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Breaking Silence


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Living a ‘Christ led’ life has many challenges – and always has.  In the midst of these complications are people – different from ourselves that we are trying to do life with. Those that we take into our lives, learn to love – but often disagree with – then because of a cross word or other situation, we find ourselves removed from them.

The early church had a problem with forgiveness and superiority in general.  They learned to be critical of anyone different and felt justified in doing so. Jews felt superior to the Greek – Men felt superior to women – etc.  It is a very old song.  Grace, unity, forgiveness, justice, judgement.  Who should give it – and why?  Is anyone really qualified to do this?  Are you more spiritual than I am?  What makes you feel this way?  Should we ever forgive something unforgivable?  Why or why not?  Are there things that cannot be forgiven?

I would love to live in a place where being a Christian means that I actually can accept you just the way you are – not try to make you into something that will make  you acceptable.  Where I can forgive you just as easily as you can forgive me.  No matter what the problem was – bad behavior, inappropriate situation, or other messy circumstance.  I would love to not live in fear that  somewhere along the line – I will be judged by those who feel  they are better or more spiritual than I am.   Especially when I have blown it – or do not follow all the rules of conduct when it comes to accepting people into my life.  And especially when someone has hurt me – and I know I have hurt them – but I have chosen to forgive them and seek them out for reconciliation – because it’s the right thing to do.  When I was the one who was wrong.  But even when I wasn’t.

I am weary of those that would say that silence is best in some situations.  Really?

Silence holds hostage and punishes like a physical pain.

Hope and reconciliation are a part of God’s redemptive plan.  It is not weak to want to restore – and not naive to expect that it can happen.  Silence should never be a part of forgiveness – no matter what you may have been told.  Especially in those situations where true friendship lived and breathed.  Those that have a relationship with Jesus and have been forgiven much.  Those that have loved us and know that we still love them.

Make peace with those as long as it is in your power to do so.  Forgive and you will be forgiven.  Love in such a way that it will put other Christians to shame.  Do something crazy – let go of your pride and reputation – and actually start over – fresh and with a new purpose.  Not caring what others may say or how they may judge you.  While there is still life – there is hope.  And we are called to do this.  It is a “God moment”  – a Holy calling.

We need to be gracious in love – just like Jesus was gracious with us.  Today my friend Tony called it “Furious Love”.   And we all need a little of that, don’t we?

I am praying for you – that you would grab ahold of all that God has for you – that silence will be broken in your life – that you would have no fear in love.  With God – all things are possible and all things can be made new.  Forgive – break the silence and experience God’s “furious love” first-hand.

When was the last time you had someone turn away from you because of a misunderstanding or disagreement?  Has silence been a weapon and a barricade for not really forgiving and dealing with it?  Or were you able to  resolve it?   Are you still working on it?


God Bless



Yesterday Greg and I were standing in Lowe’s looking for patio cushions for the bench and chairs on our deck.  Most of them were pretty ugly and only 2 varieties for a ‘bench’ – one an icky orange and the other a disgusting green color.  While I was contemplating – the fire alarm went off.  It was SO LOUD!  What’s the deal with those, anyway??  And of course – they wouldn’t turn it off – no – you HAVE to wait for the fire department to come or something like that – so I’m standing in the middle of the aisle with my fingers in my ears saying, “won’t SOMEBODY turn that NOISE OFF!!”

Our world can be just as noisy.  We want to yell and scream, “TURN OFF THAT NOISE” to anyone who will listen – or to nobody at all.  With all the ‘voices’ in our head that compete for our time and attention – it is sometimes hard to turn them down – or off – and just have quiet.

I want to have a life of peace and quiet – I think we all do.  We get used to a certain stress level and after a while it seems ‘normal’ to us.  I want to get away – unplug and unwind – leave all the worries and stress behind – yes – run away from home sometimes.  But we can’t do that – so we deal with it.

My quiet and peace – is a choice. It always is.  I can stir up drama in my every day activities – some people thrive on chaos, noise and drama – I do not.  I have to step away from those who live there – and cannot – or will not separate themselves from it.  It has become who they are – their very identity. But it is always a choice to live peacefully – in our own minds – and not surrender to the ‘voices’ that bring noise and confusion.

Help me Lord – to hear your voice as I surrender to the peace and quiet in my mind.  Help me to still the loud noises in my head as they threaten to overtake my world.  I want to be renewed daily by your still soft voice – gently leading me from my noisy world into a world of great silence and rest.

I am praying for you today.

God Bless


James 1:12

“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

Ever feel like you’re “under trial”? – You’ve had to face some great “test”? And that there is no help – even “silence” from God himself? Take heart – the teacher is always silent during the test.

Something is changing in my spirit in the past few days. I feel a heaviness is lifting – and a real deep joy is taking its place. Oh nothing specific – I just feel happy. Even playful – and can’t stop smiling or giggling. Did I pass the test? I’m sure it’s not over yet – probably not even close. Just when I think it’s behind me – there’s something else to remind me. And I know – I’m not over it yet. But when I have days where I am happy and can’t stop smiling – then I know I’m going to be one of the ones that has “persevered” and stood the test without “giving in” to sadness or depression – temptation and even sin.

And I am very lucky. I have such good positive people in my life. A rich and happy family – a husband that loves me for me – and good friends that daily walk with me and encourage me with their presence in my life – I am blessed

I feel a little like Mary Tyler Moore in the theme song from her TV show in the 70’s – “You’re gonna make it after all” – it’s great to know. And I smile just thinking about it.

God Bless

Gift Of Silence

There are questions that seem simple

and yet

have no simple answers

seeing death turn to life – and then back to death again

no simple answer

Why God?

how can I make bad things – right again?

no simple answer

How long, Lord?

why do terrible things happen to good people?

no simple answer

Help me understand, Lord

and our list goes on and on

Does this ever end, Lord?

no simple answer

But I do know this:

God is good

He holds tomorrow in His hands

He has the answers for all our questions

Both now and in the past

It is not a mystery to Him

He chooses not to reveal everything to me

And I must trust

that He knows better

and that in time

there will be an answer

for my many questions

that are important to me

His answer will come in time



just truth

speaking loudly

in a decisive voice

clear and unapologetic

to my questioning heart and mind


that was always there

but hidden


undaunted with time

every answer

to every simple question

and I will see clearly

the reasons

for my sacrifice

and many tears

that He has collected

He will make plain

in that day

His love to me

but for now

He remains with me

choosing not to reveal the answer

encouraging me

sustaining me

through rough times

feeling my pain

to all my questions of life

knowing it is best for me

not to know everything

not to be burdened down

with more than I can carry

He has me in mind

and gives only good gifts

He gives what I need

not what I want

He gives His best for me

His love

His presence


His incredible gift

of silence

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