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You’re NOT The Boss Of Me

Greg and I are dog sitting for our pastor and friend this week.  I have never owned a dog so I wondered how it would work out – but it’s been amazing.  Macy is a very sweet – but very active beagle.

Yesterday we took her for a long walk down by the Cedar River.  In the car she was not always happy to be just in the back seat by herself – she would hop up on my lap and try to poke her face out my window!  So cute – but she’s a heavy dog!  She also did NOT like staying on the trail – but sniffed EVERYTHING and went wildly running with reckless abandon!!  Because she is VERY STRONG Greg held her leash – after she about pulled my arm out!  It was very interesting seeing how she interacted with other dogs on the trail – and how the other dogs did the same – no matter how well-trained they were.

After we got home – we were eating dinner on our back deck – with Macy tied up in the yard with a long lease.  The little Chihuahua’s next door are quite BOSSY and were barking their “orders” to Macy from their backyard.  Macy barked back.  It was as if she was saying, “You’re NOT the boss of me!”

When was the last time you went on an adventure – or watched someone’s animal for them – only to learn something about them that was interesting and new?

When was the last time you barked to someone, “You’re NOT the boss of me”?

Here’s a picture of Macy

Enjoy and God Bless


What’s Your Name Again?

Beatles, The - 28 - 1966 - Michelle

Image by Affendaddy via Flickr

I hate to admit this – but I can’t remember your name.  Actually – if I’m really honest about it – it has always been this way with me.  I don’t do it on purpose.  I know everyone loves the sound of their name spoken by another person.  I just don’t think that person will be me.  Sorry.  I like to think of it this way:  I have a lot of other ‘stuff’ floating around up here – so I cannot be saddled down with a lot of trivial information, like phone numbers and names.

I think it’s a hereditary trait – I really do.  My maternal grandmother could never remember any of her grandchildren’s names.  I was somewhere in the middle of the bunch – therefore most forgettable, I’m sure.  She would go down the list, ‘Phyllis, Cora, Wendy, Joanne, David – WHO ARE YOU???’  Yes – I was even called, ‘David’.  Nice.  My cousin Joanne recalls being referred to as, ‘Wendy, Cindy, Joanne’ for most of her life.

Well – now that I’m of a ‘certain age’ I can identify with my grandmother and know how hard she struggled with our names.  I have found myself calling after my children – getting it horribly wrong and wondering why I CAN’T REMEMBER THEIR NAMES!  And like Bill Cosby said of his own father, ‘You live here and I’ll find out your name!!’  *Sigh*  It is so true.  I have called, Shawn – ‘Greg’  –  and Greg – ‘Shawn’.  I have even called Ashlee both ‘Shawn’ and ‘Greg’ before her own name.  One time Ashlee looked right at me and said incredulously, ‘Did you just call me Greg?’   Uh…maybe.

We recently started attending a new church.  There are only about 50 people on a Sunday morning – and do you think I can remember everyone’s name?  Of course not.  It’s a HUGE struggle – I’ve never been good at face and name association.  You know the kind – try to find something that they remind you of – or repeat their name like three times during a conversation and you’ll be set!  Not me.  Even after that – I usually repeat their name WRONG.  Good grief.  One very friendly and understanding lady – who has forgiven me and is in fact in our small group doing life with us every week – was Michelle Oakes.  I could NOT remember her name – even after about 3 weeks!  How embarrassing.  Well she was really sweet and said to me – ‘just think of the Beatles song’ – and that did it for me!  I never forgot it after that.  I just think of the song.

What if there is NO SONG that goes with their name?  Oh my.  That can’t be good for me.  And what if they don’t look like anything that you can do a word association with?  Names are a funny thing.  And over time – everyone starts to look the same.  It’s really bad.  I have this horrible fear that someone from my past will walk up to me and say, ‘Hi!  Remember me?’  and I will have NO IDEA.  My only hope is that I will not look familiar to anyone either.  Or that they will just keep talking and I will eventually figure it out.  Oh my husband will come up to me and save me – and then I can introduce him by saying, ‘Oh have you met my husband, Greg?’  And then they will be FORCED to say their name.

