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On A Clear Day

Driving to Seattle on a clear day is very revealing.  It shows me what I’ve been missing all the other days of the year.  The things that are there, yet hidden.  The Cascade Mountains, for one.  Suddenly I’m aware that my world isn’t so small after all – and just beyond my ability to perceive them lies untold beauty.

Views of Gas Works Park and Lake Union facing ...

Views of Gas Works Park and Lake Union facing towards the North East from Queen Anne, Seattle WA. The Lake Washington Ship Canal Bridge is in the background with a backdrop of the University of Washington and the Cascade Mountains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many times are we like a cloudy, rainy day in our thoughts – going along through the day with all the correct motions and intentions, and yet perceiving our world as much smaller than it really is.

I was challenged to take a lesson from nature – open up my eyes and LOOK around me – for things I cannot see with my natural limited senses.  I want to reach far beyond the box of “normal” and see with God eyes all the beauty I’m missing.

I thought of the song “On a clear day you can see forever” and was reminded that it is clearness in both our eyes and thoughts that can give us that unique perspective on things around us.  And I want to always remember what is invisible when the storms of life close in on me and I cannot see.

Dear Lord – help me to hang on to that clear vision from those clear days – and to use it when those tough times close in around me.

When was the last time you saw things with “clear vision”?

I heard the following song on Spotify today from a local Seattle band – and have been writing this article with this tune in my head.

Enjoy and God Bless

Tell me somethin’, give me hope for the night
We don’t know how we feel
We’re just prayin’ that we’re doin’ this right
Though that’s not the way it seems

Summer gone, now winter’s on its way
I will miss the days we had
The days we had
I will miss the days we had
The days we had
Oh, I’ll miss the days we had

Loving, leaving, it’s too late for this now
Such esteem for each has gone
Has time driven our season away?
Cause that’s the way it seems
In the world of the speech that is new
I’ll be back again to stay
Again to stay
I’ll be back again to stay
Again to stay
I’ll be back again to stay

Sunshine On A Cold Day

Brooklyn Museum - In Spring Sunshine - Charles...

Image via Wikipedia

I took a walk today

watched the trees starting to bloom

and heard the birds sing

I tried to empty out all the stress

and things to do

from my mind

I walked past men working on a roof

and heard the loud sounds of a pressure washer at work

they took no notice of me

walking by

I was aware of cars driving by me

of others out for a walk

and tried to find a place

where I could be alone for a moment

quiet my mind

release the unanswered questions

of past

and regret

I tried to concentrate

on the blessings instead

the many new friends on my journey

and the simple things

like sunshine on a cold day

But this spring is taking longer

than other springs

this lesson

is taking longer to learn

than other lessons

And I’m finding

It is the smallest things

that are the biggest miracle

They are found

in the most unlikely places

and that is where true release comes

It is a step

on a never-ending journey

to lose

and yet

to find

a place of true rest

and of true peace

like sunshine on a cold day

And I believe

although I cannot feel it yet

that the chill in the air

will soon turn warm

and the sunshine

will penetrate the cold

and shine warmth down

on my face

although I cannot feel it

it is still coming

Today is like a kiss

a promise

of more

than just sunshine on a cold day

Loud Noises

So today we had a beautiful SUNNY day in Seattle.  Yes – it happens ALL THE TIME here – that’s why everyone is buzzing about it today ♥  Not really – we get excited in Seattle – especially in the winter months – okay – even in the spring (as one of my friends pointed out today) because we can go for quite a while without seeing it.

Most people LOVE to see the sun.  Makes them feel happier – drives away the doldrums etc.  However, for me – much as I love the sun too – it can bring a change in the barometric pressure so severe that I get an intense headache.  Unfortunately these can happen while I sleep – so by the time I wake up – it’s too late for any serious medication to help.  Oh I don’t mean a migraine – that is a completely different kind of pain – and once in a migraine folks – just forget it.  Nothing helps unless you can catch it right up front.

This headache was sinus – and really stubborn.  Greg thought some fresh air would help – so off to Coulon Park in the town that we live – to do some walking after eating some lunch.  While in the lunch place – I was KEENLY aware of the loud noises coming from some little kids – who seemed to be VERY FOND of randomly just SCREAMING out – for some unknown, crazy reason.  One was a BLOOD CURDLING scream – unprovoked and unpredicted – as my back was turned from the child – and Greg was facing in that direction but did not even warn me about this sudden OUTBURST of LOUD NOISE.  You can imagine my response.  And my headache suddenly became worse.  Really?  You’re kidding – why do babies and children do that?  Mine never did.  I’m sure they made noise – just not random SCREAMING in a public place.  I was embarrassed for the Mom.

Light also bothers me when I have a headache – and we tried the walk – but because it’s so sunny – and the headache was now WORSE – we gave up and I went home only to take more pills and put ice on my head – again.

So I’m trying to rest – and even dozed off a little – finally fell asleep – which is a small miracle and the next thing I know – I can hear my dear “quiet” husband – speaking on the phone VERY LOUDLY in the next room without even so much as closing the door to his office or anything.  It was annoying – and even worse because of my bad headache.  He woke me UP!!  So being the nice, patient person that I am – I got up – and STOMP, STOMP, STOMP when into his office and said, “are you KIDDING ME?  Don’t you realize how LOUD you are???””  and then SLAMMED the door.  Well it completely threw him off – and he didn’t know what to say next on the phone – he’s not used to being yelled at – I’m usually so patient and so nice ☺  So later when I got up and told him about it – I was amazed at how mad he was!  It reminded us of that line from “A Christmas Carol” when Scrooge throws out a man from his office for not paying the rent – and the man says, “Thanks for not shouting at me” – we had a good chuckle over it – as you can imagine.

