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Adventures with Mrs. Frantic (Alias: Mrs. Grumpy)

My upper and lower wisdom teeth, just extracted.

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This Saturday our 19-year-old son is having his impacted wisdom teeth removed.  And because I’m a glutton for punishment and have unresolved memories of the past – I’m going with him.  I say this because when my husband and I were newlyweds and still attending Northwest University (the former Northwest College) Greg had his impacted wisdom teeth out – all four of them.   Now just WHY he didn’t have them out before college OR before we were married – is a mystery to me – along with other mysteries of the universe.  *sigh*

I remember it well – even though it was some 28 years ago.  Greg was done with all his finals for that semester and scheduled his appointment accordingly.  However, I still had two finals to take.  We thought – no problem – I can just study while I wait for him to have the procedure done.  We arrived early in the day and as soon as we got there – Greg was whisked away behind closed doors of the Oral Surgeon‘s office in Bellevue – just a few miles from where we lived.

Because the teeth (all four of them) were impacted – they had to put him under with a general anesthetic.  The actual procedure was pretty short – but the recovery was long.

It seemed like I was in that waiting room for a long time.  The longer it took the more I couldn’t concentrate anymore – and was feeling a little anxious.  After what seemed like hours – I finally heard someone from behind closed doors – ‘hiccuping‘ – VERY LOUDLY.  I remember thinking, ‘how rude’.  But it persisted – and a nurse finally came out and asked me to come back.

I followed the loud ‘hiccuping’ sounds to a recovery room – and there was my husband – sitting up and being VERY LOUD!  If you know Greg – he is a very soft-spoken, kind and gentle man – does NOT like to draw attention to himself AT ALL and would rather die than to be obnoxious IN PUBLIC.  And yet – here he was – my inebriated husband – like he had a ‘snoot-full’. And VERY pleased with himself!

Well, because I had NEVER seen my husband drunk – much less TAKE A DRINK – it was really quite amusing and horrifying at the same time!  I became quite frantic – as a nurse and myself tried to help Greg out to the car – now pulled around to a side door.  They had given him a little bag to hold in case – well YOU KNOW – and he used it – often – while walking to the car – and after getting in.

I must admit – it put me in a state of panic.  The medical staff didn’t even bat an eye – perfectly normal they told me.  Really? What’s normal – a drunk husband holding a bag on his lap?  What a sick world.

So I’m now ‘driving’ in my state of frantic/panic.  I somehow managed to get on the freeway – don’t know how and then forgot how to get home.  I should mention that we were house-sitting that week for a missionary lady in another part of Kirkland where we were living at the time.  I had never driven there before – Greg always drove.  I had NO IDEA how to get ‘home’.  So naturally I sailed right by the right exit.  As I did – Greg looked up from his drunken stupor – with his head in the bag and like the ‘ghost of Christmas future‘ – just pointed out the window as the exit quickly disappeared from sight.

Well I finally found a place to turn around and somehow got us home.  He was pretty bad for the next 24 hours or so – couldn’t hold down anything – it was bad.  I had to have my mother come ‘sit’ with him – so I could go take a couple of finals.  I have no memory of taking them – and one I barely passed. Lesson learned.

When we could take the vomiting and over-all ‘green’ completion NO more – I called the doctor – who at first thought that Greg may have picked up a flu bug.  But the more it persisted they started digging into family history – and discovered that Greg was allergic to the anesthetic given him – as he had a persistent battle when he was a child with motion sickness.  This explained everything to the doctor and to us too – we were really worried.  But as the medication ran through his body and wore off – he was fine.

So here I am again.  28 years later.  I’m not sure why I’m the one elected to go with our son this Saturday to do this all over again. I’m sure waiting in the waiting room while our son is whisked off behind closed doors is going to feel a little like deja’ vu.  And when he comes out of it – am I going to hear the same thing before I see him – like father – like son?  I am going to be the designated driver – because if he is going to be a drunk like his father after having the anesthetic – then I should be there.   Someone has to.  And I have a little experience with this.  Sure hope I can find my way home. 🙂

God Bless

Confessions Of A Post Garage Sale Queen

This last weekend my daughter and I had a garage sale at our home in the Pacific Northwest – where it is GORGEOUS and totally unpredictable, as far as the weather forecast goes.  Not that we were going to let that stop us – Oh NO – we were going to have our sale no matter what!  But the week leading into the sale I was starting to have serious second thoughts.  Although the weather for the ‘sale’ weekend was going to be low 80’s and nice – the week leading up to it was not just a little warm – it was record-breaking HOT!  There were a few days in a row that I simply couldn’t price or pull things for the sale any more – I would use up all my energy in the morning and then when it was really HOT I would be reduced to a mere shell of my former self.  I would get REALLY GRUMPY and say, “Why did I agree to do this again???”  Good grief.

