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Never Assume

English muffin on a salad plate with table knife.

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It all started with a simple english muffin.  A misunderstanding and an example for my blog today.  But first – I have to go back a few years…

I remember taking classes on the subject “never assume” when I worked for a cable company years ago.  The simple concept stuck with me – and I try to be clear in my intentions and words to people.  But I am not always successful.

In my own business, I have a written contract stating the obvious, things like payment, make-up lessons and what is expected and have students and parents sign it.  I learned the hard way that when it is business – you must never assume that everyone can read your mind and know what your intentions are.   Before using a contract – it was very difficult to collect the monthly fee from those who would start and not finish out a 3 month period – which I now require in my contract.  I would “assume” they would understand and just somehow know my heart.  Yeah right.

In the cable company, where I was office manager – it was important to train our staff to speak clearly and never assume that you had covered an issue – or that others could read their minds – when things like payment and appointment times were in question. Many times we were caught in the “I thought you knew that, sir” – and the  “you never said that” game.

At home and with our families – this concept again came into play MANY times – especially with young children.  Greg and I thought we had told them something – and they were quick to say, “you never said that” – on many issues regarding school, friends coming over and just about everything else you can name.

It puts me in mind of the Brady Bunch show of the late 60’s and early 70’s – where the eldest son Greg wants to go out and his dad asked him to rake leaves or some chore before he left.  Greg didn’t do the chore but went out – got caught and then proceeded to tell his father that he was not very clear about the exact time that he had to do the chore and insisted that he was SURE his dad had meant before bed – and it was still before bed and he had planned all along to do it when he got home.  It baffled and confused his dad so much (all teenagers are good at letting us thing that WE are the crazy ones) that he decided to make a deal with Greg and have him live by EXACT words.  He warned Greg that living by this method is difficult to live up to – but they made the bargain and it ended up costing Greg in the end of the program as he had to miss something important with his own exact words to do a chore for his dad.

I have tried to use exact words with my own children – but every once in a while – we too would do the same dance that Greg on the Brady Bunch did with his own dad.

I have found that it’s not just limited to children either.  Yesterday morning I was making a big breakfast, hash browns, ham, eggs, the works and got the english muffins out of the freezer.  Greg was standing over by the toaster making coffee.  I placed the muffins on the counter right beside him and said, “do you want english muffins with breakfast?”  He mumbled something that sounded like “Sure – Okay” – what I really meant was: “please take the muffins out of the package and place them in the toaster and PUSH DOWN”  Greg did not read my mind – or catch my drift and just walked away to another room.  A few minutes later when I was dishing up the breakfast on plates – I looked around for the toasted and buttered muffins – and to my surprise – they were STILL in the package where I placed them!

We had a good laugh over that one – and I should know by now that I can never assume that people (Greg) understands even the hints that I drop – when it seems more than reasonable to me.

When was the last time you assumed someone understood what you meant?  Were you baffled by their response or lack of one?

God Bless

London Bridge

If you were a child of the 60’s and 70’s like I was – then you will remember the group “Bread”.  David Gates had a voice like no other – and many have tried to copy him over the years – but it was a unique quality that few have.  This song was not a huge hit – but I like it anyway – great lyrics – great band.  Enjoy!

I know the times the times are hard to bear
It’s hard to find someone to really care
But before I went down and out
Here’s what I used to think about, think about:
London Bridge was always fallin’ down,
But there it stood within the heart of town
Reminding everyone of life behind and life to come
The changes taking place are everywhere
The centuries past have nothing to compare
Where they stand, where they trip and fall
Watch the writing on the wall, on the wall
London Bridge is fallin’ down at last,
And so another memory of the past
Has fell beneath the blade, but soon the dead may be repaid
I know things just can’t evolve for all eternity
The thoughts will leave, will never die, and now so you can see
London Bridge is finally fallin’ down,
It packed it up and shipped it outta town
And though the horror’s gone, the memory will linger on
London Bridge is finally fallin’ down,
It used to stand within the heart of town
Reminding everyone of life behind and life to come
London Bridge is finally fallin’ down…..

Attempting To Be A More Healthy Me

Official seal of the National Organic Program

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After watching a video and reading more information this past week on ‘The Diet Solution’ – which is NOT a diet at all but just a smart and healthy way to eat – Greg and I decided to make a few changes in some of the things we have been eating – in an attempt to be healthier and live longer.  Mostly just stop eating sugar – and the wrong kinds of bread.  So in reading information on bread – it was determined that only the ‘sprouted grain’ bread is the best kind and will not mess your body up.  So the only place they sell it is at whole foods or health stores.  We found one in Renton and I must say – it is expensive but really good.  Lots of nuts and natural grains which I love!

Also only sea salt is the best salt to use – not that other stuff they sell – I was way ahead of the game having only used a sea salt grinder for the last couple of years.

And of course – organic foods – such as dairy, meat and eggs – which again are expensive. But since we are trying to be healthy – we did buy a few things in the organic section of the grocery store.  I always  knew that there was an organic section in Safeway – but it seems to be growing as more and more people are wanting those foods.  I’m hoping as it is more in demand – the prices will drop.

And we did have fun shopping for organic foods – and chicken with no hormones and lots of veggies.  We also picked up a product called xylitol which is a natural sweetener – made from sugar alcoholic – no preservatives and is actually good for bones and teeth.  It’s an amazing sweetener.  Those other sweetener packets will kill you.  Of course everything eventually will – if you live long enough.  So for us – it’s baby steps.

I think more people are becoming healthy and want to live longer more productive lives – and so organic foods are going to become more the way to go.

Right now I am just going to try some different choices.  I will still drink my coffee with vanilla creamer – but when I have tea I will put xylitol in it.  And since I already love nuts – that’s a very healthy and acceptable snack.  Any fruits and veggies are great – I love to grill them or stir fry them in a little butter or olive oil – and both of these are a great natural way to go – none of that margarine or butter substitutes.  Luckily we’ve been using real butter and olive oil for years.  I love sweet potatoes, avocados, fish, chicken, and occasionally red meat – all of which is fine if it’s hormone free – and the fish needs to be wild – not farm raised.  And my turkey this year for Thanksgiving will be an organic one – which I’m told tastes WAY better anyway – so Yay!!

As for soy products – they are apparently bad for you – and that’s fine with me because personally – I don’t care for the taste anyway.

Mostly anything that is natural – or a real food is okay – there is no diet involved with just eating healthier and making better choices.  And not eating sugar – or at least cutting back is just a good idea for everyone.

For lunch I made Greg and me  a B.L.T.A. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and avocado) with sprouted grain bread and organic mayo.  It was amazing. Last night we had grilled salmon and veggies.   One thing about eating better and not starving yourself – is a change in your metabolism – which makes you leaner and more healthy.

No sugar?  Yes – I can do it – in an attempt to be a more healthy me.

On a funny side note – our 19 year old son Shawn came home last night and looked in the fridge, freezer and pantry – marched up to our bedroom (it was after midnight) and said, “Mom – you weren’t kidding when you said you were going organic – EVERYTHING is organic – where’s the REAL FOOD!”  We got a good chuckle over that – and we won’t be starving our son – he will see to it I’m sure ☺

Time for a nap – and tomorrow I will continue – and do my yoga stretches and elliptical too.  I know I can do it.

Have a great Sunday!


God Bless

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