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Better Not To Know

I love the story behind these lyrics. Amy’s grandmother passed away in 1988 and left her some money. Instead of paying off debt she decided to invest in fruit trees to remember her grandmother. It took years to see the fruit on those trees – and in those years many things had changed in her life as well.  And that’s called life.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I can relate – sometimes it’s better not to know.  Great song!

Enjoy and God Bless


Deep As It Is Wide

Hey Hey It’s The 60’s

I am a child of the 60’s.  But it wasn’t until the 70’s that I became really interested in pop music.  I have a few memories of sitting in a recliner and seeing “The 5th Dimension” perform on TV when I was about 6 or 7 – (around 1968) and loving their new hits – “Up, Up and Away” and “Age Of Aquarius”.  They were sheer heaven to me.  But other than that – I have no real memories of music from that era.  Somehow though, the two songs I posted below from British pop singer, Petula Clark – strike a chord deep down in my memory bank.  I hear them playing today on my iHeart radio, 60’s and 70’s blend, and I remember.

Oddly enough, we do seem to return to music of our childhood.  We can be exposed all the rest of our lives,  night and day to another era or type of music and yet, at the end of the day we still favor the music from our youth above all other music.  I think it’s because youth to us symbolizes a simpler and sweeter time, when we were not responsible.  I have a friend about 15 years older than myself who feels this same way about music from the 50’s and 60’s.  It reminds her of her youth – and events surrounding or leading up to her first love and marriage.

My parents generation was steeped in music of the church – as other music was considered “worldly” and even “sinful”.  To them the old familiar hymns of the church are comforting and a symbol of youth, simplicity and fond memories.

My generation had almost no good Christian music.  I later began to appreciate the music of “Second Chapter of Acts” and “Amy Grant” – but it wasn’t really until the 80’s and even the 90’s that things began to really take off for Christian artists.  At least that’s how I felt at the time.  I can now go back and listen to several old songs and smile.  Although pretty dated – they still move me and I can appreciate what they bring to my life today.

My music of choice has always been and will continue to be – the great music ballads of the 70’s and 80’s.  I am very open to music of today – but deep within me you’ll find a 70’s girl at heart.  And I am increasingly drawn to instrumental music, soundtracks and musical scores from musicals, movies, dramas and series.  When I see something most interesting on TV, usually behind the great show, movie or docudrama series – is a very great musical score.  I usually look it up right away and add it to my collection.

But for today – a memory of a sweeter time gone by – the 60’s.   If you were around there and open enough to admit that you remember these, like me – let me know and list some of your favorites so I can listen to them and conjure up a memory.

God Bless

Reflections And Thoughts On The Life Of Whitney Houston

Just Whitney

Image via Wikipedia

Last night Greg and I watched the Oprah interview with legendary Whitney Houston. It was a great interview – I didn’t know what to expect, quite honestly.  If I had listened to what I was reading by others about her life – or those that didn’t like her and her choices in life, then I would have been swayed in a bad way.  But I listened for myself and found her to be a wounded and sad woman who became famous too young – in an industry that robbed her of her personal life.  In much the same way that the media and paparazzi ruined the lives of Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe.  We all know their sad ending.

I also found out more about her rich church family heritage and her strong mom and other family members who reached out to her  – trying to help when she was drowning. I found out about her drug addiction and more importantly the addiction to her husband Bobby Brown.  Those in emotionally abusive relationships can relate to what she said about the years she hung in there – thinking there was something wrong with her – while others tried to step in.  She stood by him for years – in much the same way Amy Grant stood by her husband, Gary Chapman for many years while he had an addiction problem.

I also learned that drugs and abuse can alter your personality and make you choose things you normally would not.  And the pain of changing those abusive tendencies can come with a high cost.  And it takes a lot of courage to leave.

I listened without judgement as she talked about her choice to walk away from performing, her years of drug abuse, years of pain and abuse in her marriage – and finally her renewed faith in God and the roots that she relied heavily upon,  her mom and other family and friends who have reached out to her.

