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Day 25 – It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – by Josh Groban

This is by far the BEST arrangement I’ve ever heard of this old traditional Christmas carol.  Arranged by David Foster and played on the piano by Josh himself – it is  beautifully done with an added gospel choir at the end.  When it comes on in the car or on my computer – I’m simply amazed by this masterpiece.

Enjoy and God Bless!

Day 22 – Muppet Christmas Carol

My personal favorite of this timeless traditional Christmas story. The soundtrack is by Paul Johnson – and everything about the music is amazing. If you’ve never seen this version – I encourage you to do so – especially if you have ever found this story to be dark and boring in other dramatic versions, as I have. This one will make you laugh and cry – and you’ll be singing along with the great musical score!

Below please find my favorite song from the movie – it’s a tear-jerker 🙂 Watch Michael Caine in the background – it’s really great acting.

God Bless

Day 21 – Noel

I have had this Christmas movie in my collection for a few years now – and have loved it since the first time I watched it. It is a story of miracles, angels and hope in desperate circumstances. Starring Susan Sarandon and the very lovely Penelope Cruz – with a few lovely twists and surprises – such as a guest appearance from Robin Williams – I’m sure you will agree – they don’t get much better than this one.  Below is a sneak preview – hope you enjoy it!

God Bless!

Day 5 – A Season For Miracles

Last night after being at our daughter’s home for Thanksgiving – we came home, Greg built another roaring fire and we sat down to watch another Christmas favorite, “A Season For Miracles”.

I love this story. It is about second chances and guardian angels.  It is about children finding restored safety and happiness and for a flawed system giving back and doing what is right.  It is about community pulling together and getting behind a cause.

If you have not seen this great film (it came out in 1999) try to get yourself a copy and curl up next to someone you love – and get ready for a treat 🙂

Oh and just as a side note, I think that Laura Dern does an AMAZING job as the unfit, druggie mom.  I have never seen her play something this edgy and she’s really convincing!

God Bless!

Freedom Weekend

July 4th Fireworks

A weekend of freedom

of independence

loud noises

fill the night

fireworks stands

are now visible

a feeling of unity

among community

everywhere I go

fresh fruit


and laughter

this is July 4th

a long weekend

time to reflect

to eat

to barbecue

to write

to walk

to visit

and remember

what this weekend

is really all about

it’s about

our freedom


One nation

under God


with liberty and justice

for all

God Bless

Happy March!


Image via Wikipedia

The lion has come in – and let’s hope he leaves as a lamb.  We all like to feel a little spring when we turn the calendar to March – and especially me.

This is my birthday month – not just any birthday either.  It’s the big one.  Forty was okay – I didn’t freak out at all – and I have to say that my forties was the very best and worst of times.  Greg and I successfully raised two teenagers during this period – and our daughter even got married while I was 48. And we’re still here to tell about it.

So what will a new decade bring?  I’ve never been one to dwell on age – and it IS just a number – so why do we freak out about it?  We are only as old as we feel, right?  Yeah – that’s what I’m afraid of.  In my forties I felt pretty good up until a couple of years ago – then little things like upper body pain from sitting too long – or not bouncing back as quickly from exercise and sickness – are just some of the wonderful joys of getting older.  One lovely senior woman once told me many years ago – “Cindy – don’t ever get old”.  Great.  I’m working on it.

The happy news is that my husband is a couple of years older than I – and most of our friends are hitting this happy spot on their journey too – Yes, Ron – I’m talking about you my friend – you will join me soon after my birthday.  And a few of our friends are already there – waving us on – like Barbara and Bob Coccia.  They say, “Hey it’s not so bad!”  And so I have no other choice but to believe them.  One of our friends is 10 years older than Greg – and when Greg turned 50 he told him – “You think the time went fast from 40 to 50?  Just wait until you see how fast it goes from 50 – 60”!  Great.

Well I plan to take the whole month to celebrate – even though my actual birthday isn’t until the 11th of this month.  And spring better hurry up – my capris and sandals are looking a little lonely in my closet – and you can’t have a spring birthday without those!  And if you are in this ‘season of life’ – take heart – you are not alone – I’m right there with you!  Let’s CELEBRATE!!


God Bless

I’d like a do-over please

Cover of "Groundhog Day (15th Anniversary...

Cover via Amazon

Greg and I watched the movie (for about the 10th time or so) “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray.  This is a classic – and needs to be watched at least once by everyone.

It starts off as a typical comedy and then actually changes moods somewhere in the early part of the plot.  It is about a very self-centered man who is given the gift of a ‘do-over’.  Not just one day to do over – but he’s actually stuck reliving the same day, Groundhog day, over and over again – for what could have been years.

I’ve seen the movie so many times – to be honest I wasn’t even picking up on the subtleties of the plot until I watched in last night and saw things I had never seen before.  What this character learned the hard way – was that people are the most important thing.  As soon as he became a more compassionate and giving person – helping those around him in need that were almost invisible to him at the beginning of the story – he was released.  After numerous attempts at winning the woman he loved – it was not until he really changed that she even saw him and took him seriously.

How powerful the kindness and compassion we all possess.  If we only knew how important our words, gestures and encouragement are for others around us – we would not hold them back.

Do you want people to notice you?  Embrace you?  Love you?  Maybe you are caught in a monotonous daily routine that makes you feel like you are reliving the same day over and over again. The results are always the same.  You feel alone, like no one cares, no one sees you and you are not appreciated.   Try using your words of kindness to brighten and cheer up the hurting people around you.  Show love to others – it will literally change your life. And you won’t need a lesson of having to repeat the same day over and over again – like he did until he got it.

Everyone around us is starved for love and attention.  We are called to be a ‘light’ to a very dark world.  We have a HUGE responsibility to live like Jesus – showing compassion and mercy to those around us – being the first to forgive and to overlook the many shortcomings and mistakes of those in our world.

We all need a do-over.  I know I do.  But when you have a situation that needs ‘doing over’ try to see the lesson in it – and don’t make the same mistake again – learn from it – grow in wisdom from it and turn it around to help someone else.

I am blessed to have those in my life right now that like me, have needed a ‘do-over’ or two – and they are compassionate and patient with me – because they have been there and know what it feels like.  Friends like this are special and I cherish each and every one.


God Bless

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