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Eye Candy

Well it’s finally come to this.  Our bodies are starting to betray us.  At our age – it is nice to be able to still laugh about things not working as quickly or as well as they used to.  But our eyes – please NOT our eyes.  Our vision has been reduced to objects that are too blurry close up – so we must back them away – and objects in the distance that are too blurry because we don’t have our glasses on.    I wear glasses to drive and watch TV only – no contacts for me – at least I have resisted them thus far.  But it used to be that I could still read even with my glasses on for distance.  Not so anymore.  If I am watching TV and need to change the channel on the remote or play scrabble on my iPhone – I have to put my glasses on the tip of my nose (like an old person) and look above them to see close up.  In the car if I’m wearing my prescription sun glasses – it’s the same thing if I’m emailing or texting someone on my iPhone.  It’s very annoying and  I just know the eye doctor is going to tell me that I need bifocals next!  Do I really need bifocals to kiss my husband?  I mean to really see him?  He’s so blurry up close now.  Greg has the same problem – except worse and I’m sure I am ALWAYS blurry to him up close.  He can’t even see close up without his contacts – and forget about seeing distance!  He’s blind as a bat!  So either way – he’s doomed to get bifocals too. Don’t bifocals mean you’re officially old?  I don’t feel old.

It’s pretty funny asking him to do anything up close while he still has his contacts in – he simply can’t see anything.  No remote buttons – no iPhone email or text – it’s all a blur.  So many times I have laughed at him trying to adjust something or seen him on “all fours” trying hard to grab the right button on the DVR or surround sound system – only to have him muttering under his breath that he CAN’T read anything!!!!

But all is not lost – and he still has his wonderful teasing sense of humor – which if ever lost – would be a tragedy.  I was riding home with him from theater class today and I looked over at him and smiled – saying, “You look really nice today” and he replied, “Just think of me as “Eye Candy”  And that made me laugh right out loud!

Wouldn’t you love to think of yourself as someone’s “eye candy” today?  It’s nice to know that I don’t have to look very far to find one in my home – even if he IS a bit blurry now – close up, that is 😉  And if I ever forget that he is – he is right there reminding me!

Have an awesome evening!

God Bless


Today was one of those rare beautiful days in Seattle – and a moment in time when all is “right with the world”.  At least mostly.

Pastor Greg spoke on “change” in the service this morning at the church we now attend in Enumclaw.  It was really beautiful – and echoed what I myself have been feeling in my spirit now for over a year.

Change is hard because I like to stay where I am – it is more comfortable and I like it that way.  Change means a “pulling away” from the familiar.  Change means being willing to “grow” and be “adaptable” to the new things around me.  Change means saying “goodbye” to what I don’t want to.  And means doing things I would normally never do.  It can also mean allowing someone into my world that has hurt me –  or forgiving those I thought I already had – and setting them free from any debt they owe me.

As I pondered these thoughts from this morning – something really hit home to me and was like an “Ah ha” moment.  I don’t think it was necessarily anything in particular that our pastor said – but something was stirring in my spirit.  I have been on a journey of “change” – and a “new season” in my life for over a year now – and things are making more sense to me than ever before.  Things are becoming clear to me in a way they never have before.  I felt a couple of tears spill down my cheeks as I sat there in the stillness of that moment.  I realized something:  I am enjoying life.  Really enjoying it – to the fullest.  Moving past a difficult time – finding love in a new way – waving goodbye to the past.  All of this is good.  Mostly.

But there will always be things I can’t understand.  How things can seem to be “healed” and “right”  one moment and the next – be completely silent, awkward and “wrong” again.  I will never understand why people run and hide – instead of facing things in the right way.  I will never understand how God can forgive me – and I can believe that I have forgiven my brother and yet others cannot seem to forgive me.  And I will never understand how people cannot seem to forgive themselves.

And so when I say that life is good – it does not mean I still do not have questions.  I wish and pray with all my heart that someday I will have an answer to these and many more.

As I drove to Seattle today with Greg after church and saw Mt. Rainier in all its beauty and splendor – I was awed and moved once again.  One of God’s great gifts to me in tangible form – a beautiful day that will bring tears to my eyes every time.  And reminds me…God is good – all the time.  Like a kiss from heaven – He is making life beautiful for me – working behind the scenes of my life.  And if He takes that much trouble to create a magnificent backdrop for me to just enjoy  – like Mt. Rainier – how much more does  He also care about my unanswered questions and struggles?  Much, much more!    He understands the things that drive me crazy!  He gets me – even when I don’t sometimes “get” myself and He understands why I do the things that I do.  Even when I don’t.  He is not afraid of my questions.  He understands my emotions and tears.  He knows why I still have a “heaviness” in my spirit that I am trying to leave behind me.  He knows about the unspoken events and hidden brokenness.  And He  is still there – working through all the “changes” in life that surround me.

