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Are You Alone?

I am at a Starbucks out of town, while on a road trip with Greg. I noticed when walking in this place that it was unusually crowded. I peered around for a vacant table – and then I saw it. The only empty table in the place. A lonely LARGE table. This table holds eight people. It is empty. There are many smaller tables around it – all full. It is awkward. Little old me at such a large table. By myself. Alone.

Throughout the years I have witnessed people alone at a table for two in restaurants. I'm sure they are uncomfortable. They avoid eye contact, are often reading a book or a magazine and trying to “appear” busy. At the few times I have found myself alone out in public having to eat alone at a table for two – it is very awkward. I try not to feel that way – but the society in which we live – dictates that to be alone means something dreadful and sad. You feel people watching you – you want to scream, “I'm only alone because I am choosing it” but it is no use. Alone is alone. No matter how you slice it.

Many people find themselves alone at different seasons in life. Usually it is not planned, can happen suddenly and takes them by surprise. Being alone is an unpleasant prospect. Being alone out in public – even scarier. Especially for women.

I have often marveled at how people, once in a long-term relationship and suddenly alone, can begin again. They takes the necessary steps to go out in public again – and even after time *gasp* – begin the thought process of dating again. *Double gasp* The first time around is scary enough for anyone – why oh WHY would anyone choose to do it again? – I've always thought. But at the same time – I am amazed and warmed by those who have not only taken steps to not be alone – but actually find someone else. The chances for 'love the second time around' are really great!! And I have witnessed this marvel – many times over the years. Usually it is a long time friend, who also finds them-self alone or in this technically advanced society – through online dating sites.

The holidays can be wonderful – but also very lonely. Especially for those who have lost a mate, child or friend. There are so many sad songs surrounding the holidays. Some of the best lyrics involve sadness and loss. You would have to be intensely naive – to think that this season is automatically joyful for all.

If you are alone this season, the best thing you can do is get out and be with people. Attend a church service, holiday concert or an invite to a Christmas party. You may find that the warmth of friendship is your anchor and will bring you additional courage in the months to come. And because you are alone – your relationship with others in your life will become much more precious and you will now have time to renew old ties. If you have The Lord in your life – you know how much of a comfort it is to have a friend that “sticks closer than a brother” and who knows it all. He will become more dear to you during this time.

If you know someone who is alone for the first time this season – invite them over. Be a friend. Look around. Notice the ones who are alone in your church services. Get involved. Show gentleness and compassion. Spread love around. Sprinkle kindness. Stir in humor. Fold in understanding. Bring true meaning to the season this year. Make someone's Christmas truly special. You may be the only person who can.

God Bless



I’m “Officially” Living With An Old Man

Yes it’s Official.  This Man of mine turns 50 tomorrow.  The nerve.  Not only has he passed right “over the hill” – but he had the audacity and unmitigated gall to be born right BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!  What WAS he thinking???  Okay – maybe it wasn’t his fault – but his irresponsible parents – how unthoughtful of them!  Someone must be to blame for this unfortunate occurrence.

Every year it’s the same thing – We put up the lights and tree – all the decorations and we’re in CHRISTMAS mode – and then – WHAMMO – we’re hit with a Birthday – 5 days before Christmas!!  Unthinkable.

Well  – tomorrow we will fuss over him and make him feel really great to try to sooth his masculinity – after all – he IS pretty old.  He can’t help it – it happens to us all – I myself am never turning 50 – I have decided it’s not for me.  Even though 50 is the new 30 – or something like that – and I’ve never looked or felt better – Nope – it’s not for me ☺

I feel as though I must say some things about this wonderful man I’m married to.  He’s one of a kind – and I know I could never replace him.  No one could put up with me as he has – shown love and graciousness as he has done and been the example to me and our children of God’s patience, humor and consistency through the good and bad times.  I’m in awe of him.  He’s one of the most “perfect” human beings I’ve ever met – never a cross word in 28 years of marriage – hardly ever loses his temper – I’ve only seen it happen a couple of times and is always positive and loving – and it’s been a good thing too – because I am so flawed and make so many mistakes.  But he is steadfast and dependable – always seeking – always doing the right things – always believing the best and wanting me to be better – his encouragement and strength have been a “god-send” and daily I’m reminded how lucky I am.  He is truly the best man I’ve ever had the privilege to know.  All his friends would say the same thing about him – they feel lucky to know him.  His parents and brothers can’t say enough good things about him either.  He is blessed ♥

Tomorrow we celebrate with Eddie Duarte cooking Mexican for us and having all the family and friends come through our home for a Birthday Open House.  We are getting the house ready for everyone today – and excited to see everyone – old friends – some we haven’t seen in a long time – some we see all the time.  We are thinking today of our out of town friends that we wish could be here too – our thoughts are with you today ♥

Below is a baby picture of my dear husband and a picture of what he looks like today – He’s a handsome, sexy 50 year old!!  Much love to you, Greg ♥♥♥

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