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A Quick Fix

Today we made another discovery with our 7 month old puppy, Daisy.  She is not a normal dog.  She is picky like a cat.  She does not scarf down food – instead sniffs it and sometimes will eat it.  If it suits her.  She eats to live – not the other way around.

Because she is a small white Bichon Frise – she also has tear staining issues.  We’ve tried everything.  But since being on more of a raw diet (fresh meat, freeze-dried and air-dried raw) she is much improved.  We were also told to get stainless steel bowls for her water and food.  She had pink porcelain before – but just in case any dye could seep through – we decided to try them.

Well believe it or not – she was FREAKED OUT because she could see her reflection in the shiny new bowls.  We tried to coax her to drink her water but she would NOT go anywhere near those scary things.

So we returned them and got plastic.  With plastic there is no clanking of her tag against metal or porcelain – so a double bonus.

But with these new bowls – there was another problem.  They were scary and deep.

She simply would NOT put her face inside the bowl to eat her food.  Drinking was okay because she didn’t have to go as far inside the bowl.  But in order to eat – we would have to put her food on the floor beside the bowl or hand feed it.  Because she is still a puppy – it is important for her to eat – tough love doesn’t work for growing puppies.

But we made a discovery!  When we brought the food up higher in her bowl – she went right to it and ate it just fine!  So Greg got a plastic lid – and with a little hot glue – he glued in to the inside of her bowl.

Guess who is eating now? With NO PROBLEM.

It was such a quick fix – so cheap and very little effort. And now we can all relax and know she is getting enough to eat 🙂

It’s the little things in life – that cost nothing, that give the most satisfaction.

When was the last time you had a “quick fix”?

God Bless

Before Coffee


My eyes are blurry

I’m having trouble focusing

and being “present”

I’m stumbling around

running into things

the world seems sleepy



and listless

I remember a time

when I can write

put thoughts together

prepare for my day

do things

but right now

there is no coffee

no creativity

no spunk

moving slow

taking my time

wrapping a single thought

in my brain

is so hard

But after coffee

I shall be motivated



on task









and just AWESOME

Yeah, maybe I need to get me some of that coffee soon.

Have you had your coffee today?

God Bless

Finding Better Things To Do

Yesterday in keeping with my article theme of “Finding My Sense of Humor” – I will recount our yesterday’s activities in full.

The “plan” was to go with Greg to Snoqualmie Ridge to help him set up a table for a wedding venue event hosted at the hotel for the next day.  Then we were going to take advantage of the sunshine and find a nice little trail – and go for a long hike.

I’ve lost about 25 pounds since last August – and I’ve been having trouble losing that last 15.  I’ve been just stuck – no matter what I do.  Granted – it’s winter, colder weather – not enough nice days to do a 2 mile walk (like we used to everyday)  But that’s no excuse as we DO have an elliptical machine.  It’s just that I really hate it.  No I mean REALLY HATE it.  I still use it – but I prefer getting out and walking.

So when the weather is nice (no rain, ice or freezing temperature and wind) then it’s a perfect day to go walking.

So we finished up at the hotel and Greg drove to a spot where they have these cool old trains and a cute little museum in the town of Snoqualmie and we parked the car and started walking toward the little trail.

Did I mention there were cute old trains?

Yeah – well we found some.  And I will blame Greg for distracting us from our “plan” – because he just had to climb on all of them – and I being the photographer that I am (or try to be) just HAD to take pictures.  It was a must.  I would be negligent if I didn’t take them.

After exploring those for a while we decided that we really SHOULD go for our walk.  We went to cross the street and right in front of us was a candy shop – with homemade fudge and salt water taffy.  I told Greg we really HAD to go in.  He said, “what about our walk”?  I told him I was cold and really needed to go in there to warm up – and look at the candy 🙂  So we went in – and came away with only one milk chocolate turtle, one milk chocolate peanut butter cup, one large piece of a toffee nut bar and several pieces of salt water taffy.

As we left the store we saw this cool sign:

We chuckled because our church name is “LifePoint” and I had to stop and text this picture to our pastor, Stephen – who I knew would enjoy it just as much as we did – (and he did – so it was worth it!)

