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Depending On How You Look At It

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Twenty years ago I fell on some rocks at the ocean in California where we were living at the time.  As fate would have it – I broke my fall with my strong side – and my strong hand and arm.  My hand was  so painful by the next morning I couldn’t move it and had to go to the doctor – who rushed me into x-ray where the technicians move your already injured hand in twisted and contorted positions to get a proper ‘read’.  Ouch.  Anyway it was determined that a tiny bone was broken and they put me in a cast up to my elbow.  I had to wear the stupid thing for 6 weeks – and at the time Greg was pastoring a small church and I was the ONLY one to play piano.  Needless to say – we went acappella for all that time I was out of commission.  It was terribly pesky – I couldn’t write or anything – even eating was hard – I can’t do anything well with my left hand.

Several years ago I fell down some cement steps at our church – on a Sunday morning.  It was very embarrassing and painful too.  I ended up going to the doctor and found that I had broken my foot.  And as fate would have it – it was my right foot, which meant that I couldn’t drive a car – or push the sustain pedal down for the piano – not sure which was worse, being that I am a music teacher and accompany my voice students – it is part of what I do each day.  Driving – playing piano with the pedal – it was a toss-up.  And to add even more drama – Greg was doing some remodelling in our home at the time – putting wood stairs and railings to our 2 story entry way of our house – so during the time of my ‘infirmity’ there was NO RAILING for the stairs and I literally had to hug the wall coming down from the bedroom to the first floor of our home every time I went back and forth.  It must have looked HILARIOUS to anyone watching.  I felt completely handicapped and miserable – didn’t think I’d ever have a normal foot again – and in fact when I would take the ‘boot’ off to shower or to sleep – I was so glad to put in back on again – as I would have the protection – and was afraid of being injured again – my foot was SO tender.

While I was in this injured state – Greg drove me to the grocery store one day.  We parked the car and Greg came around to get me and walk me in.   There was a cross-walk directing in front of one of the entrances and we needed to wait for the cars – or have them wait for us – whichever was the case at the time.  When it was clear we started across very slowly. A car that was stopped and now waiting for us to get safely across – and this was now visible to my dear husband.  If you know my husband you know that he is the most gracious man in the world – does not have an enemy and always tries to do the right thing.  He is generous to a fault and would never want to inconvenience anyone.  And so this car having to ‘wait’ for us really bothered him – and he proceeded to drag me across the intersection.  Looking back – it must have been hilarious to onlookers.  But at the time – I was NOT amused.  After all folks – I was handicapped – and I thought to myself, ‘let them wait’!

It is different to each of us – depending on how you look at it.

And so it is with each of us on this journey – called life. Some are gracious – some are impatient – some let life pass them by – some wonder what happened.

I no longer have to wear that cast or boot and I’m glad that I am not ‘handicapped’ anymore.  At least in the obvious physical way – we all have our internal disabilities that no one sees.  The part that is just between us and God.  And those physical limitations are always going to be there – especially the older I get.  My shoulders, neck and back are not what they used to be and because I carry all my stress there – during a production week like this one – I struggle all week-long – not to feel handicapped – but to feel normal. Hmmm – what is normal?

But normal is relative too – depending on how you look at it. 😉


God Bless

All’s Well That Ends Well…

I am finally able to make music print.  Well not me personally – my computer actually is doing the work – with a little help from the printer.  I am just supervising the project.

It is AMAZING what happens when two components actually “make nice” and play together.  And they said it COULD NOT be done.  Well folks – I’m living proof that THEY – (whoever they are)  were WRONG.

We were beginning to think that my digital piano was FEMALE and my computer was MALE.  And in that – was the whole problem – lack of communication.  But I have since learned that this is silly – and even components – like men and women  can communicate – at least sometimes.

Yup – the right software – the right connection and mediator (the midi cord) and I was in business!