I believe, and cannot prove – that the interview she gave to Oprah two years ago – ultimately led to her demise.  She was candid and honest about things that others may not have been pleased to have had exposed.  I believe she was on a good track – had left Bobby and was living with her daughter to try to regain her freedom and her life back.  She was singing again with the help and promotion from friend and former manager, Clive Davis – and seemed really happy.

When someone dies – especially those in the lime light of Hollywood – it is easy to make them out to be a target of our criticism – and somehow lump everyone into the same category – SINFUL.  It simply is not so.  As Christians we need to be an active presence in the arenas of entertainment and media – so others can learn the true source of strength, those filled with the love of Jesus who do not judge – and are truly “filled with the fruit of the spirit” for others to see.  We need to be people who attract lost people – not repel them by our comments and remarks.  We need to treat drug and alcohol abuse like the sickness that it is – and not just simply someone’s “bad choice”.  And we need to have compassion and love for those that are drowning and lost in a bad abusive marriage and spinning out of control in an addiction.

Lord help us.  May we live by example to a lost and dying world.  May we always keep judgement out of our hearts and lives – I pray that you would convict us of this.

As the services are going on for Whitney today – I pray for her family, her mom, her daughter and those that knew her best – and knew she was just a person who had weaknesses and was not strong like the media made her out to be.    I pray that they will find strength and comfort today – and be comforted by some of the interview with Oprah as Whitney talked about leaning on the love of God and His infinite grace.

God Bless

I Will Remember You

One of the best love songs from Amy Grant.  Set to this video with a military theme – priceless.

Enjoy and God Bless

Day 24 – Gabriel’s Horn from “The Mission”

I first heard this song years ago in the great movie, “The Mission” – but forgot about it until I heard it again on one of Amy Grant’s Christmas CD’s.  It is a classic – very beautiful – and does not seem like Christmas until I’ve heard it at least once during the season.

Enjoy and God Bless!

Say Once More

Love for Arts

Image via Wikipedia

Need a little love today?  This song is a great reminder.  As I creep closer and closer to my 30th wedding anniversary to Greg – I find myself hearing songs of love and closeness that remind me of our long love affair.  This Amy Grant song beautifully expresses love for another human being, our love for God  –  and His for us.

Dedicated to all you lovers out there!

Enjoy and God Bless!

Let me say once more that I love you,
Let me say one time, maybe two,
That I love the way that you love me,
And I wish I knew more of you.

Let me say once more that I love you,
Let me say one time, maybe two,
That I love the way that you love me,
And I wish I knew more of you.

Tell me that time can’t erase
This look of love on your face.

Let me say once more that I need you,
One more time or just maybe two.
Oh, my life will always be richer
For the time I’ve spent here with you.

Let me say once more that I love you,
Let me say one time, maybe two,
That I love the way that you love me,
And I wish I knew more of you.

Tell me that time won’t erase
The way that my heart sees your face.

I call your name,
You look my way,
It’s clear you trust each word I say.
When life is long and problems come,
You’ll always be my only one.
So now we’re standing face to face,
And with one look my eyes embrace me.
Squeeze away each haunting fear,
And say the words I long to hear.

Tell me that time won’t erase
This look of love.


Let me say once more.
I love you.
I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.

Let me say once more that I love you,
Let me say one time, maybe two,
That I love the way that you love me,
And I wish I knew more of you.

Let me say once more that I love you,
One more time or just maybe two,
That I love the way that you love me,
And I want to know more of you.

(I call your name,
You look my way, I love you.
It’s clear you trust each word I say. I do….
When life is long and problems come,
You’ll always be my only one.
So now we’re standing face to face, oh, I need you.
And with one look my eyes embrace me. I want you.
Squeeze away each haunting fear, more and more and more.
And say the words I long to hear.)

(I call your name, let me say once more
You look my way, that I love you,
It’s clear you trust each word I say. let me say one time, maybe two,
When life is long and problems come, that I love the way that you love me,
You’ll always be my only one. and I wish I knew more of you.
So now we’re standing face to face, let me say once more that I love you,
And with one look my eyes embrace me. let me say one time, maybe two,
Squeeze away each haunting fear, that I love the way that you love me,
And say the words I long to hear.) and I wish I knew more of you.

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