By then I had run out of excuses for taking the walk – but we were in a town higher in elevation than I was used to – even though it was sunny and clear – and suddenly it was freakishly COLD.  I had my mittens on – but no hat or warm socks and my ears and toes were freezing.  I told Greg I couldn’t possibly walk with it SO cold.

We crossed the street and decided to look around in the old train museum and eventually came to the little gift shop – where an elderly man dressed like a train conductor was behind the counter.  He was cheerful and full of ‘one-liners’ and puns about all sorts of subjects and had us laughing and feeling very good that we did NOT take our walk after all.

Life is short.  Sometimes – there are just better things to do.

When was the last time you had a ‘plan’ and life took another turn?

God Bless

I’m Drinking ACV

Aspall Cyder Vinegar 2

Image by AndyRobertsPhotos via Flickr

Over the last month I’ve been on a fitness program with a little help from a website and app called  I’ve been keeping track of every food and drink item consumed and limited to a certain amount of calories per day.  This has been great discipline for me – I never kept track before.  It was a revelation to learn just how many calories are in certain foods (and drinks) that I love.

So the good news is this:  After a month of concentrated effort –  I’ve actually lost 8 pounds – and expect to lose about 15 total before going on our cruise to Alaska next month.  Yay!

Here’s the bad news:  Changes in eating habits can bring changes in your body balance and hormone levels – bringing allergic reactions to your skin.  I have started developing eczema on my arms.  I’ve always had a little of this on my head (a lovely present inherited from my Dad) but never on any other area of my body.  Oh I tried hydrocordisone cream and ointment – neither had any lasting effect.  Thinking it might be brought on my too much sun – or by a bug bite – I took Benadryl.  Nothing worked.

So I googled it.  And I kept coming up with the same answer.  Eczema is an internal problem and it needs to be fixed from within.  Creams and lotions can only do so much.  I also found other people who had suffered with this for years – and learned what they have done to cure it.  The common denominator in my findings was this:

Apple Cider Vinegar

There are healing properties in the fermentation process  that will actually dry up and heal eczema – among other things that vinegar will do.  I found a 22-year-old female in the entertainment business (okay, she’s a stripper) and she said,  “I can’t afford to have eczema on my elbows for my job”.  So she did months of research and came up with a “cure” for her problem.

Here’s what she did – I’m not making this up.

1.  She went to the grocery store and bought Apple Cider Vinegar, Activia yogurt, Aloe Vera liquid, Crisco shortening, and Dove unscented soap.  (I bought the unscented body wash)

2.  She went home and poured the vinegar into a bowl and soaked her elbows for 10 minutes – let them air dry – then put the Crisco on top.  She ate 2 yogurts and drank some aloe vera liquid.  Before bed she repeated.  By morning her rash was faded – and she repeated the process for 2 more days until rash was gone.

I thought – Wow – could this really work?  I googled some more and found out that other people have discovered the same thing about ACV – even bathe their children suffering from eczema in a bath with vinegar.  Some suggested putting a 50/50 solution of it in a spray bottle and simply spraying in on the affected areas and letting air dry.

Because this is a problem that is internal – it was also suggested that you drink some of the vinegar every day.

So – like a trooper and “early adopter” that I am – I went to the store and picked up my items to begin my process of healing my red patches.  I followed the steps above – instead of dipping elbows – mine was on my arms – I just simply used a cloth – and some cotton balls soaked with vinegar.  It stung just a little – but it was okay – and soon the itching went away.  I did this a couple of times and then followed up with the Crisco on top.  I ate a yogurt – one in the afternoon and one before bed.  Then I drank 1/4 cup of aloe vera.  That stuff is nasty.  Then I drank some APV.  Yes I did.  Straight up.  About 2 Tablespoons.  That stuff will take your breath away.  Seriously.  So I read that someone mixed it in their V-8 juice – and that made it better.  It does.

I went to bed last night – all lathered up in Crisco – slept like a baby and woke up this morning with the patches VERY FADED.  Yay!  I am repeating the process today.

Greg says my night table looks like I’m ready to pickle something or bake a pie – he’s not sure which one 🙂  But I’m very happy about not having to get ANOTHER cream.  And both vinegar and Crisco – do wonders for the skin 🙂  I rubbed my cracked heels with some Crisco and my cuticles – they were really soft this morning.  Maybe those super models are on to something after all!