Just a side-note, I have been trying to get rid of this ‘junk’ for years now – and would say to Greg every year that our community was having a yard sale – “you know…. we could have one too and clean out all that junk” and every year it was the same answer, “I hate garage sales”.  And so he still does.  It was only when our delightful daughter said to me, “I’ll have one with you” that we finally wore Greg down.  My confession:  I have wanted to clean out that garage for years – and finally I would have it cleaned out! Yay me!!!!  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell Greg.

The day finally came and we ‘unrolled’ our swollen garage with everything known to man – and all the things we had discarded over the seven years we have lived in this house.  The day was BEAUTIFUL and we had people swarming all over the place – even before we were completely set up.  Several very humorous things happened that day including some skinny guy wanting to buy my son-in-law’s rather LARGE shorts – and trying them on right there over his clothes – and then buying a pair of MY capris for himself to wear – it was extremely amusing and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that those were women’s pants – would you?  He seemed so thrilled to find them.  Hey – guys can wear capris too – just ask our friend Chuck!

Anyway – and so it went the whole day – the hotter and later in the day – the more humorous everything was.  I was especially amused at how people will ‘dicker’ over .50 cents – like it’s the principle of the thing at stake!  So funny.  I think the highlight for Ashlee was having someone pay her $5.00 in pennies, nickels and dimes for a brand new sushi set she was selling.  Good times.

Well as luck would have it – Greg had a wedding and had to leave before our first day was over – and Drew had a golf game – so Ashlee and I, hot and tired had to think of a way to carry/push/drag everything that we could fit back into the garage.  It was HILARIOUS – because we were trying to close up and they were still coming!!  Ashlee had to leave – and then I had to cover up the remaining items with a big tarp and just wait for Greg to come and help me arrange the garage so we could better fit the 3 large tables left in our driveway – back into the garage.  He came 3 hours later.  My Confession:  I really hate it when the men all LEAVE the cleanup and heavy lifting to us!!  Why do they always seem to go away just when you really need them? Oh I got over it – it was just exhausting by myself.

Needless to say – even though I sat in the shade and took money all day – and my lovely daughter ‘sunned’ herself beside me – guess who burned??  Me!!  I guess I was in the sun more than I thought.  And I seem to be the only one with bug bites ALL OVER my body.  It’s embarrassing to sit and scratch – but really – what can I do?  The bugs seem to LOVE me.  I can’t do anything about it – new ones show up on me everyday.  I look around me – no one else seems to be affected – WHAT’S THE DEAL?   I thought – maybe the sunscreen would help to keep them away from me – so the next day – even though it was a little cooler and overcast – I decided from the get go that I would smear myself up with sunscreen.   My Confession:  It DIDN’T help. Day two was not nearly as busy – people sleep in on Sunday and come later – so we had time to straighten and arrange this time – it was nice.  By the end of the day – we had people come and take a bunch of our stuff for free – we still had to box up the left overs and put tables away.  But we made a ‘decent’ profit – I guess.  What is ‘decent’ anyway?  My Confession:  It was way more trouble than it was worth – and unless you sell big-ticket items and the right people come by and buy them – you’re better off selling things on Craigslist and eBay. But it was an experience.  And fun to see and meet many different people – and our neighbors that live down the street that we don’t usually see.  And a former neighbor that we reconnected with.  Good times.  For this reason – everyone should have a garage sale – at least once in their lives – do it for the sheer joy of it.  Like me ☺

Learning to Laugh At Yourself

There is a test in our home to see if a “grumpy” one is past all sense of humor – and is no longer able to laugh at themselves.   It goes like this:

“Greg – are you a little grumpy“?  If he laughs then all is well.  If he doesn’t – I’m in trouble and have totally misinterpreted  his mood.  And it makes him even more grumpy – if you can imagine that!

We have used this simple little measuring stick for a “mood” over the years – He has used it on me and the kids too.  Usually we pass the “test” with flying colors – but there are moments that we all have where we’ve had an especially trying day and nothing is funny anymore – but those days are rare.  I am a rare one – I usually announce to my family when I’m having a bad day before they know anything is up.  I will say, “Okay – I’m really grumpy”  and that makes them laugh – and soon I’m not really that grumpy any more.

