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Are You Bored?

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What is your first thought when you see someone write on facebook, twitter or any other social media – “I’m SO BORED”?

Do you think it’s funny?  You’re one of those that can identify with this – and find yourself relating back with humorous chit-chat to relieve their boredom?

Do you think it’s lazy?  Are you one of the ones raised in my generation with parents who thought it was some sort of “sin” to be bored?  And would immediately create a new and “fun” project to keep you from ever saying “I’m bored” again?

Last night Greg and I were watching “Modern Family” – on the program Claire’s girls had been talking inside, while their mother Claire was outside.  The girls said they were ‘bored’.  And just like I remember from my childhood, Claire came in and immediately gave them the project of cleaning the kitchen cupboards and everything else in it.  Yes – it was just what I remember – which is why I was never bored.  Busy – yes – but not bored.

Too many times I see this online and I cringe.  Honestly when I read this I have this mental picture of someone staring straight ahead at a pasty white wall, mouth opened, with a little drool coming out – nearly stupefied and ready to PASS OUT!

Now that may not be what you are indicating when you say, “I’m bored” – but to those of us raised with parents from the “builder” generation whose value came from hard work – then to US it looks like you just need a project, chore or something to DO that’s constructive!

I’m sure what most of you mean is this:

1)  I don’t have anything pressing right now to do.


2) I have some free time (Yay for ME!)


3) I can chill for a while in my quiet place (if you’re a guy – your “nothing box”)

For me – these all apply – but you will NEVER hear me say or EVER write on social media that “I’m bored” – not EVER.  To me – that is a sign that my mind has ceased to function – that I am beyond the point of  enjoying  a good book, sitting quietly and watching a good movie – playing word games and puzzles to increase my word knowledge and ponder on the many things I need to prepare the next day or week.

How about you?

Are YOU bored?

God Bless


What Are You Made Of?

A game in progress on Facebook

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Table games and online scrabble games such as “Words with Friends” and “Lexulous” have a way of  not only being fun as you connect with other people whom  you know – but also have a way of revealing just who that person is.

I have always been a game player.  I love the strategy of games – and love Chess and monopoly for that reason.  I guess you could say I’m competitive – but I’m not an angry competitor – I just love the game. Last night I taught my son-in-law to play Rook.  It is a game of strategy – and he became very good at it – once he understood the rules.  He is also my “Word with Friends” buddy – we both love playing scrabble.

In the last year I have found a new love for word games. I only play with people I know – and it helps me to find out a little more about them as we enter into a game.

For instance:  I found out that there are many ways to play a good game of scrabble – (Lexulous on Facebook and iPhone – Words with friends only on the iPhone).  I have learned so much from others about where to place my tiles – which letters to hang on to etc. – for the most points.  It has stretched my vocabulary and sharpened my mind.  I can scrabble pretty much anytime throughout the day – and it is not uncommon for me to be playing a game with about 10 people at the same time.

I found out something else about playing a game with a friend – you find out more about them. Nothing like a competitive game to bring out what someone is really made of – and how they will react.  If you play a number of games – (one friend and I have played continually for about a year) – you see a pattern of intelligence and behavior – from being a great winner – or being a gracious loser.  I have loved the many lessons I have learned from those way more gifted in the area of words and strategy than myself – and have them pour into me – to teach and be patient with me – applauding me on a great word – and encouraging me when I didn’t win a game.  This kindness while playing a game – winning or losing – shows me what they are made of.  And since males tend to be more competitive by nature – it is then really wonderful to see how caring and patient they are when playing with me.

Women don’t tend to be as competitive as men in the area of games – but there is an exception to every rule.  I have seen both men and women get bent out of shape and put into a very bad mood when they lose at anything – including games. And that can spill out into everyday life for sure.  Someone hot-headed about a game – tends to be hot-headed in life too.  Check it and see.

So if you really want to know what your friends are made of – ask them to play a game with you – even Words with Friends – or Lexulous and soon it will be clear to you 🙂

*This is dedicated to my many scrabble buddies whom I have had the privilege of playing many games with.  You inspire me – by your patience and understanding – most of all – you better me.

Play a game with a friend today 🙂

God Bless


Cover of "The Story of Us"

Cover of The Story of Us

When our children were small – we used to play a game at the dinner table – found in a movie with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer called, “The Story of Us” – the game was called, ‘High-Low’.

The object of this game is to encourage conversation – even in the youngest member sitting at the table.  Someone starts and could say, “Today my ‘high’ was getting a pedicure – and my ‘low’ was losing my keys” – It could be as simple as that – or you could expand on your points – as your personality and mood strikes you that day.  We found that it caused everyone in our home to evaluate their day – reflect on only the best and the worst moment and then to share – it helped with the endless, ‘How was your day, dear?’ to their one word answer – ‘fine’.

After a few years – our daughter (4 years older than her brother) caught on to the ‘purpose’ of the ‘game’ – trying to provoke conversation from our pre-adolescent child – and she shut down and began to poke fun at the ‘game’ – and then of course – our son followed suit.  *Sigh* – it was great while it lasted.

“The Story of Us’ – is a journey of one couple in love – but troubled.  They have a typical story – meet when they are young – fall in love and get married – have a couple of children – settle into a routine – and find that slowly they have drifted apart.  Their story is heart-warming, poignant and full of pain.  It is the journey back to self discovery – and back to what’s important – each other.  The ending will make you cry – as they discover at the end of the day – and the end of the relationship – they still love each other.  Michelle’s speech at the end should have won her an academy award.  Below is a music video with some of the pictures and scenes from the movie – and I encourage you to watch this if you’ve ever gone through trauma in your own marriage – and have ever contemplated ‘throwing in the towel’ and giving up.

I pray that you too will find that at the end of your day – and your journey – that you will remember what was really important – be able to throw out the yucky bad stuff and concentrate on the most important – love. And have your own ‘story’ to tell.

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