We just finished reading, for the 10th time or so, ‘The truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable’ by the late Jaime Buckingham.  He told about a childhood friend from the mountains of North Carolina where he had spent his boyhood.  The boy’s name was Kenneth Sumi.  He said that being back in those hills was like reliving his past and reminded him of his old friend with red hair.   Even though it had been 50 years – every man with red hair reminded him of that boy.  And so every one that would approach him with red hair would invariably walk right into the ‘Well if it isn’t Kenneth Sumi!’ – it wasn’t of course – it never was.  But that’s what he could recall from his past and it wouldn’t let him go.

I’m afraid I do that too.  I see people from my past – and the way they looked back then – and then try to make it work for the people around me.  It is not based on anything real – only memories.  It’s a scary slippery slope of constant embarrassment.  I think of all the times I was sure of whom I was talking to – only to find out that I was completely wrong. And I dread someone saying, ‘You don’t remember me, do you?’    Uh – actually…..No.

Here’s to reality and things coming back to bite – BIG TIME!

What’s your name again?

God Bless

Two Years? Let’s Celebrate!

The logo of the blogging software WordPress.

Image via Wikipedia

Two years ago this month was my first blog article – and the beginning of a wonderful relationship and growing passion for writing.

In that amount of time I have come to appreciate those that have been in this crazy little corner of the world with me – our blog sites – and have made many new friends.  It’s sobering to note that had I not ventured out – taken a risk to open up and be truly authentic (at least as authentic as I feel appropriate) – I would not have met and developed those relationships – found a mutual love with these people, help and encouragement through the good, the bad – and the ugly.  Most of these people whom I speak of can be found on my blogroll down below.  Some I knew before – most I did not – and some I reconnected with because of blogging.

Those of you that are daily in my daily blogging life – contributing to a laugh, or a sigh – bringing clarity and humor to this crazy world – thank you. Let’s never be too busy to write a word of encouragement to each other – the writer knows how important that is – like no other.

I’ve learned a great many things over the last two years – have been daily inspired and encouraged by things I’ve read by all of you – and have found many topics to reflect on and write about myself.  Life is full of opportunities – if we just open up our eyes!  I look forward to many more anniversaries – writing and reflecting about my journey!

Thank you – to all of my readers! ♥  And if you’re a daily reader but never leave a comment – I want to encourage you – let me know that you’re reading and leave me a comment.  Your word may be just what I need to hear – or what someone else needs to hear – on that very day.  Our words are powerful – don’t hold them back.


God Bless

When Moles Attack

The Mole Returns

Image by programwitch via Flickr

Our backyard looks like a war zone.  Like someone took a shotgun and took random shots in our yard – kicking up dirt and leaving little holes in its wake.  However – if that had happened we very likely could find the nasty person – intent on wreaking havoc  for their own twisted pleasure.  Then we would smooth out our wounded and broken yard.  Reassured that our trouble was over.  But no.  It’s not that easy.  This is a MOLE issue.  And  Greg has declared – THIS IS WAR.

They are driven evil little creatures – bent on ripping apart our yard – bit by bit and taking delight in it.  They even work under cover of SNOW!  It’s amazing really.

Greg tried all the popular ‘cures’ for moles gone mad.  None of them worked…until – he heard about a sure cure – at least it’s worked in the past.  He goes out to the yard and much like the lead character in “Never cry wolf” – he drinks lots of water and then pees in the little holes – one by one.  It’s hilarious to watch and not for the easily squeamish of heart or stomach.  But in the past it has worked.  Very well.  He is stocking up on his liquid and planning his war attack for later today.  If I were a little mole – I wouldn’t like it ONE BIT.  Would you?

Watch out MOLES is all I can say.

And if you ever have trouble – try it Greg’s way.  🙂

Don’t Scratch!

A washing machine.

