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Drinking Healthy Thanks To My NutriBullet

IMG_5592IMG_5593Sometimes you just need to have one of these – not only good for you but tastes GREAT TOO!


Made in my Nutribullet – here is what I put in it:

1/2 stalk celery

1/2 carrot

4 spinach leaves

4 organic kale leaves

handful of organic berry mix from Costco

6 or 8 salted almonds

one teaspoon honey


I also love to freeze bananas (after they are peeled) and add a half a banana to some greens, strawberries or pineapple – fresh is the best!  I usually add almonds or walnuts to any combination above.

The rule is:

Fill up half the glass with greens and then add whatever else on top – sweeten with honey or leave alone depending on how sweet the fruit.  Fill up to the line with water – and THERE IT IS.  In a liquified form to drink!


I had a very frustrating morning and ended up with a headache – and I must admit that this helps and no pills!!


I love my Nutribullet – it does make it easy to consume those green veggies that are so good for us!


Anyone have some yummy recipes of your own?  Please share!


God Bless


A Little Yankee

My favorite scents of the fall –

Yankee candles in Fall Festival, Pumpkin pie, Autumn leaves and Caramel apple cider.  You can see some of my other favorite products on pinterest here.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Here’s a little jar of yankee that sits on my desk – reminding me of all the delicious scents of this season.

If you put your nose close enough to your computer screen – you can smell it too 🙂

God Bless

25 Years Ago Today

25 years ago today we were blessed with a baby girl, 7lbs 10oz – and we called her Ashlee Renee.

We have been so blessed by this little bundle of energy – and although 25 years ago we were living in a completely different place and were much younger things have not really changed that much.  We are still the same people we always were – except that this little baby changed our lives – forever.

We thought we were prepared for a baby.  No one is prepared – even with the planning and waiting (we waited 6 years), the financial security (or lack of it) and the books on babies and parenthood.  A baby simply changes your life.

We dressed her up – put pretty bows on her once bald head and tried to make every moment count.

But along with the joy of having a little doll to dress up – what most people don’t plan for is sickness, long nights and days with no sleep, a fussy eater, a baby who won’t sleep anywhere except her own bed and trips to the ER for croup.  At 10 months old Ashlee had complications from the flu with a high fever reaching 105 and had to be in the hospital.  These were the tough times of having a baby.

Still she has been a light and joy in our lives. Stealing away any sense of privacy and sanity – babies are the best things in life.

Here’s to you Ashlee – you’re not a baby anymore – but I still remember you as one. One of my favorite memories of you as a little girl was when you were a flower girl at age 3.

Now you are a grown woman with a wonderful husband and home of your own. And you still continue to bless us.

You are loved and always in our prayers.



The other day I got a “blast from the past” as my daughter and son-in-law on a recent road trip to California sent pictures back to me from a life of ours 20 years ago when we lived in Fortuna. Greg was the pastor of a small church for 3 1/2 years, our daughter was 14 months old when we moved there – and our son was born there 3 years later. Consequently, we have many good memories of our time in that place. I think everyone would agree with me – the best times of your life are when your children are small – and it is no different for us, however the humble beginnings and places we’ve lived while raising them.

After visiting that town that Ashlee hardly remembers because she was only 4 years old when we moved away – she called me that night and said, “Mom – how did you live there?  There’s nothing there!”  So true – and yet – we were happy.  We did not have cell phones, computers or any way of social networking.  I went to the park with Ashlee and worked on crafts during the day.  A stress break for me back then was baking.  Life was incredibly simple as we lived in the parsonage right next to the church – so we hardly ever needed the car except to go to the store and on occasion to the mall in a nearby larger town.  Fortuna was small – with one or two grocery stores – but they did have a Papa Murphy’s pizza which was called “Murphy’s” back then.  And you should see the one story hospital where Shawn was born!  The town and circumstances did not dictate to us if we would be content and full of joy in our “job” – we simply were.  Home is and always has been where our heart is.  How fortunate for us in our many moves throughout our ministry life – that we have always rested and relied on that fact.  It doesn’t matter that our children are now grown-up and live away from our home – we established our family home many years ago with them – and they still remember and forever keep it in their hearts.

This song from the recent winner of American Idol, Phillip Phillips – says it all.  I wanted to share it with you today.

Enjoy and God Bless!

Ten Years

I’ve been reflecting this past month on the events of 10 years ago. It is the anniversary of purchasing our home in the Seattle area.

Time has a way of sneaking up on you, and for me – this journey happened slowly at times and at other times very quickly.

