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The Absurd To The Ridiculous

This weekend in the Puget Sound we have experienced record-breaking high temperatures.  Usually the bottom level of our 2 story house stays pretty cool.  The heat rises and only on the hottest day of the year (usually one or two) it is uncomfortable in the house.    The sundown brings in this lovely cool air – and with fans in every upstairs window we have cool air to sleep.   And if you don’t have anything to do during the day – don’t have to move around much – then it’s bearable.

But…not this weekend.

Recently we decided to rent our home by the end of the summer and to do so meant  throwing an open house.  Right in the middle of the heat wave.  This meant cleaning, packing boxes of books off of bookshelves, (to sell furniture)  getting each room “open house” ready, packing up personal belongings and pictures on walls,  patching holes etc..  Yes we are insane.  Most sane people in their right mind just go somewhere else to wait out the heat – not us.  We clean like two fools and have strangers walking through our home.  We planned this.  And we have sweat pouring down – glistening on our faces.  Every fan on in the house with the windows closed.  Priceless.

I know that this is one of those events that we will always remember.  Like so many we have experienced over the years – the more painful, the better the story.  We don’t ask for “drama” – live quiet, unassuming lives – and yet – we seem to always get the good stories.

I’m starting to believe that we are so boring – (even our pups thinks we are) we need something drastic and radical to shake us up out of our slumber and complacency!   Nothing like a heat wave and no air conditioning to do just that!  It will be just our luck to get ready to move in another record-breaking heat wave at the end of the summer.  I can just imagine have a moving sale and trying to move furniture in this same heat.

If we end up living somewhere really warm – please let there be air conditioning.  I need less drama.  I need to be able to think straight.

Years ago we lived without air conditioning in triple digit heat, while I was pregnant with our daughter.  We lived in New Castle, PA and they were having record-breaking heat that summer.  But like any self-respecting woman – I didn’t sweat – I glistened and glowed.  (I still do)  And before children we lived a couple of years in Alaska.  One year in Fairbanks where they were having some really cold weather.  Dark and cold most of the winter.  I froze, my toes hurt, my nose and fingers were numb most of the time.  Good times.

Heat Wave (album)

Heat Wave (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We seem to always live where the extremes happen.

Again we do not ask for this – it just always seems to happen to us 🙂  The Absurd to the Ridiculous.

But we have not lost our sense of humor.  Yet.

Stay cool.


God Bless


Southeastern Sneakers

Yesterday while driving to an appointment something to the side of the road caught my eye.  An older gentleman running in the above rain boots.  It was especially comical because it was not raining yesterday – and he was wearing shorts.  Yup – not making it up.

My husband spent a good deal of his life in Alaska, and after we were first married we lived in Juneau for a year.  The common foot attire was – and still is this:

That’s right.  They are affectionately known as – Southeastern Sneakers.

When I saw that man running along the side of the road – it took me back to years ago when this is exactly what you would see in Juneau.  People work in them, play in them and even run in them.

What funny sites have you witnessed lately?  Anything that made you stop short and just stare?  Did it conjure up a memory from your past?

Take care and God Bless

Humor by Fred Klett

On a couple nights of our recent cruise to Alaska we had the privilege of having the very clean but HILARIOUS humor of Fred Klett.  I laughed the first night until my cheeks were sore.  And no kidding – one woman in the front row got TICKED OFF at his style of poking fun at those in the audience that weren’t laughing and she actually WALKED OUT!  I think that might have been even more funny!  He was doing a “reverse heckling” to the front row (and a few rows back too) and put the microphone in front of a couple of women to see how their laughing was.  You had to be there – it was pretty funny.  This next bit about the funny ways that different cultures speak – was one of the bits he did on our cruise that night.  Our cruise director, Mike – is from ENGLAND so you can imagine what grief the ENTIRE cruise gave him after that – EVERY time anyone saw him in public – such an easy target – and SO MUCH FUN!

Hope you enjoy – and if you like this one – be sure to catch his other bits on youtube.  He did most of these on our cruise too.  Clean humor is THE BEST!

God Bless

Cruise To Alaska on the Celebrity Infinity

Two days ago we returned from an exceptional 10 day cruise from Seattle to Alaska.  Going on a cruise takes much research and is far more about the cruise line than the destination, in my humble opinion.  You are in port for maybe a few hours – you are on the ship the rest of the time.  So rain or shine – the ship is still a wonderful place to be.

The Celebrity line is known for their incredible service – and they deliver BIG TIME.  From their wonderful buffet to their 4 course dinners in the dining room – to room service and the Sunday brunch in the dining room – all of it was impeccable.  We also enjoyed afternoon tea (almost everyday) and a formal high tea one time in the dining room – something not to be missed if you go on a cruise.

We had an inside stateroom – but it was a nicely laid out and we had room to move around – but I was not used to the bed – my only complaint.

The infinity is 10 years old and we were the last cruise before the ship goes in to “dry dock” and gets refurbished with new everything!  It is still a beautiful ship – even though she is showing some age around the edges here and there.