Even when I have a rare day of beauty – and all is “right in my world”  Even when things in life are good.  At least mostly.

No Chocolate?

Yesterday Greg (wanting to make Valentine’s Day a perfect day) took me to See’s Candy Shop at Kent Station to get my favorite chocolate – the butterscotch square.  We arrived and stood in a LONG line – and I quickly glanced around and nervously listened in on conversations the others were having with the sales people behind the glass case.  And what I was hearing was horrifying!  They were actually “selling out” of many kinds of chocolates due to the “rush” for men from our area buying the PERFECT box of chocolate for their sweetie.  Well it’s amazing what happens when you have your heart set on a certain kind – and then slowly find out that it’s GONE!  I guess I’m not the only one who likes that kind.  It’s pretty wonderful – and next to the chocolate caramel bar at “Harry and David” – there is simply nothing like it.  So I quickly had to change my mind and choose something else – but my heart wasn’t in it.  No toffee nut crunch or mocha creme would make up for the lack of the butterscotch squares.  And what was worse – I did actually choose something really similar to it – and they only had it in dark chocolate.  I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate – so I was a most unhappy camper.  I smiled sweetly and decided to accept my fate – going home without my favorite – even though I had chosen a few others that were close – but not near close enough – and the nice lady put them in the bag for us – added up our total and then when Greg was paying her – she opened her secret little stash of “samples” in a drawer next to the cash register and in it was a “butterscotch square”!  She put one in the bag and smiled at me – and she became my “new” best friend ☺Now was that important?  You may even say it’s silly and unnecessary.  But it was important to me – and her kindness made my day.

This reminds me of God’s love for me.  Something may be very disappointing to me – oh it’s pretty small – like the chocolate – but it does not seem small to me – and God who sees and hears everything and is familiar with my hurting heart – brings something or someone in my life journey to encourage or to say just the right thing to me.  A reminder that He knows me.  He loves me.  He cares for me – even the hurts and slights from others.  He knows about even the smallest rejection and feels my pain and somehow – in some wonderful way that only He can – He surprises me with a sweet gift – a kiss of love – a much needed hug for a weary traveler – from my loving heavenly father.  To encourage me.  And lift my spirits. So incredibly sweet.  Like a butterscotch square. ♥

God Bless

My Love List

There is an excellent book called “The Love List” by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott that has a list of wonderful things for marriages.  In it they have things that couple should do once a day – once a week – once a month and once a year.  I thought I would take this list and add a few of my own personal favortes to it.  Enjoy!

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

E.E. Cummings

Once a day:

1. Find something that makes both of you laugh.  Humor has become the foundation of our  marriage – even in the rough patches.  Humor can relieve the tension – and even take the focus off of the negative and prevent us from being too self absorbed and selfish.  Those that are the healthiest laugh often and can even laugh at themselves.

2. Take time to touch.  Even if it is just a caress on the arm or hand – and kiss on the cheek  – it is still some physical contact that says much.  I am a “huggy” person – so physical touch is never hard for me.  If you don’t tend to be too physical – it may be just what your partner wants and needs – just a little squeeze for reassurance can mean so much.  Learn to be a FLIRT!!  It does wonders, that’s all I can say!

3.  Say something nice.  We can live off a good compliment for days – sometimes even weeks!  A kind word of encouragement is so endearing – especially from one you love.  This will boost their self esteem level and help them to be more positive and productive.  Our words are so powerful.

The development of a really good marriage is not a natural process.  It is an achievement.

David and Vera Mace

Once a week:

1. Have a date night.  More often than once a week if you can manage it.  It isn’t always possible at different seasons of your life – especially with young children, as that can get expensive – but budget for it – it is time and money well spent!  We are in a season of our lives where we have been dating much more often than once a week and it has changed and rejuvinated our marriage.

2. Plan to do active things together.  Maybe you both could take up golf or join a gym together.  Greg and I love to play golf – we played it before we had any children and we began to get back to playing it a couple of years ago – we need to do it more often!  It’s fun to play together!  Maybe just getting out for an after dinner stroll – or driving to a scenic place and doing some hiking and have lunch together.  All good stuff.

Spending recreational time with his wife is second only to sex for the typical husband.

Willard F. Harley Jr.