I say – go natural.  Look it up – do your own research.  If you suffer with eczema like me – you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that a little ACV, Activia yogurt, Aloe Vera liquid and Crisco might actually be a cure 🙂

Until I find something better – I’m sticking to drinking my ACV!  Below are some related articles for many other uses and benefits for Apple Cider Vinegar.  Check it out!

Here’s to you and to good health!

God Bless!

Attempting To Be A More Healthy Me

Official seal of the National Organic Program

Image via Wikipedia

After watching a video and reading more information this past week on ‘The Diet Solution’ – which is NOT a diet at all but just a smart and healthy way to eat – Greg and I decided to make a few changes in some of the things we have been eating – in an attempt to be healthier and live longer.  Mostly just stop eating sugar – and the wrong kinds of bread.  So in reading information on bread – it was determined that only the ‘sprouted grain’ bread is the best kind and will not mess your body up.  So the only place they sell it is at whole foods or health stores.  We found one in Renton and I must say – it is expensive but really good.  Lots of nuts and natural grains which I love!

Also only sea salt is the best salt to use – not that other stuff they sell – I was way ahead of the game having only used a sea salt grinder for the last couple of years.

And of course – organic foods – such as dairy, meat and eggs – which again are expensive. But since we are trying to be healthy – we did buy a few things in the organic section of the grocery store.  I always  knew that there was an organic section in Safeway – but it seems to be growing as more and more people are wanting those foods.  I’m hoping as it is more in demand – the prices will drop.

And we did have fun shopping for organic foods – and chicken with no hormones and lots of veggies.  We also picked up a product called xylitol which is a natural sweetener – made from sugar alcoholic – no preservatives and is actually good for bones and teeth.  It’s an amazing sweetener.  Those other sweetener packets will kill you.  Of course everything eventually will – if you live long enough.  So for us – it’s baby steps.

I think more people are becoming healthy and want to live longer more productive lives – and so organic foods are going to become more the way to go.

Right now I am just going to try some different choices.  I will still drink my coffee with vanilla creamer – but when I have tea I will put xylitol in it.  And since I already love nuts – that’s a very healthy and acceptable snack.  Any fruits and veggies are great – I love to grill them or stir fry them in a little butter or olive oil – and both of these are a great natural way to go – none of that margarine or butter substitutes.  Luckily we’ve been using real butter and olive oil for years.  I love sweet potatoes, avocados, fish, chicken, and occasionally red meat – all of which is fine if it’s hormone free – and the fish needs to be wild – not farm raised.  And my turkey this year for Thanksgiving will be an organic one – which I’m told tastes WAY better anyway – so Yay!!

As for soy products – they are apparently bad for you – and that’s fine with me because personally – I don’t care for the taste anyway.

Mostly anything that is natural – or a real food is okay – there is no diet involved with just eating healthier and making better choices.  And not eating sugar – or at least cutting back is just a good idea for everyone.

For lunch I made Greg and me  a B.L.T.A. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and avocado) with sprouted grain bread and organic mayo.  It was amazing. Last night we had grilled salmon and veggies.   One thing about eating better and not starving yourself – is a change in your metabolism – which makes you leaner and more healthy.

No sugar?  Yes – I can do it – in an attempt to be a more healthy me.

On a funny side note – our 19 year old son Shawn came home last night and looked in the fridge, freezer and pantry – marched up to our bedroom (it was after midnight) and said, “Mom – you weren’t kidding when you said you were going organic – EVERYTHING is organic – where’s the REAL FOOD!”  We got a good chuckle over that – and we won’t be starving our son – he will see to it I’m sure ☺

Time for a nap – and tomorrow I will continue – and do my yoga stretches and elliptical too.  I know I can do it.

Have a great Sunday!


God Bless

My ‘Take’ On The Puyallup Fair

Puyallup Fair Northeast Entrance

Image by camknows via Flickr

Greg and I enjoyed the fair again this year.  I was hungry upon arriving – the smell of food is everywhere – and I’m not sure why EVERYTHING tastes better at the fair – but it just does.