It is important to be able to laugh at yourself.  Sometimes people have a great sense of humor – can laugh at many of life’s absurdities and people in general – but then cannot laugh at themselves in a healthy way.  In other words – they take themselves too seriously and expect everyone else to do the same.  These people end up being marginalized and pushed to the “outer limits” where those in their world don’t have to engage with them too much – for fear of having everything they say – taken the wrong way – or having that person find a hidden meaning or “jab” with each conversation.

Those that can laugh – but also laugh at themselves are healthier – and have learned that life can be way too serious at times – but because there is so much to be thankful for – they don’t think they have all the answers even though they may be quite well-educated or well read.  They have learned the secret in life: surround yourself with positive people who can take a joke – can tease and be teased without offense and who have found a deeper joy that comes from healthy laughter and contentment with one’s self. Those that don’t need the approval of man – but who are free to be themselves – who only need to please God and have found others who accept them exactly the way they are.  This is the greatest joy of all.

I have friends like this in my life.  Friends who make me smile.  Friends who make me laugh.  My husband and children are like this.   They bring a smile to my face and help me not take myself too seriously.  They make me laugh at the silly absurd little every day things.  We are a healthy family – full of fun and laughter.  And though we are far from perfect and have our share of difficulties, and our children know we are flawed human beings on a journey – we DO have love and laughter in our home all the time.

I want to challenge you today – laugh a lot.  Have lots of fun, love and laughter in your home.  And most of all – learn to laugh at yourself.

God Bless

Mrs. Grumpy Is Easily Confused

So today I had the rare opportunity to actually drive MY OWN CAR for an appointment.  I have to secure MY OWN CAR in advance with my 18 year old son – who always has other “plans” for my vehicle.  And so I went through the proper procedure – allowing enough time for his 18 year old brain to make the necessary adjustments for leaving him abandoned and “carless” for the morning – (something I have learned to live with) and arranged for his father to take him to school – which left me TOTALLY FREE to celebrate my newly earned (and well deserved) little outing with MY OWN CAR.

So I happily got into my car – after checking with Greg to see if I actually had enough gas in the car – just a side note here – I DO NOT LIKE PUMPING MY OWN GAS.  And most of the time when I get the RARE opportunity to drive MY OWN CAR – it is usually on fumes when I take over.  Not fun.  Did I mention I DO NOT LIKE PUMPING MY OWN GAS?   Anyway – I digress.

Like I said – I got into the car – started to “bond” again with it – it’s such a happy little car and I’ve missed it so – leather seats and nice and comfortable – black and mellow – like me ♥  And found my CD’s and began to play one of my “mixes” and started down the road.  It is rare that I can find my CD’s EVER in the vehicle that is MY OWN CAR – but that’s another story – and today it was right where it should be.  But then I noticed that something was missing.  Something I had bought for MY OWN CAR.  It is my car charger.  It was gone.  I looked under the seats – in the glove box – in the middle console – in the side consoles – it was NO WHERE.

So after the appointment I came home and Greg and I were having lunch together when our darling 18 year old son walked in (he had to walk home from school – awww poor BABY!!)  and I remembered about the car charger.  He was rattling on and on about completing his senior project and how well he did and that it was a MAJOR stress off his shoulders – yada yada yada – when finally I said to him, “Shawn – enough about you – where is MY car charger?”  He looked blankly at me for just a second or two (men have the look down so well) and then said so matter of factly, “Oh, it’s in Connor’s car” as if saying that would settle the question once and for all.  And how ridiculous of me to wonder where it was!  Of course it would be in Connor’s car – why HOW SILLY OF ME!

Now at this point – and understand me completely when I say this:  I live with two men.  And they are VERY confusing at times – in fact it just doesn’t take too much to mess me up and I think they know this.  Just a “little push” and it could send me over – if you know what I mean.

Am I wrong for wanting own car charger in MY OWN CAR?  Is it unreasonable that it would be in MY OWN CAR and not Connor’s?  I ask you – am I completely insane???

So then Shawn who was already bored with the conversation – and having NO STRESS anymore – left the room.  I, however found that whatever stress level he had – was somehow shifted (in some cosmic mother and son way) to ME!!  Then my dear darling husband proceeded to point to the hallway where Shawn had just walked down and said, “Baby of the family” and then pointed at ME and said, “Baby of the family”  And I said, “so this is somehow MY FAULT???”  I guess because I am the “baby” of my family and gave birth to a “baby” of the family – I am somehow “guilty”.  Of  just what – I do not know.

All I wanted was MY OWN CAR and….my car charger.

That’s all I have to say.  This “baby” is not saying anything more.

Yes – I’m Grumpy – and Confused.

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