It rained in EVERY port of call.  But we still had fun and took lots of pictures.  Our daughter and son-in-law went with us and we ate dinner in the dining room with them every night – that was a highlight – that and the evening show.

My daughter likes Karaoke and she found herself in the finalists for the last night!  Very exciting for her!  And it was fun to see the others perform as well.

If you are a friend on facebook – you will be able to view my many pictures from the cruise – if not – I will also have a folder of pictures here on my blog – watch for it – it will be at the top with my other pictures.

I give this cruise an 8 out of 10 – only because my bed was hard – and the weather was rainy.  Still – we had a wonderful time!


God Bless


Guest Post For Jason – A Friend From Juneau

Juneau, Alaska

Image by markcbrennan via Flickr

A few days ago I was featured as a guest on Jason Stasyszen’s Blog. It is always an honor to be featured. To read the article he featured about “trees” from my pastor’s message last fall – you can find it here.

I know Jason because of his wonderful blog and because he is a pastor in Juneau Alaska, where Greg and I used to be in youth ministry – many years ago.  I found him when I read a guest post that featured Jason – I learned he was a pastor there.  It has brought some interesting conversation and we feel connected somehow by Alaska.  We have never met in person – but we have Christ in common with each other and  our hearts are unified.

Greg and I went to Juneau, Alaska as our first ministry position right out of college in 1983.  They were wild and scary times for us.  Greg had never been a youth pastor before – and he was also serving as the bus driver for the Christian School.  I was learning to be the bookkeeper for the school – something I had NOT been trained for and clearly did NOT do well.  But I tried.  We were young and made many mistakes – including thinking that the job would last beyond a year.  And  we bought a townhouse.  Wrong decision.  The job did not last beyond a year, the market was in recession and when we left town – we could not sell it.  We moved to Fairbanks and rented out our place.  In the end we had to give the townhouse back to the bank because we could not sell it and we couldn’t handle the payments.  Lesson learned.  We did not buy a home for 20 years after that.

We eventually moved on in ministry – living in PA, CA, TX, FL and then back to Washington.  And although we had been back to Fairbanks for the occasional visit because Greg’s parents lived there – we had not been back to Juneau in 20 years.  When my parents, sister, brother-in-law, Greg and myself went on an Alaska cruise in 2004, one of our stops was Juneau.  We rented a vehicle and drove around to all our own “haunts” including the church where we served and the Mendenhall Glacier we once saw from our street in town.  It felt like time had stood still – but strangely familiar too.  Once you live in Alaska – even for a brief amount of time – it gets inside of you and stays with you.

We go back to visit this September – as my husband and I celebrate 30 years of marriage.  I would love to show my daughter and son-in-law where we had our humble beginnings.  And I would love to meet Jason in person – because we share something.  Christ and Alaska.

God Bless


Memories and Lost Boys

Greg and I have some very fond memories of a youth group that we were in charge of as youth pastors in Jeannette, PA for one year from 1985- 1986.  We had already had a previous youth group in Juneau, Alaska when we were fresh out of Bible School – from 1983-1984.  Wow.  Was it EVER a learning experience for us – not too many fond memories of that place – but there were a few kids from the youth group that have followed us as we have lived around the country.  It was a hard first experience in the ministry and we found ourselves “wanting out” for a season – so we took an entire year off and moved to Fairbanks where Greg is from.  When we were settled there and in secular jobs (making really good money) we had an encounter with a pastor from Jeannette, PA and he was looking for a youth pastor.  We were pretty sure we didn’t want to do that again – but he was so kind and generous to us – had us flown to PA to look it over and meet the kids – and after praying about it and weighing our options we decided that it was the right thing to do.  It is a year that we will never forget – for many reasons – but I would say that working with LaVerne and Beverly Clute (the senior pastor and his wife) was a rich and wonderful experience that we will never forget.  They taught us what it was like to really love and care about people.  They became like our parents and we had many good times at their house.

The youth group was an amazing group of about a dozen young people and we had so many good times with them!  I would LOVE to find them online – but so far have not been successful – but I will keep trying – they are all in their 40’s now!  Unbelievable.  There are 4 young men in particular that we were especially close to – I called them “my lost boys” and I became their “Mom” – even though I was not much older than some of them.  Two of them were brothers being raised by a single Mom.  Two of the other boys had interesting home lives – one of those boys lost his Dad while we were there and that was Greg’s very first funeral service.  Man – was that HARD.  I am listing their names here in my blog in hopes that someone will read this and be able to tell them to get in touch with us.  They names are as follows:

Bill and John Hermansen

Todd Yurt

Randy Kepple

And for those of you that enjoy classic rock – here’s a song from 1985 “Addicted to Love” that our youth group in PA used to listen to and these lyrics just used to CRACK us up!!!   Many good times!

Be kind – this was 1985 and the kids in the youth group loved this stuff!

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