We started with a corn dog – and then tried the beer battered onion rings – they both were amazing. After a while we were ready for a scone filled with raspberry jam (in one picture I have jam on my nose for a picture) which you just have to have when you’re at the fair.

We saw Mike and Gracie Copeland – dear friends of ours we have lost contact with – and haven’t seen in several years!  So great to reconnect!

The real highlight of the fair for me – is the ‘Pig Palace’ – where the baby piglet’s can be found.  I took many pictures – so fun!  And the man in the pen with the pigs even held up a couple of them so that those of us with our cameras could take some photos close up.

We strolled through the ‘petting zoo‘ and also saw the cows and horsesllamas and Alpacas.  One cow loved Greg and rubbed her head against his elbow several times – so cute ♥

The Craft Exhibits, Agricultural displays and ‘Hobby Hall’ were also fun.  My dear friend Deanna entered a Christmas tree this year and it was fun to see it up close and personal and get a picture with it.  We couldn’t believe the size of the HUGE pumpkins!!!

Another ‘highlight’ for me was finding the ‘state of the art’ massage chairs in the Exhibit Hall.  I sat in the most expensive one and it even talked to me!  They programmed it for my upper back, neck and shoulders and I got to enjoy that massage for 15 minutes!  I would LOVE one of those chairs – what’s money, right?

I’m a ‘people watcher’ so the fair is a really great place to do this – and I was not disappointed this year!

As it started to rain – we were ready to leave…for another year.

Here are some pictures of our day – Enjoy!!

The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Breakfast.  For me – if it’s not exciting – I’d rather decline and just have a cup of coffee – or tea if we’re out of coffee.

My dear husband and I have had much discussion on this topic over the years – and we know we shall never agree (sigh) – but rather we will always “agree to disagree”.

I believe that every meal should be exciting and especially in the morning.  Nothing dull and boring for me – such as dry cereal.  No indeed.  I require excitement for my palette.  It’s something to look forward to – a reason to GET UP in the morning!

Greg would settle for dry cereal – several different ones in fact – IN THE SAME BOWL – sprinkled with a little milk to make it good and soggy.  He eats the SAME THING every morning – and has for as long as I’ve known him.  Yuck.  Boring.  NOT FOR ME!!

I like a Danish – or a muffin – pancakes, french toast or an omelette made to perfection.  There is only one kind of cereal I can tolerate in the morning – and that is a very yummy maple pecan granola.  All other cereal (if I am forced to eat it) should be consumed in the evening hours (when no one can see me).

Greg has tried to “push” his cereal on me – especially when he’s panicking as the cereal in the boxes is getting older and may get stale – and he knows there’s NO WAY our dear son will eat stale cereal.  But if does not work – like I said – I would rather have NOTHING than eat that foul stuff.  Greg buys cereal on sale and actually likes things like corn flakes, Cheerios and all kinds of other tasteless varieties  – because he mixes them together.  To him – that’s VERY exciting.

Both of “my boys” can consume LARGE quantities of cereal.  It’s amazing to watch.  Shawn has taken on his dear father’s love of cereal in the morning.  In fact I think Shawn would eat it every meal of the day if we’d let him and there was nothing else in the house.

When Greg and I were first dating – he would come over to my house and see all the cereal boxes pretty much left for dead in my parent’s kitchen cupboard.  I remember he was AMAZED how cereal could actually sit there long enough to get stale!  It would never have happened in his home growing up with 3 hungry BOYS!!  At my home growing up – when a cereal started to get stale – none of us women (my mom, sister  and me) would have anything more to do with it – and my Dad ended up being the “garbage can” for everything we “cast off”.  It’s really amazing that my Dad doesn’t weigh about 1000 pounds after all those years of eating everything we wouldn’t.

Today I poached 2 eggs in boiling water – the “Julia Child” way.  It was amazing – no oils or butter – just water to cook it.  I gave one to Greg and ate the other.  I said, “now THIS is exciting”  I added a corn bread muffin on the side with my coffee and had a winner.

So please DON’T pass the dry cereal to me.  I won’t be eating that for breakfast.  After all – it IS the most important meal of the day.

Here’s wishing you an exciting day for your palette – made to order just the way you like it!

God Bless

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