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My Wingman

A wingman (or wingmate) is a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment.

The traditional military definition of a “Wingman” refers to the pattern in which fighter jets fly. There is always a lead aircraft and another which flies off the right-wing of and behind the lead. This second pilot is called the “Wingman” because he or she primarily protects the lead by “watching his back.”


I’ve seen movies where a “wingman” is very important to the pilot, such as “Top Gun” and “Pearl Harbor”.  I’ve always been fascinated with the concept.  That protection.  That feeling of safety.  Knowing someone has your back – priceless.

We all have humans in our lives that we think of in this way.  My husband Greg, for example is my “wingman” in every sense of the word.  He stays with me – protects me from unseen things, keeps me feeling safe, etc.

But I also have a canine “wingman”.  My puppy, Dexter.IMG_4259He takes his job seriously.  Barks at anybody near to me and gets agitated if he cannot get close enough so that he can protect me.  He is never far from me during the day.  When I’m in my office typing – he is at my feet or by my side – amusing himself with a toy or bone for hours at a time.  When I leave the room, he dutifully follows.  If I’m in the kitchen, he sits on the floor and watches everything I do.  When I sit to watch a movie, he joyfully jumps into my lap, his favorite place to be.  At night he cuddles up next to me – happiest under the covers with his head resting on my arm.

He is my “wingman” extraordinaire  🙂

Of course this togetherness can get a little trying at times – especially when I have students coming and going during the afternoon for lessons.  His sharp barking reminds everyone coming in the house that he is trying to protect me!  And although very endearing – it gets annoying and I have to be firm with him and tell him to stop that barking!  But it is also sweet and loyal – how angry can you be with an adorable puppy who just wants to be with me?

It’s funny.  Our Bichon has never had any concept of “protecting” me.  She is a loveable, complicated, high maintenance, beautiful, and independent dog.  But she never stays with me very long.  Her favorite thing to do is go for a ride in the truck – go for a walk on the trail – or go upstairs and hide from Dexter – sleeping for several hours at a time.   Dexter loves to run upstairs and find her – jump on top of her and wrestle.  She will play along most of the time – and it’s cute when they play together.  But other times she will give a warning growl when she has had enough!  Sometimes in the evening we won’t see her from 7:00 – 10:30!  Not so with Dexter.  He is happiest when he can see me and be beside me.  Oh he’s not a perfect dog – barks too much at the neighbor dogs and most of the time will not come when called.

But I have decided that the positive far outweighs the negative.  I do love my little “wingman”.

God Bless

Sharing From My Music Blog


Today I’m sharing an article that is usually only for my music students and parents from my music blog site.  But I thought that everyone might like to read this one.  Enjoy!

What Is Your Unique Gift?

I just got off the phone with a customer service Rep. for the company where we purchased our bed.  After carefully following the directions that were emailed to me and calling him back this morning, he gave me the nicest compliment!  He said, “I see here that you have your own music business, what do you do?”  I told him and he said, “No wonder then!  You are the nicest and friendliest person and I know it’s because you teach.

I never thought I was any different from anyone else, quite honestly.  Doesn’t everyone speak nicely on the phone with customer service, especially when they are helping you with a replacement part?  Isn’t everyone thankful and helpful?  Doesn’t everyone follow through with instructions and try to do their best – even in a negative situation?   He surprised me and I thanked him for the gracious compliment.  Quite honestly, it made my day!


Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

But it got me thinking.  I said to Greg at the breakfast table this morning, “You know the saying: ‘those who can DO and those who can’t TEACH’ – do you think it’s true?”  He thought for a moment and said, “No – not always.  Sometimes people retire or chose not to DO anymore”  Yes.  That’s me.  I choose to TEACH rather than perform, although I have done and still do my share of both.  I realized long ago that I do not get the same thrill and energy from performing that others do – and knowing that I am quite comfortable coaching and teaching others to do that – if they choose to.

We all have gifts and talents that are God-given.  Recognizing what they are sometimes take a whole lifetime – but it is worth exploring.  In exploring and finding out what that is – we are happier and more fulfilled human beings.  I knew long ago that my main gift is in encouraging others.  I have a unique ability to see the positive.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my share of negative things happen to me – but I have been able to come out of each situation with gratefulness and thankfulness because of how God designed me.

Maybe your gift is in leadership.  Maybe it’s in hospitality.  Maybe you are good with numbers.  Maybe you have influence.  Maybe you are gentle and meek.  Maybe you are one who sees beauty in everyone.  Maybe music is your love.  Maybe taking pictures gives you energy.  Maybe being on stage performing is where you were made to be.  Find out what gives you energy and go in that direction.

