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People Watching

GotStyle - The Menswear Store

Image by davidcrow via Flickr

I have always been a ‘people watcher’.  If I go anywhere out of the house – I am most curious about what people are doing, acting like and saying – and nothing is more amusing to me then watching people at a crowded shopping mall or restaurant.   Especially Christmas time.  But because I can’t get my dear husband to step inside a mall at this time of year – if I go it is usually by myself or with my daughter.

The other day I got Greg really close –  K&G menswear not far from Southcenter mall.  They were having this ‘buy 1 get 2 free’ suit sale and EVERYONE was there.  It’s interesting to watch men shop for clothes – and painful to watch them look for a suit – especially if they are by themselves with no female unit along side.  Always quite amusing.

We finally found a couple of suits that would work for Greg (with some alteration) and he begrudgingly went to the men’s fitting room to try the pants on.  The tailor had a measuring tape around his neck and a clipboard in his hand – and there must have been 20 guys in the back by the fitting room – waiting their turn to stand up next to the mirror and have the tailor ‘fix’ and measure them.  So they would wait – with their new pants on and looking extremely uncomfortable standing there.  Like lost little rabbits – all in a line – very funny and GREAT people watching opportunity for me 🙂

How different women are when they shop.  We are much more private about it.  We would never (and I mean never) stand in a line of 20 other women waiting for a tailor to ‘nip and tuck’ us a little.  Nope – I can safely say that would NEVER happen.  Did I say never?  Women are very concerned about their shape, weight and how they appear in new clothes – and often won’t even venture out of the dressing room when trying something new on.  If it isn’t working – we would NEVER subject a room full of strangers to it.  Never.

So therefore I was highly amused at the ‘brave’ and ‘scared’ little rabbits all in a row – standing there because their girlfriend or wife made them.  Guilty as charged.

But Greg did get two new suits for his birthday/Christmas this year – and he didn’t need much alteration at all – and what a great deal we got!  Two suits for $150!  And they’re really nice too!

Here’s hoping you have a fun day of ‘people watching’ if you’re in to that and get much amusement from it.  Remember:  someone is watching you too – make it good 🙂


God Bless


Confessions Of A Post Garage Sale Queen

This last weekend my daughter and I had a garage sale at our home in the Pacific Northwest – where it is GORGEOUS and totally unpredictable, as far as the weather forecast goes.  Not that we were going to let that stop us – Oh NO – we were going to have our sale no matter what!  But the week leading into the sale I was starting to have serious second thoughts.  Although the weather for the ‘sale’ weekend was going to be low 80’s and nice – the week leading up to it was not just a little warm – it was record-breaking HOT!  There were a few days in a row that I simply couldn’t price or pull things for the sale any more – I would use up all my energy in the morning and then when it was really HOT I would be reduced to a mere shell of my former self.  I would get REALLY GRUMPY and say, “Why did I agree to do this again???”  Good grief.

Just a side-note, I have been trying to get rid of this ‘junk’ for years now – and would say to Greg every year that our community was having a yard sale – “you know…. we could have one too and clean out all that junk” and every year it was the same answer, “I hate garage sales”.  And so he still does.  It was only when our delightful daughter said to me, “I’ll have one with you” that we finally wore Greg down.  My confession:  I have wanted to clean out that garage for years – and finally I would have it cleaned out! Yay me!!!!  Shhhhh!  Don’t tell Greg.

The day finally came and we ‘unrolled’ our swollen garage with everything known to man – and all the things we had discarded over the seven years we have lived in this house.  The day was BEAUTIFUL and we had people swarming all over the place – even before we were completely set up.  Several very humorous things happened that day including some skinny guy wanting to buy my son-in-law’s rather LARGE shorts – and trying them on right there over his clothes – and then buying a pair of MY capris for himself to wear – it was extremely amusing and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that those were women’s pants – would you?  He seemed so thrilled to find them.  Hey – guys can wear capris too – just ask our friend Chuck!

Anyway – and so it went the whole day – the hotter and later in the day – the more humorous everything was.  I was especially amused at how people will ‘dicker’ over .50 cents – like it’s the principle of the thing at stake!  So funny.  I think the highlight for Ashlee was having someone pay her $5.00 in pennies, nickels and dimes for a brand new sushi set she was selling.  Good times.

Well as luck would have it – Greg had a wedding and had to leave before our first day was over – and Drew had a golf game – so Ashlee and I, hot and tired had to think of a way to carry/push/drag everything that we could fit back into the garage.  It was HILARIOUS – because we were trying to close up and they were still coming!!  Ashlee had to leave – and then I had to cover up the remaining items with a big tarp and just wait for Greg to come and help me arrange the garage so we could better fit the 3 large tables left in our driveway – back into the garage.  He came 3 hours later.  My Confession:  I really hate it when the men all LEAVE the cleanup and heavy lifting to us!!  Why do they always seem to go away just when you really need them? Oh I got over it – it was just exhausting by myself.

Needless to say – even though I sat in the shade and took money all day – and my lovely daughter ‘sunned’ herself beside me – guess who burned??  Me!!  I guess I was in the sun more than I thought.  And I seem to be the only one with bug bites ALL OVER my body.  It’s embarrassing to sit and scratch – but really – what can I do?  The bugs seem to LOVE me.  I can’t do anything about it – new ones show up on me everyday.  I look around me – no one else seems to be affected – WHAT’S THE DEAL?   I thought – maybe the sunscreen would help to keep them away from me – so the next day – even though it was a little cooler and overcast – I decided from the get go that I would smear myself up with sunscreen.   My Confession:  It DIDN’T help. Day two was not nearly as busy – people sleep in on Sunday and come later – so we had time to straighten and arrange this time – it was nice.  By the end of the day – we had people come and take a bunch of our stuff for free – we still had to box up the left overs and put tables away.  But we made a ‘decent’ profit – I guess.  What is ‘decent’ anyway?  My Confession:  It was way more trouble than it was worth – and unless you sell big-ticket items and the right people come by and buy them – you’re better off selling things on Craigslist and eBay. But it was an experience.  And fun to see and meet many different people – and our neighbors that live down the street that we don’t usually see.  And a former neighbor that we reconnected with.  Good times.  For this reason – everyone should have a garage sale – at least once in their lives – do it for the sheer joy of it.  Like me ☺

I Need A Silent Night…

Today we foolishly went to the “mall” trying to eat at the Cheesecake Factory on the same property.  It was ridiculous.  But what did we expect?  After all – 3 more shopping days until Christmas.  And we weren’t even going inside the mall – we just wanted one little parking space WAY far away from the doors – across the parking lot – for goodness sakes!!!  Greg says this is why he doesn’t EVER go near the mall in the month of December.  I’m starting to see why.

Ever want to just escape from it all?  Get back to simplicity – stop all the madness?

Below is a wonderful song that sums up how I feel about today.  Enjoy the beautiful song and pictures – as you try to have a “silent night” tonight ♥

God Bless

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