Image via Wikipedia

Greg and I love to read “The Truth Will Set You Free – But First It Will Make You Miserable” by the late Jaimie Buckingham.  It is full of humorous stories and irreverent humor from someone who has learned not only to laugh at the absurdities of life – but has also learned to laugh at himself.

In the first chapter entitled, ‘My Washing Machine has a demon’ – he talks about the ‘sock gobbling demon’ in his Ripmore – spitting out only one sock – after two had been put in the wash to begin with.  He continues to poke fun at the different denominations by referring to ‘the demon’ in his washing machine and how many don’t believe such a thing could be possible.  Church of God, Pentecostals, Primitive Baptists – they are all in there – and he makes fun of each one stating what each believes on the subject.  It is not meant to be serious at all – but those of us that have been in the ‘church world’ for very many years think it’s hysterical – and pretty accurate.

Do you have a ‘sock gobbling demon’ in your washing machine?  We do.  Many of my socks are ‘widowed’ and alone.  It is frustrating and makes me want to scream!!   I know you need to tie them together or put them in a mesh bag to keep them from separating in the wash cycle – but who wants to do that?  No – I guess I’d rather lose my socks than do things the ‘right’ way.

In one part of this chapter he talks about his cat, Mrs. Robinson – who prefers to scratch – rather than live in ‘legalistic bondage’ to a flee collar.  I guess I’m a little like that cat – who prefers to do things my own way sometimes – even when it isn’t the best way – and even when it takes a lot more time and energy to do so – but it is nice to scratch – and do my own thing. So I keep scratching.

How many of us are ‘scratchers’?  Preferring NOT to live under or in ‘bondage’ to barriers and rules – even if they are good for us.  Rules are restrictive – boundaries are just for kids, right?  Wrong.

Try doing ‘your own thing’ – for very long and you’ll see that there are very good reasons for boundaries and rules – set in place by God himself because he loves you and me so much.

So – Mrs. Robinson – put your flea collar on – and live under God’s protection for your life – and you will be blessed.


God Bless

Things That Go BOOM In The Night

A transmission substation increase the voltage...

Image via Wikipedia

Last night – Greg was working late in downtown Seattle and I was awakened by something.  It was 2:00am.  I looked around at the clock – thought, ‘it’s going to be another late one for Greg’ – and closed my eyes again.  Suddenly the room went completely black.  For a moment I didn’t know why – it was strange.  Nothing is ever completely dark in our bedroom – because we have a skylight – and the street lights outside always give a little glow – even the light on the digital alarm clock cast some light in the room – so this was odd.  I looked at the clock – and sure enough, thought to myself – ‘it’s a power outage‘.  Seconds later I saw what looked like lightning – 3 flashes and then followed by a very LOUD BOOM!  Again strange – it was a clear night – how could we have thunder and lightning?  Then it happened again – more flashes of ‘lightening’ and then another BOOM!

Shawn’s door opened at the end of our hallway – and I called to him – “Shawn – what was that?”  He came quickly down the hall into my room – totally ‘freaked out’.  He said, “I don’t know – Mom – the whole town is out of power”  – he walked to look out our window and in the distance saw some flashing red lights – adding to his horror.  I decided to have a little fun with him and said, “Shawn, I think it’s the end of the world – maybe that’s a UFO (har har, chuckle, chuckle)  To which he responded, “Mom – stop doing that!” I kept saying that there HAD to be an explanation for this – and wasn’t going to allow my imagination to get the better of me – or him.

Knowing it – and trying to figure it out was beyond any explanation I could offer – I’d never experienced something like this before and it was a little freaky.  I imagined something had blown up – some power lines – I thought maybe the ones right next to our house and the thought wasn’t  comforting to me at all.

Shawn said, “I’m calling Dad”  and proceeded to dial.  Dad can solve anything – and it’s comforting just to hear his voice in a crisis – and besides – I’m not so comforting – just wanted to make jokes about it – he needed some real assurance.  With Greg on the phone assuring Shawn it was probably a transformer – I think he felt better.  Nothing was ‘out’ in Seattle – so we assumed it was something close to home.  We grabbed the flashlight – it was SO black – and thought we’d take a look around the neighborhood – and walk to the power lines right next to our house.

