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A Clean Burn…

“A Clean Burn…with no residuals.”   Apollo 13

I found myself quoting that very famous line last night – after having a wicked headache last night (ruined my whole evening with Greg) and well into the wee hours.

My headache happened because of several things yesterday – I.E. trigger points –

1) We have a teenage son who was getting ready for homecoming with another teenage boy – in our house – lots of drama.

2) I have a digital piano and computer that REFUSE to talk to each other.  We even bought the components necessary to make this communication between the two species possible.  I think the piano is female and the computer is male – enough said.

3) I had a melt down at lunch time because of the above two items – everything came to a head – I felt OVERWHELMED and VERY over stimulated – oh you know – nothing’s really that bad – it just feels like it.  And there comes a point where you are either going to explode and HIT something (or somebody) or just do what always happens to me – CRY.  Yes that’s a bad thing to do when you are a chronic migraine and headache sufferer.

So FINALLY after much slamming of doors all afternoon – and little “emergencies” with the two boys about their outfits  and Ashlee coming over to charge her phone that went dead – and picture taking with Shawn and his girlfriend, Maddie – I finally got rid of the kids!!  Yay!!!  A quiet house 🙂

But with it quiet I was left alone to try to tackle the “project” again in my office.  And I use the term “try” very loosely – as I don’t seem to have a clue how to make the two components “friendly” and “make nice”.  Yeah right.  They both seemed to be mocking me.  Even got a “mediator” in the mix – a MIDI cable that was supposed to do the job.  At one point in the afternoon, Shawn managed (between all his drama) to at least get the computer to speak to the piano – but the piano REFUSES to speak to the computer – no matter what we do to coax it – and ask it “pretty please”.

It seemed a simple task.  It seemed like a logical task.  I was merely attempting to write a song for theater class and was trying to use all my fancy expensive equipment.  All I want to do is play a song on the keyboard – ask it very nicely to go talk to the computer – so that I can then print out the song on sheet music.  Sounds so easy.  But if two things won’t talk to each other – then it’s impossible – no matter what you do.  Sounds a little bit like life – but that’s for another day and another blog.

So…this is why I had a headache and was doped up on meds last night.  Not bad enough for a migraine pill – which are like GOLD because of how expensive they are – no just bad enough to wipe me out – send me to bed early with pills and an ice pack and ruin my evening.

When I woke up some hours later and felt NO PAIN – I couldn’t help but think of the phrase from “Apollo 13”  “A clean burn – with no residuals”  because that’s what it felt like – no pain residuals – YAY!!

That’s pretty much what happened – at least what I can remember.  Tomorrow we call someone that is an expert at my software program and try to figure out how we can gently persuade my piano to cooperate and communicate valuable information to my computer – and LOSE THE ATTITUDE ALREADY.  Yup – I think we can do it and I choose to remain positive 🙂

Have an awesome day free of communication problems 🙂

God Bless


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