I wish relationship problems with people could  be solved so easily.  Just get the right program – get on the same page  – make the proper adjustments – allow for personality – add a heaping dose of common sense and lots of love –  lose the attitude – and self righteous judgmental spirit – and just simply FIX the issue – once and for all.  If only.

I find myself thinking, “How long Oh Lord”.  Because I am not patient by nature – it is terribly hard for me to wait it out.  But I have learned something – it is when things are hard and we go through rough patches – that’s when we really grow – and more importantly the deep work in our heart and lives becomes visible.

So I would NOT trade away my difficult moments – (and many more than just moments) because I know He is working in me to produce something through the pain – through the loss – through the struggle.  And I find myself smiling at the irony of life.  And at the timing of circumstances in my own life.  The choices I have made – the hand of God on my life even through those choices – and the people I still miss today.

Take heart my friend – if you are going through something today.  Know that something is being produced in your life and heart – and you are being prepared for something to come.  I absolutely believe that – with all of my heart.  Take a moment to smile and remember how valuable you are – and how much you are loved.

God Bless

A Clean Burn…

“A Clean Burn…with no residuals.”   Apollo 13

I found myself quoting that very famous line last night – after having a wicked headache last night (ruined my whole evening with Greg) and well into the wee hours.

My headache happened because of several things yesterday – I.E. trigger points –

1) We have a teenage son who was getting ready for homecoming with another teenage boy – in our house – lots of drama.

2) I have a digital piano and computer that REFUSE to talk to each other.  We even bought the components necessary to make this communication between the two species possible.  I think the piano is female and the computer is male – enough said.

3) I had a melt down at lunch time because of the above two items – everything came to a head – I felt OVERWHELMED and VERY over stimulated – oh you know – nothing’s really that bad – it just feels like it.  And there comes a point where you are either going to explode and HIT something (or somebody) or just do what always happens to me – CRY.  Yes that’s a bad thing to do when you are a chronic migraine and headache sufferer.

So FINALLY after much slamming of doors all afternoon – and little “emergencies” with the two boys about their outfits  and Ashlee coming over to charge her phone that went dead – and picture taking with Shawn and his girlfriend, Maddie – I finally got rid of the kids!!  Yay!!!  A quiet house 🙂

But with it quiet I was left alone to try to tackle the “project” again in my office.  And I use the term “try” very loosely – as I don’t seem to have a clue how to make the two components “friendly” and “make nice”.  Yeah right.  They both seemed to be mocking me.  Even got a “mediator” in the mix – a MIDI cable that was supposed to do the job.  At one point in the afternoon, Shawn managed (between all his drama) to at least get the computer to speak to the piano – but the piano REFUSES to speak to the computer – no matter what we do to coax it – and ask it “pretty please”.

It seemed a simple task.  It seemed like a logical task.  I was merely attempting to write a song for theater class and was trying to use all my fancy expensive equipment.  All I want to do is play a song on the keyboard – ask it very nicely to go talk to the computer – so that I can then print out the song on sheet music.  Sounds so easy.  But if two things won’t talk to each other – then it’s impossible – no matter what you do.  Sounds a little bit like life – but that’s for another day and another blog.

So…this is why I had a headache and was doped up on meds last night.  Not bad enough for a migraine pill – which are like GOLD because of how expensive they are – no just bad enough to wipe me out – send me to bed early with pills and an ice pack and ruin my evening.

When I woke up some hours later and felt NO PAIN – I couldn’t help but think of the phrase from “Apollo 13”  “A clean burn – with no residuals”  because that’s what it felt like – no pain residuals – YAY!!

That’s pretty much what happened – at least what I can remember.  Tomorrow we call someone that is an expert at my software program and try to figure out how we can gently persuade my piano to cooperate and communicate valuable information to my computer – and LOSE THE ATTITUDE ALREADY.  Yup – I think we can do it and I choose to remain positive 🙂

Have an awesome day free of communication problems 🙂

God Bless

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