There are no accidents.  God made you the way you are for a reason.  You are unique.

God Bless

Products I Love

I have a pinterest account. And although I don’t spend a lot of time there I have found some really cool images. I have put together some boards of things I am interested in, or in things I love. An example of this can be found here: Products I Love.

When I have a product I love – I use every last little tiny bit of it.  I turn the lotion bottle over and let it drain into another container so I don’t waste anything.  I did this with this product that I love:
and to my GREAT SURPRISE I had one months worth of lotion left in that little container!

Another product by the same company, C.O. Bigelow that I love: 
I could take a bath in this yummy body cream.  I use it at night on my face.  It is amazing.

Isn’t is funny, when you love something you use every last drop and don’t waste any of it?  Other products may be just ho-hum – but not the one you love.  And loving something is the best-selling point of any product.

If you are on pinterest you can find me here: Cindy Holman.  I am there like most everyone else on the planet!

What’s your favorite product?  The one you don’t waste?  You get every last drop?  The one you love enough to sell?


Have a fun weekend!


God Bless

Crossing Paths

English: Crossing of paths, Gwydyr Forest The ...

English: Crossing of paths, Gwydyr Forest The waymarked walk taking in Llyn y Parc is crossed by a singletrack section of the Marin Mountain Bike trail. Walkers should watch out for speeding bikers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every once in a while the many tracks of our lives intersect.  The subtle joining of like interests and purpose combine into one timeless moment.

My journey and purpose that God has uniquely designed for me sometimes crosses the path of my past life and career, my music legacy, sometimes through writing, sometimes through people sometimes through specific events  – leaving me feeling  humbled and reflective.

The last week I have been organizing my music studio/office in my home – plus gathering video and pictures for my website, which just went up for the first time this last Monday.  If you missed it – you can visit me on my website at  Cindy’s Music Studio  It is my first attempt to duplicate what happens in my studio and in person – to an equal experience online.

In the process of trying to break down and ‘capture’ all the special moments of my music teaching career over the last 15+ years in this one area alone – it has been a daunting but also given me many thrilling moments looking at many past recital performances and pictures over the years.  The growth and development in each one – and the happy glow of pride and sense of accomplishment – the feeling of joy and resolution in choosing the path of teaching that I chose many years ago instead of a sales career teaching and training women about skin care.

This too has crossed my path again recently as my daughter (who was a little girl at the time when I was with Mary Kay) has decided to join the ranks of the many sales representatives and sell this great product as well as continue to do hair styling and color in her own home studio.  It is all very surreal to me and brings back many memories of my 5 years spent with that company – 2 years as a sales director.

Sometimes our lives intertwine into areas that we never dream we will cross again.  We do not simply just “wave good-bye” and then never see them again – sometimes they comes back in ways we least expect.  It is the same with my music teaching and my writing – the two are different and yet – sometimes they cross.  The things we are passionate about in this life – the unique and God-given talents and abilities we are given –  have the potential of crossing and interjecting every day – through people, events and circumstances – and yes – even our own children.

Turn Up The Heat!

Simple "pressure cooker" type autoclave

Image via Wikipedia

I love pressure cookers.  I even owned one that did three different things – was a rice cooker and also a slow cooker.  It broke about a year ago and I have been very sad – as it it hard to replace – they don’t make them anymore.

The job of a good pressure cooker is to apply heat and pressure to even the toughest cuts of meat – and they will come out fork tender.

Our pastor spoke about ‘pressure’ on Sunday – and more to the point – ‘how to deal with pressure’.  It is not an ‘if’ pressure happens – it is definitely ‘when’ it happens.

There are many kinds of ‘pressure’.

There’s the IN YOUR FACE turn up the heat to BOILING, uncomfortable PRESSURE COOKER.

Then there’s the firm, solid and constant pressure like one who applies pressure to a wound – to stop the bleeding.  It is necessary and does the job.

Then there’s the HOT pressure applied – like a HOT iron applied to clothing to straighten out the wrinkles.  Without the heat – it would be near impossible.

There’s nothing wrong with these types of pressure – they are good and we use them all the time in our daily routine.  If you are a cook – a pressure cooker is a must – with that pressure – the most delectable and tender meat is achieved.  If you have an injury – there’s nothing like a cloth and a little pressure to stop the bleeding – even a tiny cut is helped by applying a band-aid – and that applies enough pressure to stop the bleeding and help the cut heal.  If you have wrinkled clothing – a hot iron will straighten out the wrinkles and make everything you wear look smooth and pristine.

