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Heart Of A Hummingbird

Five things I learned today:

1. Never assume that you can pull/push/lift as much weight in the gym  as a previous person on the machine has.  What a SHOCK when first using the machine – if you don’t adjust.  (Those MEN!!!)

2. Never be intimidated by men in the gym.  They serve only to scare women into thinking they are wimpy.  And it works.

3. Never workout on the elliptical machine next to two men – even if one of those men is your husband.  It’s just wrong.

4. Never compare your heart rate to your neighbor’s.  My heart rate is a good 20 beats higher per minute than Greg’s is – and that’s just standing still.  On the elliptical – FORGET IT!

5. Never take your hands off the ‘heart sensor’ – or it will yell at you.  For me it is good to push past the ‘normal’ perimeters  of what is ‘safe’  or normal on the machine –  because my heart rate is always faster than normal.  And I’m okay with that.  I have to make the adjustments and be okay that I’m weird.

Greg tells me that I have the ‘heart of a hummingbird’ – and I guess that’s the way it is just going to have to be.  As long as I can have the ‘soul of an artist’ then all is well.

God Bless

I Have A Crush On My Personal Trainer

Yes it’s true.  I have a crush on my personal trainer.  He’s handsome and follows me around the gym.  He’s very attentive and seems to know just the right equipment and the right “weight” for me when doing my workout.  He’s patient and knowledgeable. Kind and funny too ♥  He’s also MARRIED.   It’s shocking!  But it’s okay.  He’s married to ME!!  ♥♥♥

Yes I’m lucky to have this strong handsome guy by my side doing a workout.  And I’ve learned that he’s actually pretty handy to have around when I can’t figure out how to work a piece of equipment – or put the proper amount of weight on it.  He even adjusts my positions for me so I won’t have to.  the women at “Curves”  NEVER  did this!  Who said that working out with just women was the only way to go?  I’m liking my guy to be with me while I struggle to try to get “in shape” and lose a few extra inches here and there.  Mostly here.  And I am determined to lose it!

I see him looking at me.  He can’t hide it – I see him smiling at me.  I’m not exactly in the best of shape yet – but He can’t fool me!  He is VERY charming – and such a sweet talker.  And it’s nice to know that I don’t have to look a certain way – or even be a certain way to impress him.  So I’d say it’s pretty mutual – and it’s also entirely applauded by everyone!  So…I guess it’s okay that he has a crush on me too ♥

I think I’ll keep him.  No one could ever have it as good.  And I don’t even have to pay him!  I get it all FOR FREE ♥

Hope everyone has an awesome day!  My wish is that everyone could have a personal trainer like me ♥  But I’m pretty sure he is just MY personal trainer – you’ll have to get your own ☺

God Bless

Getting In Shape LA Fitness Style

On Monday – Greg and I joined a gym.  It’s the first time for Greg – the second for me.  I belonged to “Curves” for 2 years – and then got bored as many do – when you do the same thing for that long.  Last year was a very stressful “new season” of our lives – which included my husband quitting his job after 13 years at the same church – and our daughter getting married.  We were just trying to make his “new business” get off the ground – and get our daughter married off – there was little time to really have a good and regular “workout” routine.  I am also a “fair weather” walker – and living in Seattle – well….you get the idea.  My husband had been very regular about his workouts on his treadmill – until it broke several months ago.  I hadn’t gone near the stupid thing since over a year ago falling off of it – yeah – it wasn’t pretty.  The thing ended up traumatizing me and I haven’t wanted anything to do with it since.

So….we really needed to get WITH IT!!!  And get back into the program.  There is a pretty new LA Fitness in our area – complete with all the “state of the art” equipment – a swimming pool – sauna – and my personal favorite – the HOT TUB!!!   Oh yes.  I plan to spend some time in that FOR SURE!!!  I am even going to take a Zumba class that my friend, Jackie leads.  My daughter and I will dance our way to fitness – if it KILLS US.  And for me – it probably will.

Today Greg and I went in and had a consult with a personal trainer (a most impressive young man who used to play for the Seahawks – until he was injured) who showed us how to use the equipment and what workouts would be the best for us – working weights on 3 different days a week and allowing muscle groups to rest in between – cardio everyday after weights.  He was very nice and VERY patient – I can assure you – it is difficult to show me anything – as I have a million questions and think everything and everyone is HILARIOUS!  But being as we cannot afford a personal trainer – wow are they EXPENSIVE!!! – we wanted to find out all we could FOR FREE and so he was kind enough to write down many things for us to try – and we will be taking all his suggestions to heart.

Greg and I plan to do this together.  There is NO WAY I’m going to the club by myself with all the interesting guys in there – and I’m not really all that comfortable with the whole “weight training” thing – it will be helpful to have my big handsome husband to look out for me – and the sleazy guys ☺If there are any.  I plan to use the elliptical – instead of the treadmill (for the above stated reason) for cardio – my daughter LOVES the bike – but I’m not sure it I will. There is a cycling class that apparently will kick your behind!  Not sure I’m ready for that ☺

It all seems a bit overwhelming – but I’m looking forward to trying it – and seeing the results too♥  The water aerobics seem fun too.  There was only one guy and about 40 women in the class this morning.  Greg says he thinks the guy will be back ☺

Have a great day!

God Bless

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