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A Little Yankee

My favorite scents of the fall –

Yankee candles in Fall Festival, Pumpkin pie, Autumn leaves and Caramel apple cider.  You can see some of my other favorite products on pinterest here.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Here’s a little jar of yankee that sits on my desk – reminding me of all the delicious scents of this season.

If you put your nose close enough to your computer screen – you can smell it too ūüôā

God Bless

The Color Brown And Electronic Devices

Fall is that unique time of the year where all the world seems to BURST into color. From the leaves on the trees to the many new colors around in local stores – it is a season that I really enjoy. It smells good. It looks good. It's comfortable and familiar. I love pumpkins. I love everything about them. Probably why I LOVE pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie.

It also seems as if the world loves fall too. Everyone acts different – and I mean in a good way. Not like Christmas time, where the hustle and bustle and attitudes are a bit annoying. But in this season that brings us great colors and wonderful aromas – people genuinely seem happier and more relaxed.

Speaking of being relaxed or seeming more relaxed – I just heard on the John Tesh radio show, “Intelligence for your life” that the new color for cars this year is BROWN!! Pretty cool – especially when we consider that brown is a color associated with comfort, like coffee or chocolate.

As I sit here today in a local Starbucks – I look around me and see many examples of the colors of fall. Brown, dark green, orange and amber colors are all around me – soothing me as much as the smooth jazz and the cup of coffee I am now enjoying while writing this. Everyone here is happily engaged in conversation, laughing and smiling. Others are by themselves on their computers, looking busy and in another world. Behind me sits a couple with an electronic devise that is used to amplify the voice – and makes me pause with my fingers poised over the keys – to catch what the device is trying to say. And because it is very distracting – I try not to turn around and become obvious.

Many years ago, Greg and I were in a Shari's restaurant and Greg stopped in mid-sentence and said, “Shhhh! I hear something” When he stopped talking so would the electronic devise he was hearing just behind our booth. I kidded him and told him the 'Mother Ship' had found him or something to that effect – but he was relentless and kept stopping conversation by putting up his hand to hold me back whenever he would hear it again. When we finally left the restaurant some 30 minutes later, we walked right by the booth where the noise had come from and were clearly able to see that a gentleman sitting there was using this device to speak.

Now because I recognize the sound – but don't wish to appear rude, I have NOT turned around. Not even once – although very tempted. I was even very smooth when getting up from my table and ordering my cup of coffee, averting my eyes in that general direction and pretending that I hear and see nothing. Even when facing their table on my long walk back to my table. Greg would be so proud. I have behaved myself in public and have not made a scene. ūüôā

Hope you have a wonderful fall day – with lots of color and few distractions.


God Bless


With Clear Vision

I sit in my office this morning Рlistening to my Spotify playlist while working at my desk.  I look out my window and see the incredible colors of fall Рthe trees in our front yard being the last of the trees to turn color in our neighborhood Рand am in awe and filled with wonder at the incredible beauty Рjust outside my window.

This is behind glass.  A window that separates me from the outside Рand from seeing this picture with clear vision.

What separates you from seeing something with clear vision?  If this life we are living Рis just a picture Рa dim picture of reality Рas though looking through a dark mirror, then what is reality?   Are things sometimes not as they really seem?  When was the last time you wondered about something like this?  When was the last time you wished you could see a situation with clear vision?


God Bless

A Splash Of Color In A Black And White World

¬†Have you ever felt like you were seeing things in a “black and white” way – and then suddenly – you see some color?

When was the last time you stopped to just look?  And really Рnoticed?

How does a little splash of color change your perspective?

God Bless


Last year Greg and I read a book together on marriage. ¬†In one of the chapters the author talked about the “seasons” of marriage. ¬†It was interesting and stimulated much conversation. ¬†I think many of the things in this book could also be applied to each one of us individually – as we are all on a journey.


This usually applies to the times of our life when things are going well. ¬†Like a hot lazy summer afternoon – ¬†No problems – no crisis – nothing to get too excited about ¬†– You’re ¬†in a comfortable pattern of life and things are happening in a predictable and even comfortable way – no real work required – just coasting nicely along. ¬†You sleep well – you’re enjoying life – and everything is good.


Usually the fall of our lives is a time of a “shaking up” of the mundane and comfortable. ¬†You can’t always see “sunny skies” anymore or what’s coming – things happen – life happens. ¬†It can be a ripping and tearing of things that are dear to you. ¬†In the fall – leaves turn color – fall off and die. ¬†This season of our lives can be stormy. ¬†There is a chill in the air – and a faint memory of better times.


This is the hardest season of all – in marriage and in our individual lives. ¬†It can come and last for many years. ¬†This is the barren time – the time when warm days seem far away – and praying and hoping for them seem hopeless – there is no relief in sight. ¬†Sadness and depression come in the winter of our lives. ¬†People have hurt us – we’ve lost a loved one – we think God has abandoned us. ¬†We question everything. ¬†We wonder what we did to deserve this. ¬†And it is a hopeless bottomless pit. ¬†God is very near during this season – and is doing His deepest work in us during the trials and pain. ¬†Bringing healing and restoration to our hearts.


And then God. ¬† He brings life from death – hope from despair – mourning into JOY! ¬†In the spring of our lives we find validation for the winter. ¬†Reasons that now become clear to us. ¬†A weight is lifted off our chest as we begin to see clearly how the winter was indeed our “friend”. ¬†And how near God was to us as we were so near to defeat and plunging into a “dark place”. ¬†Spring brings color and texture to our winter world – new life buds all around us – we feel alive and free. ¬†Creativity and self expression burst forth and we become ever grateful for blessing – and appreciate the little things life has to offer.

What season are you in today? ¬†Do you find things good? ¬†Then you are probably in a “summer” season of life – Praise God for summer! ¬†I would live there all the time if I had my way. ¬†But maybe you’re in the “winter”. ¬†I’ve been there. ¬†I did most of my growing in that season. ¬†It was cold and uncomfortable but I heard God speak to me more during that season than any other time in my life. ¬†If you find yourself in that season today – allow Him to do the healing work in your life and heart. ¬†“Spring” is just around the corner – and when the timing is right – it will be there for you.

Maybe you are in the “fall” or “spring” of your life. ¬†I am finding myself in the “spring” right now. ¬†I appreciate the journey and God’s hand on my life through the “winter” season. ¬†I will never again take things for granted – but find the value in each relationship in my life – and find a way to love and encourage those around me to do the same.

I am praying for you

God Bless

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