In our own personal life – the same principle holds true.  But no one likes to feel like they are in a ‘pressure cooker’ – pressed down and heated up – feeling like you’re getting your brains beat out of you.

But pressure has a very useful purpose.  If applied to our lives – it can take a hard heart – beat it into submission and produce softness.  When pressure is applied to my life – I find out what really makes me tick. The deep things that were  hidden – all the selfish narrow minded thinking come to the surface and I experience a ‘cleansing’ of sorts – as the impurities rise and get skimmed off the top.  It is a character builder.  Nothing like a little pressure to find out just what I’m made of.

I have seen the process in those close to me.  The pressure comes – the ‘heat’ and ‘stress’ of life – and there are always two different reactions:

1) Lashing out – blaming, controlling and hiding.


2) Resignation, becoming contemplative, listening and receiving.

In the first group – the person takes the pressure, set-backs and stress and blames others – even God.  They question their choices and relationships – even a relationship with God Himself.  They never admit – they point fingers and then hide away – never dealing correctly with the pain – pushing those further away from them in an attempt to hang on to their ‘rightness’.  I call this group of people the ones who care more about being right – than being reconciled.  Maybe not right away – but eventually – these people become negative, distant, and have a ‘victim mentality’ for the rest of their lives.  It is a spiral downward into a very dark existence – and only Jesus can heal the person caught up in this mentality.

The second group of people take the same pressure, set-backs and stress and look inside of themselves – trying to allow those things to shape and educate – bringing introspection, deep faith and wisdom.  They have all the same feelings and even sometimes, reactions as the first group – but there is a difference: They see the ‘pressure cooker’ of life as an opportunity for growth and development of character.  Maybe not right away – but eventually.  It opens their eyes to pain around them – they try to reach out to others – even though they themselves are still hurting.  These people become mature – wise, empathetic to the suffering of others and a tool for Jesus to use for His glory.

I am praying for you today – that you would allow the ‘pressure cooker’ of life to mold you and shape you into a sweeter, more compassionate person – full of depth and maturity – so that you too can be a role model and someone others can turn to in need.  Allow the stresses and hurts of this life to come – embrace the pain – let it embrace you – turn up the heat.

God Bless

I’m Not Crazy – I CAN Carry My Own

Grocery Store Madness

The craziest moments seem to happen to us in grocery stores. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s because so many people come for a quick stop at the store – hoping no one will see them (like me) – or maybe it’s because all the tabloids are right by the register where you can’t help but read them while you wait in line. Or maybe it’s because at some grocery stores they have what is getting more and more popular – (and more and more annoying) the ‘self check out‘ line. This approach to ‘simple checkout’ is always hilarious for us – as every store seems to have different machines to operate. And for some reason we never can operate any of them successfully!

I know I just CAN’T be the only one who has felt like an idiot while trying to ‘scan’ my items over this tiny little ‘electric eye’. And I know I CAN’T be the only one in the universe that has to scan her items several times to get the blasted thing to ‘beep’, right? And then to add insult to injury – usually I forget to put the item where it should be – and the lady’s voice keeps repeating, ‘please put the item in the bag’. Why? I’m not done yet! But saying this does NOT help. Sometimes the machine does not know what to do with me – and the ‘real’ person comes flying in – to my rescue and presses buttons really fast (the machine likes her – not me) and then I can continue on. I think the machine is possessed. And not in a good way.

Maybe it’s the fact that one time a few years ago on our way out-of-town for a vacation – we stopped at a grocery store to pick something up. Greg decided to go to another part of the store – and I was getting gum or mints – something very small. I remember paying for it and the check person (male) asked me if I needed ‘help out with that’? I stood there for a moment – looked at my one purchase and decided to have a little fun. “Do I look like I would need help out with this”? I said. Rather embarrassed – the male check person (about 18) said, ‘we’re required to ask that, ma’am.” As if that settled the question – once and for all. Well of course it didn’t – not for me! I said, ‘well – you better tell your people that it’s insulting to ask that question – it makes us feel stupid or something – I mean, come on! Help out with a pack of gum?”

Well I can tell you – that it must be some kind of rule or something – because every time I’m in the store – even with Greg – (that’s the really funny part) they always ask it! Greg always laughs and says, ‘that’s why I brought my wife – she’s the pack-horse‘ (har, har) – but these people never think we’re mentally qualified or physically able to carry a couple of bags to our car. Pretty funny. Anybody else out there feel this way – or is it just me?

No I’m NOT crazy. And just for the record – I CAN carry my own!!

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