The headache got better – as the day went on – a little caffeine didn’t hurt either – and I was able to still teach my students – and be in a relatively good mood too!

Here’s to you and yours – hoping your world is filled with peaceful, quiet and soothing sounds today!

God Bless


Last year Greg and I read a book together on marriage.  In one of the chapters the author talked about the “seasons” of marriage.  It was interesting and stimulated much conversation.  I think many of the things in this book could also be applied to each one of us individually – as we are all on a journey.


This usually applies to the times of our life when things are going well.  Like a hot lazy summer afternoon –  No problems – no crisis – nothing to get too excited about  – You’re  in a comfortable pattern of life and things are happening in a predictable and even comfortable way – no real work required – just coasting nicely along.  You sleep well – you’re enjoying life – and everything is good.


Usually the fall of our lives is a time of a “shaking up” of the mundane and comfortable.  You can’t always see “sunny skies” anymore or what’s coming – things happen – life happens.  It can be a ripping and tearing of things that are dear to you.  In the fall – leaves turn color – fall off and die.  This season of our lives can be stormy.  There is a chill in the air – and a faint memory of better times.


This is the hardest season of all – in marriage and in our individual lives.  It can come and last for many years.  This is the barren time – the time when warm days seem far away – and praying and hoping for them seem hopeless – there is no relief in sight.  Sadness and depression come in the winter of our lives.  People have hurt us – we’ve lost a loved one – we think God has abandoned us.  We question everything.  We wonder what we did to deserve this.  And it is a hopeless bottomless pit.  God is very near during this season – and is doing His deepest work in us during the trials and pain.  Bringing healing and restoration to our hearts.


And then God.   He brings life from death – hope from despair – mourning into JOY!  In the spring of our lives we find validation for the winter.  Reasons that now become clear to us.  A weight is lifted off our chest as we begin to see clearly how the winter was indeed our “friend”.  And how near God was to us as we were so near to defeat and plunging into a “dark place”.  Spring brings color and texture to our winter world – new life buds all around us – we feel alive and free.  Creativity and self expression burst forth and we become ever grateful for blessing – and appreciate the little things life has to offer.

What season are you in today?  Do you find things good?  Then you are probably in a “summer” season of life – Praise God for summer!  I would live there all the time if I had my way.  But maybe you’re in the “winter”.  I’ve been there.  I did most of my growing in that season.  It was cold and uncomfortable but I heard God speak to me more during that season than any other time in my life.  If you find yourself in that season today – allow Him to do the healing work in your life and heart.  “Spring” is just around the corner – and when the timing is right – it will be there for you.

Maybe you are in the “fall” or “spring” of your life.  I am finding myself in the “spring” right now.  I appreciate the journey and God’s hand on my life through the “winter” season.  I will never again take things for granted – but find the value in each relationship in my life – and find a way to love and encourage those around me to do the same.

I am praying for you

God Bless

“Doing The Puyallup”

So yesterday Greg and I decided to go to the fair – yes on a Tuesday of all things – we had a 2 for one coupon – and I HAVE to use my coupons!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  I mean – really nice – sunny skies – about 75 degrees – PERFECT for the fair.  When you walk in – like we did at around 10:30 – you can start to smell all the “fair food” – and you immediately get very hungry.  My friend Mike said it best today, in a comment on “The Park Bench” on facebook – when he said, “There’s nothing like the Puyallup fair – it just smells right”.  Or something along those lines – you need to read it for yourself to get his full essence 🙂

We took in the 11:00 viewing of “Weird Al’s brain” in 3D – which was really fun – had to wear the goofy 3D glasses – yes – there are pictures below 🙂  Then we HAD to find the piglets – they are for me the MAIN reason I go to the fair.  Not for the food – not for the crafts – not for the rides – it’s the PIGS.  Yes.  I am one of those.  See pictures below 🙂  We got lost trying to find the “Pig Palace” and asked someone who looked very knowledgeable about pigs – but turned out that he KNEW NOTHING!  He even told us there WEREN’T ANY PIGLETTS YET!  I about had a coronary right there – so we decided to “check out” his story – just to be sure – and low and behold – THERE THEY WERE!!  The sweetest little pink things you ever saw – with a HUGE Mother Pig!

After several pictures – it was time to eat and those onion smoothered burgers are the best in the world – also the most expensive in the world.  But who’s counting expense?  You’re at the fair – for goodness sakes.

After that we wandered through the craft exhibits.  I actually found the candle ladies – one of them had been in my home last fall showing Ashlee and me different candle scents for Christmas presents.  Well I needed more oil for one candle and a new candle for “fall” and they there were!  Very fun!  Greg and I “sniffed” candles for about 30 minutes or so and chatted with the ladies 🙂

Then we found the “Fischer’s Scone” wagon.  You just simply can’t go to the Puyallup fair without having strawberry shortcake 0r a scone with raspberry jam.  It would just be wrong. Then would you believe – we HAD to get a mountain of curly fries at “Monster Burger” before coming home?  Well believe it or not – we did it.  Yummy.  That’s all I can say.  And Greg STILL bought me an iced white americano at Starbuck’s on the way home!

Hope you get a chance to “do the Puyallup” if you live in the Seattle area.  It is NOT to be missed!


Sunshine on my Shoulders…

One of my favorite John Denver songs – I was in the 7th grade when this song was popular – it always makes me feel good to hear it – enjoy the beautiful pictures on this video 🙂  Take a walk with someone you love today and enjoy the sunshine on your shoulders.

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