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Will You Still Love Me?

English: Picture of Jason Scheff taken at Inte...

English: Picture of Jason Scheff taken at Interlochen Center of the Arts, July 2003 Taken by Jennifer Wicker (KellysMom) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I LOVE 70’s music and bands. Chicago is one of my very favorite bands with their rich vocal and instrumental harmonies. However, this is a band that went well into the 80’s too and after the departure of Peter Cetera they still had many number one hits – like this one featuring new lead vocalist and bass player, Jason Scheff. I heard this on the radio the other morning and had to jot it down. I also love it because it came out in 1987 some 24 years ago – the same year that my daughter was born. I found this music video and wanted to share it with you – great song – great memories.

When was the last time you heard a song on the radio that really took you back?

Enjoy and God Bless

Take me as I am
Put your hand in mine
Now and forever
Darling here I stand
Stand before you now
Deep inside I always knew

It was you
You and me
Two hearts drawn together
Bound by destiny

It was you
And you for me
Every road leads to your door
Every step I take
Forever more

Just say you’ll love me for the rest of your life
I gotta lot of love and I don’t want to let go
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
’cause I can’t go on
No, I can’t go on
I can’t go on
If I’m on my own

Take me as I am
Put your heart in mine
Stay with me forever
‘Cause I am just a man
Who never understood
I never had a thing to prove

‘Till there was you
You and me
Then it all came clear so suddenly
How close to you that I wanna be

Just say you’ll love me for the rest of your life
I gotta lot of love and I don’t want to let go
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
‘Cause I can’t go on
No, I can’t go on
I can’t go on
If I’m on my own

Do you believe a love could run so stong?
Do you believe a love could pass you by?
There was no special one for me
I was the lovely one, you see
But then my heart lost all control
Now you’re all that I know

Just say you’ll love me for the rest of your life
I gotta lot of love and I don’t want to let go
Will you still love me for the rest of my life?
‘Cause I can’t go on (I can’t go on)
No, I can’t go on
I can’t go on
If I’m on my own

I can’t go on (I can’t go on)
No, I can’t go on

‘Cause I can’t go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can’t go on (Just say you love me)
Can’t go on
Without somebody I can call my own

‘Cause I can’t go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can’t go on (Just say you love me)
(Stay around) Can’t go on

‘Cause I can’t go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can’t go on (Just say you love me)
Can’t go on
If you could say your love

‘Cause I can’t go on (Will you still love me?)
No, I can’t go on (Just say you love me)
(Stay around) Can’t go on
You’ll never be alone

The Risk Of Friendship

There is a conference happening next weekend in Chicago called “When Jesus met Mary – A sacred friendship gathering”. It is a conference exploring friendship between men and women. Here is the link from the website of Dan Brennan.  Dan is an author and leader of this event – he is also a new friend of mine, and I have enjoyed his blog articles and things he has written on the subject of men and women.

This has been a subject of much debate over the years – emotional affairs seem to be on the rise – especially in churches and among leadership.  Can a relationship between a man and a woman who are NOT married – be just a friendship?  Can they love each other, be concerned and care about each other?  Be involved in their daily life, share humor, special moments and kindness?  I believe they can.  My friend and fellow blogging buddy Alise Write wrote a great article on the subject today of “Guard your heart” – what does it really mean?  To put a fence around it – or to love recklessly and on the wild side – like Jesus did?

We all have a story – or know someone who does, where it taints our idea of platonic love between the sexes.  I get it.  And it is a risk to love someone – regardless of gender.  But I believe with all my heart that it doesn’t have to be that way.  I believe that we can love – with no fear – like Jesus did.  Where the end result is a deep and lasting friendship.  Is it a risk?  Yes – all the time.  I’ve risked myself several times, been misunderstood, been betrayed, humiliated and accused – because of someone’s fear.  But I believe that there can be a safe place to have others in our lives – where understanding, respect, kindness, gentleness and love – compel us to do right – not wrong.  And I believe that day is coming – as we move past our fear of sin where we bind up the protection of our heart so tight that no one can get in – and where every one of the opposite sex looks menacing and evil – and into a better place of community and relationship where we don’t think of others as “scary”, “sinful” or “just wrong”.

