 30 years ago.  Greg has been more attentive and caring than I think he ever has in all of our 28 years of marriage – and we have talked more in the last 8 months than in all the years we’ve been married too!!  That’s AMAZING!!

I would say – that you both have to really want to change and adapt throughout the different seasons of life and your marriage.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Make “dating” a priority.  Don’t let anything else – or anyone else get in the way of that.  And when you have this emotional connection – then the physical connection will be really wonderful too.

If you’re a married guy reading this – I suggest that you “date” your wife again.  You want some “spice” in your marriage?  Surprise her by being attentive to her – by wanting to emotionally connect with her.  Treat her like the most prized possession in the world!  Take her with you places – enjoy being with her – hang on her every word.  Listen to her heart.  Meet her emotional need to be loved and cared for – no matter what.  Tell her she comes first – not your job or anything else.  Ask her advice on things.  Take her advice and encouragement to heart.  Believe me – if her emotional needs are being met – you will have a very happy wife – and a happy wife – is a loving wife – and your love life will improve so much – it will blow you away 🙂

If you are a wife reading this – Meet his needs.  Period.  I wrote a blog many months ago called “Men are Simple” and have had many comments and emails sent on this subject.  Basically what I said in that is nothing new.  Men are simple with simple needs.  Admire them – they need to be the “Hero” in your life.  Feed them.  Especially something homemade from you – Men love to eat – be prepared for this at all times!  Physical Love – we all know what that is.  Fill that need.  When a Man’s basic needs are met – they are much more receptive to meeting yours.  I promise.  You want a happy Man?  Be the “fantasy” women of his dreams.  Sounds simple?  It is.  Why do we not do it?  Because life happens – stress and paying the bills.  We become way too serious – lose our sense of humor – have children and are tired taking care of the house.  But I promise you can turn it around!  Try laughing at his jokes more – encourage him to talk more about his job – ask him questions and let him talk.  Take an active interest in his life.  Men love women who do this.  Be more interested in him than you are in anything else – and I promise you will have results.  First it will surprise him – but then he will be so flattered by it – and by the attention – that he will be putty in your hands 🙂

What are you waiting for???  Start dating your spouse today!!!

God Bless

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