As we were walking out – I heard the voice of our neighbor, Adam – speaking from the darkness – he said, “Is that you Greg?”  I told him who we were and that Greg was in Seattle working – no problem there – so this must just be our area.  We all agreed it was a little freaky – never happened here before.  In fact – when other homes lose power in storms – our neighborhood NEVER does!  I like to think we’re close to God up here on the hill in Fairwood – you decide.

I had a lovely talk and walk with my son in the middle of the night – and it sparked some interesting conversation.  A crisis – (or a perceived one) will often do this – and bring special bonding opportunities with your children.  It was a great experience – and one Shawn and I will always remember.

In about 15 minutes the power came back on.  Amazing.  It was told to me this morning by my friend, Eric – that there was an explosion and a fire at a substation – and some parts of the city were out for about an hour.  It’s nice to have friends like this in crisis – that are well-informed and seem to have a ‘pulse’ on everything that’s going on.  Where were you Eric last night – when we were all ‘freaking out”?  Maybe he was sound asleep?  Or out checking it out like we were?  Yes – I’m sure that was it 🙂

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  One thing’s for certain – I know how the animals feel when they are somehow ‘aware’ that a disaster is about to take place.  It was strange how I just ‘woke up’ for some unknown reason right before the blackout.  I might have been asleep and totally missed it – then wondered why Shawn was freaking out.  No  – it was better this way – I need a little preparation time – I need time in the middle of the night to think of something humorous to say 🙂

Have a great day!

God Bless

The Love Relationship


Image via Wikipedia

I was in the gym today with Greg when he said something that sparked a long humorous conversation.  He was trying to tell me something – I didn’t hear correctly – started to interject something totally different – and he stopped me and said, ‘You’re just not hearing me – you’re not hearing my heart‘  Oh brother.  I say ‘Oh brother’ because he is saying it with TONS of sarcasm in his voice – and a chuckle at my expense!!

This has been a part of our love relationship for years now.  The differences in us that make us laugh.  Greg making fun of women – (mainly me) and imitating  all the silly ‘girly’ phrases and things we women do.  It works for him – because he always manages to get some kind of reaction from me – and he likes that.  And I tease and poke fun at him – when he becomes too serious – or too stuffy – and it always makes him laugh.

Men love to make fun of women.  Case and Point:  The movie ‘Titanic” – where the old Rose is saying about her memory of Jack (the man she loved) – ‘he saved me in every way a woman can be saved’.  Greg loves to make fun at that movie – and especially cheesy lines like that.  His first response is – ‘You’ve GOT to be kidding, right’?  But I know what she meant by that line in the movie – women get it. Women understand these deep mysteries of feelings and emotions – and Men pretend they don’t. When probed – I have discovered that men really do get it – it’s just not ‘manly’ to admit it.

Now why is this?  Men have feelings and emotions – this is for certain – and no one can hurt a man like a woman can.  Remember the recent series “Men of a certain age”?   Actor Ray Romano tells his son about women, ‘they have many ways they can hurt us”.

So if this is true – and men feel the same feelings about love and other things that we do – why is it considered weak – or ‘girly’ to admit it?  Very few men will admit to crying at a sad movie – although I’ve seen both my husband and son do it – but not many others.  Most men are guarded when it comes to expressing those ‘touchy feely’ feelings.  And I believe it is drilled into them as little boys to be tough and not show emotion.  That somehow it weakens them to admit they struggle – or have fear – or are afraid – or feel helpless in the midst of love – or can be hurt enough to cry.  Remember the song in the 70’s by the group ’10cc’ where one of the lines is ‘Big boys don’t cry’?  How sad that men believe this – how sad that they are made to feel they must be like this.