As I’ve written about before – I have had several male friends in my life – before I was married and since.  I still have several that I consider very close friends – who I can count on – and I know would have my back in any crisis or situation.  They are stable, kind, funny and solid.  And I love being able to be myself with them with no judgement.  I love that I don’t have to explain myself to them – and I love it that Greg agrees that all of these men are good people – and he is friends with them as well.  There is no room for jealousy in our marriage – and we have done the hard work to rid ourselves of that – and we have a better marriage because of it.

I’m hoping there will be a day when this subject is an understood one – where people can agree to love deeply and build relationships based on trust and the common good. Where friendship is not seen as suspicious, because of so much abuse – but instead looked on with acceptance and love.

I want to challenge you today:  Live a life of love – of intentional relationship – with no fear.  Take the risk of friendship.  You’ll be glad you did.


God Bless

What’s Your Story?

Last night Greg and watched a Biography of John Walsh – better known as the host of the popular television program, “America’s Most Wanted“.  Some may not know that it was his own personal story of grief that led him to be an active voice to Congress and helped changed some laws regarding missing children and bringing criminals who abduct children – to justice.  He was then asked to host this show – and since the onset of the program in 1988 – hundreds have people have been found.

John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted"...

Image via Wikipedia

John and his wife had a beautiful six-year-old boy, named Adam.  Adam was abducted and murdered – his body found dumped in a river near their home.  Although John had his suspicions of who had committed this crime – it took the police and authorities over 25 years to solve the crime – and by this time, the man had passed away – before ever being sentenced.  Although it was comforting to have the thing “put to rest” – it was a lifelong sorrow and passion within John to try to change the system – and have more help and networking around the country and the world.

As we watched this program – it struck me.  I said to Greg, “I wonder if John realized that this one tragedy in his life – allowed him to be the vehicle in which real change would take place for other children and suffering families?  Do you think he knew that because of this – he forever rewrote history”?

Oh – but what a price to pay for change.  

Years ago – there was no stoplight in front of the church where Greg was on staff.  It was a dangerous busy highway and hard to turn left to come out of the church – as many of us had to do.  The city refused to put in a stop light.  Something about “not enough people’ or something like that.  It took a few fatal accidents in that place to finally wake them up – and today there is a stop light there.

It is the painful, tragic and often fatal events that thrust people forward to make a change.

So I got to thinking about this – and tried applying this principle to my own life.  I too have experienced heartache – just like you.  Yours may look different from mine – yours may be loss of a child, a husband, a parent – or a relationship  – but loss is still loss.  Grief is still grief.

What if – instead of putting that passion, anger, frustration and questions that we experience about the loss inside ourselves and hoping time, friends and activity will help put it to rest – we instead saw it as a possibility to do something great?  Maybe even something that we would never have done if we had never experienced or been touched with the pain at all?

What if – we turned grief around, inside out and stared it down, used that raw emotion to fuel a passion for others and saw it as a “God moment”.

I’m sure at the time of tragedy, the Walsh’s did not think any such thing – but the wonderful things he has done since 1981 are a sacrifice and personal tribute to their lost son – the effects of which are still felt today.

I think if we could all muster up the courage and turn tragedy around – make grief palatable – look fear in the face and use that raw emotion to find God’s purpose in the pain – the world would have more artists – more musicians – more writers and more champions.

Behind every heroic act is a story.

What’s yours?

God Bless

I’ve Been Searching So Long

If you lived as a child or teenager in the 70’s you will remember the group “Chicago” and in particular this great song.


As my life goes on I believe
Somehow something’s changed
Something deep inside
Ooh a part of me

There’s a strange new light in my eyes
Things I’ve never known
Changin’ my life
Changin’ me

I’ve been searching
So long
To find an answer
Now I know my life has meaning
Ow oh

Now I see myself as I am
Feeling very free
Life is everything
Ooh it’s meant to be
When my tears have come to an end
I will understand
What I left behind
Part of me

I’ve been searching
So long
To find an answer
Now I know my life has meaning
Woah woah

For an answer
To the question
Oh yeah
Who am I?
Baby it’s true
It’s only natural
It’s only natural baby, yeah
Good things
In life
Take a long time
yeah yeah

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