Once a month:

1. Plan your schedules together.  Find out what is happening during what days – what times are going to work for “dates” and when you’re going to be especially busy.  We do this now – sometimes even doing this on a weekly basis so we know how to plan – the schedule gets trickier when you are both self employed!

2. Take inventory of the previous month.  What worked?  What didn’t?  Talk about it – and make a conscious effort to spend more time to put the priority of you marriage at the top of the list.  Greg and I have literally spent hundreds of hours talking over the last year to make our marriage better.

3. Stay connected during the week physically and emotionally.  Be in tune to the other ones needs.  Greg has learned that I need emotional connection.  I need it all the time.  It has not been easy for him to stay alert and in tune – but he decided that it was worth it – and he says it’s been like going back to school and getting his degree in understanding me.  What a high compliment to me!  That he thought I was worth it.  That he would relearn some things that he had not been doing all through our marriage – that led to some misunderstanding and problems.  It was hard work – but he was determined!  Physical connection has been a bonus because of the hard emotional work.  We’ve become like a couple of teenagers – and I wouldn’t trade that away for anything in the world!  So worth it.  Talk A LOT!!!   Get really honest and authentic.  Do it.  It’s worth it – not always easy – but worth it.

Thrills come at the beginning and do not last…Let the thrill go and you will find you are living in a world of new thrills.

C.S. Lewis

Once a year:

Have a real vacation get away.  We try to do “mini” trips throughout the year – but once a year you should really go somewhere new and have a real “change”.  Plan for it in advance – put it on the calendar and then DO IT.  We like to go on cruises – we plan about a year and a half out – book it – put a deposit on it and then save for it throughout the year and a half.  We have been all over the place because we have not only talked about it – but we’ve been ON PURPOSE about going.  If you never plan for it – you will never do it.  This is our special “alone” time – just the two of us and it is not easy for us to share those times with others.

2. Don’t be afraid of change.  Change is the constant in this world and we must embrace it.  If we settle just for the “same old, same old” – that is what kind of marriage you will have.  You must stay current and be willing to listen more and talk less – truly make the necessary adjustments for our partner.  If we truly love and want to be loved back – you must resist the tempatation to take them for granted and think, “they already know how I feel”.  As time goes by it is even more important to do things for your partner to let them know that they are first priority.  If you do not do this – it can be like “death” to a marriage.  Ask your partner what you can do to be “better”.  And then really listen.  Make the decision that they are worth it to you.  Woman need emotional connection and a smart man will fill that need for her.  Men need physical love and admiration.  A smart woman will fill that need.  No one wants to be accused of not doing the best thing for the one they love.  Marriage problems begin because people stop doing these things.  They don’t pay attention anymore.  Don’t be that person.

Chains do not hold a marriage together.  It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.

Simone Signoret

Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine’s week as you embrace a “Love List” of your very own.

God Bless

What is Your Fragrance?

I love perfume – for years I couldn’t wear it – because I was involved in music ministry – choir and worship team – and so many are allergic to ANY fragrance – those of us that are not – simply had to “give it up” and defer to our allergy prone counterparts.

Now I can wear it to my hearts content ♥  I love the newest Juicy Couture – got it last Christmas from my amazing and thoughtful husband.  Everywhere I go – people young and old comment on how I smell – in a good way ☺

Today I was reading my good friend, Ron Almberg’s blog – and he was talking about a “kiss” – different types and what it means.  Here is his great article:

It really got me thinking.  First – what is a kiss?  Then what impression does it give?  What does it symbolize from deep down inside us?  What is the fragrance we are giving off?

I would love to think that everything that I do – is an outward expression of what is going on inside of me – my fragrance.  But sadly – I fall short.  Sometimes my scent is not so sweet – bound up by unforgiveness and pride – the impression in which I give off – may be somewhat dark and mystical – there also may sometimes be a spicy defiance – and a melancholy sadness that is overpowering at times.

I want my fragrance to be sweet – compelling – inspiring and encouraging.  I want for others to see Jesus in me and smell His fragrance on my life.  I want to point others to the truth – just simply by the way I live.  But like you – I often fall short – and others do not comprehend Him – when there is too much of a “me” fragrance in the way.

When you give a kiss – does it display what’s going on inside of you?  Is your self expression one of beauty, grace and a sweet aroma?  Do you represent the Saviour in everything you say and do?

If you are like me – you long to do this.  To just get yourself out of the way.  To point the way – so that others may know….

Ron – this song is for you – it is my husband’s idea – as he thought it should have been posted on your great article today – but – since you did not – here you go ☺  Enjoy and God Bless!

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