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Finding My Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor… is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.
Hugh Sidey

one of the most laughter inducing photos i've ...

Image via Wikipedia

I totally agree with the above quote.  Ever know someone who wasn’t on the same page with you – as far as humor goes?  Instead of smiling, or laughing and seeing the joke – they criticize and try to “correct” you?

Ah – the value of seeing the lighter side of life!  Sometimes the ones that have the best sense of humor are those that have been through much in their lives.  I’m reminded of stand up comedians – and very funny entertainers.  Usually there is a story there that propelled them into channeling hurt and frustration into laughter and making people laugh.  And usually it is those that have been through the most in life – that have the best grasp on it.

I don’t know why we are made the way we are – we all have different personalities, work ethic, family traditions and backgrounds – and yet, somehow we all have the ability to laugh and feel joy.  And when we lose that ability to laugh – especially at ourselves, we lose real meaning and our lives become very heavy indeed.

I believe that God created each of us with that special gift of laughter and conversation – unique to human beings – so that we could express and experience His nature to the full.

Do you ever find yourself losing your sense of humor?

If so – you are not alone.

There are MANY things in this life that will rob you and me of that joyous laughter and appreciation for the little things.

Life is hard.  There are bills.  And worries.  And illness.  And teenagers.  And aging parents.  And more bills.  And relationship problems.  And on and on and on and on it goes.

We can’t change them.  They just are.

But true joy comes from knowing Jesus as your personal Savior.  We were hopelessly lost in sin and death – and then Jesus…

That’s enough to bring a smile and a laugh – but if it’s not enough for you – try taking a walk today and looking around at the trees and nature.  Take a deep breath and whisper a prayer, “Thank you Lord – for all of this BEAUTY today – thank you for providing a release from stress and the burdens of life – and help me to find that laughter and deep joy that only comes from you – help me to find that laughter again – help me to find that much-needed humor that YOU created for me”

It may not change any of your circumstances – but it will change YOU!

I am praying for you today.

Laugh at something or someone today.  Take a chance.  Have a belly laugh.  Laugh down deep – laugh until you cry.  You will be glad you did.

God Bless


Humor by Fred Klett

On a couple nights of our recent cruise to Alaska we had the privilege of having the very clean but HILARIOUS humor of Fred Klett.  I laughed the first night until my cheeks were sore.  And no kidding – one woman in the front row got TICKED OFF at his style of poking fun at those in the audience that weren’t laughing and she actually WALKED OUT!  I think that might have been even more funny!  He was doing a “reverse heckling” to the front row (and a few rows back too) and put the microphone in front of a couple of women to see how their laughing was.  You had to be there – it was pretty funny.  This next bit about the funny ways that different cultures speak – was one of the bits he did on our cruise that night.  Our cruise director, Mike – is from ENGLAND so you can imagine what grief the ENTIRE cruise gave him after that – EVERY time anyone saw him in public – such an easy target – and SO MUCH FUN!

Hope you enjoy – and if you like this one – be sure to catch his other bits on youtube.  He did most of these on our cruise too.  Clean humor is THE BEST!

God Bless

Secondhand Lions

Cover of "Secondhand Lions (New Line Plat...

Cover via Amazon

Greg and I own this movie and have watched it a few times in the last several years.  We pulled it out again just the other night to watch it again.  It’s one that you can literally watch over and over again and get something different from it each time.  It’s the story of a boy who is “dropped off” to live with his two great uncles, played by screen legends, Robert Duvall and Michael Caine.  As the story unfolds – so the amazing lives of these two older gentlemen and their heroic tales living 40 years in another country.  It is interwoven with adventure and morality, with humor and timeless values.  If you haven’t seen it – I highly recommend it not only for your children to watch with you – but for you to watch by yourselves.  You will especially love the bar fight scene and “the speech” that Robert Duvall’s character gives to all young men 🙂  And the ending?  My favorite part!

When was the last time you ever did something heroic in your life?  Did you ever want a lion for a pet?

Enjoy this music clip from the movie – written by the great Patrick Doyle.

