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Seasons Of Love

Cover of "A Season of Love (Picture Psalm...

Cover of A Season of Love (Picture Psalms)

God created love. Love is a divine attribute, or characteristic, of God. The essence of God’s nature, and of a godly nature, is love. Love is more than a feeling. The love of God is a way of being.        1 John 4:7

I’m loving this season that I am in.

Greg and I are building relationships with people in our small church and our small group  in particular.  How wonderful it is to discover what happens when people find themselves colliding on a  journey – and you link arms and say, “Let’s do life together”  It is what the church is all about.  People.  Relationships.  Love.  And so we have in fact ‘linked arms’ and meet together to discuss our pastor’s messages from the Sunday morning before.  It is a refreshing and sweet time.  A season of love.

I am also discovering new blogging buddies and finding words of encouragement and camaraderie from people who have been through similar situations along this journey that I am on – and it’s a wonderful ‘God thing’ that they have been placed in my path.  Their transparency and honest approach to past failure and situations in the church – puts me to shame – as I feel I have had to be careful what I say and what I reveal, even though I too have tried to express my heart clearly and without apology.  These individuals have been a daily encouragement to me and through this wonderful gift of writing – we are discovering that we are not alone – and that God has wonderfully brought us together to share, relate and validate.  It is a season of love.

And then there are the things that are not so well – a family situation that can have no happy ending.  But again – it is an opportunity to see just how God is going to work on our behalf – working behind the scenes to bring about restoration, reconciliation and forgiveness.  He is big on all three of these – and it is exciting to know that He will always be a God that draws us to His very heart – a heart of grace and mercy.  He is always interested in our heart when we deal with difficult situations – and so even in difficult situations – we attempt to keep things right in our own hearts – and not allow bitterness or pride to hinder us from seeing the truth – and we pray that for others as well.  It is an opportunity for God to truly speak and an opportunity to build character and integrity.  It is a remarkable season of love.

I am praying for each one of my readers today – that you will allow whatever situation you find yourself in right now – to be an opportunity for that ‘season of love’ in your own life.  May the love of Jesus be your focal point as you look out on the things that are happening all around you.  And as you focus on that love – I pray something will happen in your own heart and life – a change from within.  May it give you clear perspective as you love others in your world that desperately need it today.

Below is the song from the musical “Rent” – great song about love.  This link will take you to another screen.  Click on ‘view on youtube’ to see and hear the song.  It’s a great one!

Enjoy and God Bless

Doing Life

Secret moments

Today was spent with our amazing small group from our church watching the Super Bowl together and eating amazing food!  All of us in this LifeGroup are  very different people from different life experiences and situations but we  are all on a similar life journey.  It is humbling to know that we may never have met if it had not been for a series of events that brought each of us to this place and time – right here – right now.  I’m in awe of God’s timing and placement of good strong people who will here for me in support and encouragement – as we all learn and grow together in this season of life.

As I look around at these people who are now ‘doing life’ with me – sharing stories, laughter and jokes – it is that ‘oneness’ that we all feel and that will hold us together. – through the good easy times – and through the not so easy times.  And we’re finding new surprises as we discover that we have more in common with these people than we ever thought we did.

Here’s to growing together – becoming more transparent, authentic with each other and in our walk with God – As we allow each other and God to sharpen us – and grow us up – to become more like Him.  That’s what life is all about.  Loving God and loving each other.

Below is one of my favorite songs originally sung by the Moody Blues in the 70’s – and David Lanz has made a beautiful piano solo which I just LOVE!  Enjoy!


God Bless


Finding The Church In People

[Hitterdals Church, Telemarken (i.e, Telemark)...

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

My husband and I have been involved in full-time ministry for 25 years.  We have spent the majority of our married life (30 years in September) wrapped up in ‘the church’ on a staff of some kind – small churches and large.

Some church structures were very modest and simple – others were big and elaborate.

Last night we were reflecting on this subject in our small group.  Some of us grew up thinking that ‘the church’ was a building – a sanctuary that looked a certain way – where you came on Sunday and met with other people to worship.  We believed that God dwelled there and this was where people went to meet with Him.  Some of us remember growing up in this ‘building’ called church.  Remember the emphasis put upon that building and even the years in striving to have a bigger better one in order to reach more people.

There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful building.  I love them!  But it’s when we lose sight of what’s really important and put all our energies into creating, maintaining and supporting a structure we may miss the real heart of what Christ intended for ‘the church’ to be all about.  It’s about people. It’s about relationship. We can forget to meet the needs of those that the church was created for – we can get it backwards if we’re not careful – where the church building becomes the emphasis instead of people.

We now belong to a small church that meets in a junior high building.  It is rolled in and set up before service and then torn down and rolled out – every week.  It is so surreal.  Years of building and striving – and then finding ourselves in a completely different set of circumstances – back to basics – keeping the main thing – the main thing.  And we have found that we did not really give anything up.  It’s not about the building – it is about the simplicity of people meeting together – building relationships and continuing to build them throughout the week – doing life and sharing our journey with others.  It is about making a difference, influencing others and living in such a way that they will be drawn to what we have – and who we are – without the frills and comforts of a ‘building’.  It is there in that simplicity that we have found that He has really spoken to us – and we have found ‘church’ again in the people who have poured their lives into something they believe in.

And if the truth be told – the ‘church’ is people – it’s not a building.  And it is a revelation for some of us to find that God still prefers to reveal Himself in ordinary, unassuming people – who are open as vessels that He can pour Himself through in order to bless others.  In fact – it’s mind blowing.

The ‘church’ is not a building – it is in fact…us.

What did you grow up thinking or believing?  Did you feel that God inhabited a building structure and that it was sacred ground?  Would you find it a shift in thinking to understand that God is not impressed with that – but that He wants your heart instead?  Do you believe that He inhabits the praises of His people and dwells there? If a building was stripped away from you – would you lose your identity?  Your reason for doing ‘church’?  Or is ‘the church’ really inside of who you are?  Does it dwell in you and others around you?  Would your relationship still be solid without those things and familiar surroundings you hold dear?  Would those around you know about your faith – even if you didn’t belong to a physical building structure?

You and I are instructed to be the church to those around us that are lost and dying.  We may be all they have to hang onto – their only glimpse into who the Father is and what He is saying.   They may never enter a church ‘building’  – but if they have a relationship with you – they will have been to church.  And they will see Christ –  building – or no building.

God Bless

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