It is interesting that when you know a man – really know him – he is not afraid to reveal some of that emotion.  But he must feel safe. And just because they don’t feel like they always can express emotions like a woman can – does not mean that they don’t have them.

I’ve been married to this man of mine for 29 years this Sunday – and one of the great things I’ve discovered is this:  we are different – but we are basically the same underneath all the layers.  Our emotions are basically the same – with different reactions to pain and hurt.  We both know what it feels like to be vulnerable and misunderstood – or to be used and tossed aside.  We both understand love and relationships – and have felt all sorts of emotions in relation to each other and in raising children.  We both can still make each other laugh – and we’re great friends – even through some of the rough patches that life has thrown at us.  And that’s so nice to know. ♥

He will continue to tease and make fun – I will continue to make him scratch his head in confusion – and make him laugh – it is our dance.  And so our journey continues – with its mysteries and lessons – and its laughter. It is our story – it is our love relationship.

Where’s Your Bucket?

Last week I went on an adventure with Greg to West Seattle.  He had to pick something up from a building supply place and then take it to a Starbucks store and fix the problem.  Greg ‘moonlights’ as a contractor for Starbucks and does random cleaning and light maintenance of several stores around the greater Seattle area – when he’s not doing a wedding or a funeral.

It was going to be just a routine ride – I was only along so he’d have some company.  We didn’t think we’d run into any traffic because we were going well before normal rush hour – and stayed off the main heavy traffic places.  It was going to be a pleasant – wonderful ride.


I had a headache.  Not a very bad one – not like the ones I used to get when I had those headaches.  By those – I mean the ultimate  ‘Granddaddy’ of all headaches – and I wrote an article on what mine are like – here it is:  “My Fear Button”.  This was not one of those. Just a little nagging thing – hurting above my right eyebrow – but not bad enough to keep me home.

We came to the first place to pick up what Greg needed to get – a building supply place.  He was gone for several minutes and my head really starting to hurt.  He got what he needed and we headed down the road – but as we continued along we soon found ourselves in some wicked traffic.  We had even taken an alternate route – knowing that one freeway had heavy construction on it.  It didn’t seem to matter – everyone in the city was taking our little ‘short cut’ to another way around it.

Soon I knew that this was no ordinary headache.  I was starting to feel sick to my stomach too.  This was bad.  Very bad. I was soon envisioning another episode in the truck – involving a ‘hurling’ and my husband being humiliated.  I asked if we had a bucket in the truck – and Greg  (by now was a little panicky) quickly looked around and said – “No!  No bucket – you will just have to wait”  Easy for him to say.  I remembered that my “Cindy Box” was in the truck – (those of you who follow my blog know about my ‘box’ – those who do not – can click on “Cindy Box” and read up on it).  Of course it was filled with all my necessary products – I need them.  No ‘male’ operated  truck that carries a ‘female’ should be without these products – it’s really easier on the relationship and marriage.  I said, “Greg – can you reach my “Cindy Box”?”  I saw his eyes grow large with alarm as he said, “It’s full – you can’t use that!”

It reminded me of when Bill Cosby’s wife was going into labor and she started to have painful contractions in the car and Bill said, “No dear – WAIT!!!  I’ll pull over – not in the car dear – NOT IN THE FERRARI!

It wasn’t very funny at the time – especially when Greg told me I’d have to hang on until the next exit.  I’m like, “It doesn’t work that way Greg!”  But hang on I did – and when we finally got off the freeway – I was white as a sheet working very hard to think about ‘puppies’ and ‘snowflakes’ and ‘teddy bears’ – anything but food and throwing up!!  Greg pulled up next to an office building and quickly jumped out – scooped up my ‘box’ and emptied it so I would have a container for the rest of the ride.  Smart man.  He knows too well that I have used a container and I probably will again.  After getting out and getting some fresh air – I felt well enough to jump back in for the rest of the painfully slow ride to the Starbucks.