Ten years ago our daughter was 14 and a freshman in high school. Our son was 10 and in the 4th grade. That seems like a lifetime ago when they were that age – and at the time, it seemed as if time moved very slowly.

But in between the swim meets, choir concerts, endless baseball and basketball tournaments we knew these were the best years and we tried to enjoy them and hang on to every minute, knowing that once these days are gone – they are gone.

When 10 years comes and goes it is a funny thing – we say to ourselves and others around us, “What happened??” And we are truly surprised when things don’t stay the same or when we do something and our bodies don’t feel the same as they used to in the “good old days”. I truly do wonder where we got as much energy as we had to be running all the times with kids and their events and I know I couldn’t do it today without paying for it!

As I reflect on yet another Mother’s Day – I realize this is the first one where we are true empty-nester’s – our daughter has been married for the past 2 1/2 years and our son is going to school in Southern California – so it is my first Mother’s Day without him in the area.

But I also think to myself, “Wow – what great well-balanced grown up kids we have! We must have done something right – or maybe they turned out in spite of us – either way I’m thankful and grateful for all of God’s MANY blessings poured out to us in this last decade and the ones before that.

I am looking forward to a great future in this next decade and the ones to follow as God wills it for each of our lives and can’t wait to reflect back on those memories. But mostly I’m learning to live in the moment and enjoy the journey along the way.

Where we’re you 10 years ago?

God Bless

Buttermilk – Who Knew?


Biscuits or dumplings. ONE part vegetable oil ...

Biscuits or dumplings. ONE part vegetable oil TWO parts buttermilk FOUR parts self-rising flour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I LOVE buttermilk.  Yes I do – I’m one of those weird (I like to think of it as cultured – some would say “special”) people who love to drink it straight.  Others mock and turn up their nose at me – even faking a disgusting face, as if to say, “how could you drink that – it’s revolting! ” But I just ignore them.  I know who I am.


But most would agree that when it is mixed in food recipes – something magic happens!  For example, my husband has found and perfected a buttermilk pancake recipe that melts in our mouths.  Without buttermilk the pancakes taste ordinary.  Others have found that buttermilk mixed with soup makes a delicious chicken bake – other use it as a batter for frying chicken – and I know some use it when making bread.  Some make biscuits and dumplings.  I also love it as one of the ingredients for ranch dressing.  That one ingredient makes the salad have just the right zip.


So – what is the buttermilk of our lives?  Jesus told us that as believers we are the “salt of the earth” – without salt, things are pretty much useless.  We bring flavor to the dull and flavorless, light to the darkness etc. – you get the idea.  Would buttermilk then become the ingredient that is like “truth” – pretty hard for most to take straight up – but when mixed with the other qualities of humility, peace, mercy and graciousness – it becomes not only better – but actually palatable.


How do you like your “truth”?  – straight up, right from the source?


Or do you find that “truth” is a blessing when it comes from someone loving, who is kind, gentle and full of humility?


One thing is for sure – no matter how it comes – how it is packaged, we all need truth in our lives.    We need the correct blending of Christ-like qualities operating in our lives at all times.  Like a finely tuned recipe for our palette – we need to have an ability to receive everything from God Himself, to enjoy the bountiful feast for our souls, with all things blending beautifully together.  Nothing sticking out, nothing out-of-place, nothing used as a weapon against us to beat us up – or drag us down.  Nothing making us feel defeated or unworthy – just harmony and peace for our souls.


I like my buttermilk straight up – but brutal truth?  Not so much.  But I have an appreciation for the kind of Savior that I serve.  He is gracious, gentle and kind.  He is the perfect gentleman.  He silently corrects my bad thoughts and behavior.  He does this in secret.  He never humiliates, never makes me feel like the ultimate loser.  He works with me and my unique personality – He knows how to positively motivate me – because He knows me best.


Ever try to correct someone you didn’t know very well?  Ever have someone try to motivate you based on their own fear or private agenda?


To all those our there that can relate to this – I say this:


Try a little buttermilk straight up – then have some of my husband’s buttermilk pancakes and you will see the light – I guarantee it.




God Bless


Cupid Knew

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

Image via Wikipedia

I posted this song last year and thought since it’s Valentine’s Day, I would post it again for those that didn’t get to hear it.

I wrote this song for my boyfriend, Greg Holman 31 Valentine’s Days ago.  We were engaged the following month and were married in September of that same year.

It’s pretty sappy, but I was only 19 at the time – so you need to cut me a little slack 🙂

It was the best I could do on short notice – I wanted a special unique gift for a pretty special and unique guy – so hear it is again.  Gotta love the quality of the old cassette tapes 🙂

Enjoy – and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day with those you love.

God Bless

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