After arriving  – a hot cup of coffee (caffeine is very good for headaches) and time out of the vehicle really felt good!  I was not headache free – but at least it was manageable.  I have found that my headaches and stomach aches  run together – almost indistinguishable at times.  Once the pain has gone on too long in the head – the stomach reacts.  It’s a given.

Well I’m thankful to report – I did not have to disgrace my “Cindy Box” in any way – and humiliate my sensitive and easily embarrassed sweet husband.  The ‘items’ of necessity are all safety back in place – and I was told today that the ‘bucket’ is back in the truck.  Hmmmm.  I wonder why?

Take care and God Bless

Bill Cosby At His finest!

I came across this video today as I was browsing through blogs – and you HAVE to watch this – it will tickle your funny bone!! I LOVE people from the south!!

As The Time Draws Near…

As I am now in ‘mid-life’ with a BIG birthday looming before me in less than a year – it has caused me to reflect and reevaluate my thinking on several things.  And though some fundamental things never change – faith in God – the right way to react when things go sideways – keeping a ‘cool’ head when  suffering verbal and emotional abuse from those close to me – keeping my faith when things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would – then I know I am on the right road.  And somehow by the grace of God – I have the strength of character to love and forgive.

I am blessed – by a great heritage and strong husband.  I also have wonderful friendships in my life – who understand me, know me and choose to love me anyway.  With friends – you know they don’t have to – they do it because they want to – that’s the power of a good friend.  But these things alone – do not define me – or must not stop me from growing and reaching out to others – being the best at what I can be – loving and encouraging – living by example and taking responsibility for my own happiness and choices along the way.

We spend a lot of time with good friends – yes it takes EFFORT!  And can be very exhausting!  But it is worth the investment!!

Connecting with these good friends is important – and worth the effort.   I find this is true especially as I get older – the ones in my peer group are the ones that will be doing life with me as I age – and graduate into my retirement years – many of them we will live close enough to see often – others we will stay connected to over the internet – sharing life, pictures of kids and grand-kids and sharing myself – encouraging and loving.  Parents that raised me will not always be with me – on either side of the family – and they belong to another generation and time – my children are not going to be always with me either – they are only on loan and belong to their own time and need their own people as well.  My grand-kids will come and go in and out of my life – and have their own life – It is normal – and it is healthy.  And I am prepared for this and wouldn’t want it any other way.  My family does not fulfill me or define me – my kids do not define me or own me and I do not own them – my happiness and self-worth comes from God alone – and when I am filled up – I can be a blessing to others – with no guilt and no expectations.  I can just be free to share my life and love with others.

It is tough as people become older to do this.  The world tends to ‘shrink’ – and become all about the children and grandchildren.  And although this is normal for most families  – I want to carry with me a ‘healthy’ position in my own family and have my own children view me as ‘friend’ and not just ‘Mom’ as time marches on.  It is important to me that my kids and grandchildren know that I will not give advice  (unless asked) – or judge them in any way – once they are grown up.  But be full of love and acceptance – with my doors and arms always open – when they need them.  I want them to have their own lives and be productive and happy.  Many older people do not have any friends their own age.  It takes too much effort – family is easier and safe.  Greg and I are going to change this trend for our generation – and as we age we plan to take MANY people with us – if not physically – then we will take them in our hearts!  We will be that couple in a retirement community – playing golf with others and getting together for coffee and dinner many nights out of the week.  We will share ourselves and take walks down by the water and talk about life, our kids and grand-kids and the things that brought us to where we are today.  And we will finish smiling and laughing – surrounded by those people most important to us.

I have a picture in my mind what it will be like to enter into those years – full and happy – secure in my relationships and loved for who I am.  Things that have troubled me – or complicated situations in family, or past friendships will not matter anymore.  I will go out smiling and laughing – and ‘finishing strong’ – with no regrets.

What is holding you back today – moving forward towards the future – from ‘finishing strong’?  Who are you going to take with you?  Who are you going to invest in?  Will others around you be able to say, “They were loved and had many friends”?  I hope so – for those who have many friends are rich indeed!

God Bless

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