God Bless

You’re NOT The Boss Of Me

Greg and I are dog sitting for our pastor and friend this week.  I have never owned a dog so I wondered how it would work out – but it’s been amazing.  Macy is a very sweet – but very active beagle.

Yesterday we took her for a long walk down by the Cedar River.  In the car she was not always happy to be just in the back seat by herself – she would hop up on my lap and try to poke her face out my window!  So cute – but she’s a heavy dog!  She also did NOT like staying on the trail – but sniffed EVERYTHING and went wildly running with reckless abandon!!  Because she is VERY STRONG Greg held her leash – after she about pulled my arm out!  It was very interesting seeing how she interacted with other dogs on the trail – and how the other dogs did the same – no matter how well-trained they were.

After we got home – we were eating dinner on our back deck – with Macy tied up in the yard with a long lease.  The little Chihuahua’s next door are quite BOSSY and were barking their “orders” to Macy from their backyard.  Macy barked back.  It was as if she was saying, “You’re NOT the boss of me!”

When was the last time you went on an adventure – or watched someone’s animal for them – only to learn something about them that was interesting and new?

When was the last time you barked to someone, “You’re NOT the boss of me”?

Here’s a picture of Macy

Enjoy and God Bless


Driving Opposite On A One-Way Road

Mount Rainier

Image by dherrera_96 via Flickr

Yesterday was a rare and beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest – the mountain (Mt. Rainier) was out and sky blue and cloudless.  I got in my car and  headed south to go and visit my daughter and son-in-law – and found myself in a parking lot of freeway traffic for an hour and a half – on what normally would have been a 25 minute trip.

I had never driven to my daughter’s new home before – only been a passenger, and like so many of us that are passengers – we just simply don’t pay very close attention to the exit signs.  Greg told me which one – unfortunately I did not have his GPS and was confident that I could find it without one – after all, hadn’t I been there several times before?  The exit sign looked different to me – and I was looking for a name that was in smaller print on the sign and therefore missed it all together – finding myself several exits south – in another town!

I was so distressed by this – the traffic was bad – the weather HOT and I pulled down a side road and called my daughter.  She told me I had gone too far – and to get back on the freeway and go 2 more exits – just what to look for from the freeway and I would find it.  I thought to myself, “there’s NO WAY I’m getting back on that crazy freeway” – but since there was no back road – I had no choice.  So I turned the car around and made a left hand turn to go back to the on ramp of the freeway – following another car.  When all of a sudden I realized that it was a ONE WAY STREET!  The car ahead of me had made the same mistake and quickly got himself to the intersection and darted across to the other side without being noticed.  Me, however – was NOT so quick – and I had cars from the oncoming lane HONKING AND YELLING and I’m sure one even gave me the finger too.  It was most humiliating.  So I made my way to that same intersection where the other car had magically disappeared – leaving me looking like an idiot – only I was STUCK THERE.  There was NO WAY to get across – as I was clearly in the wrong place and there was no stop light for me.  I must have sat there for a minute or two wondering what to do – and it seemed like HOURS!  Finally I waited for the red light and no other cars coming from the other way – and I GUNNED it across the intersection with 3 cars sitting there GAPING at me.  Yeah.  It was stupid and gutsy and ridiculous – and I felt MORTIFIED – but I got through and eventually got on that stupid freeway again.

This is a true story – I made nothing up – how can you make stuff up like this?

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Do you ever feel like your going down a one way – on the wrong side of life?

Please share 🙂


God Bless

Fighting Fair

Erma Bombeck

Image by Ujwala Prabhu via Flickr

Greg and I had an interesting verbal “sparring match” this morning.  It is very healthy to have these – as I have in recent years, discovered – and yet it is still somewhat foreign soil to venture in to the murky dark abyss of this type of “healthy exchange”.  We are still pretty new to resolving our differences this way.  Even after all the years we’ve been married.  It’s easier to say nothing than to deal with some things.

We’ve been reading one of Erma Bombeck’s hilarious books on relationships and in one chapter she writes about a very humorous exchange between she and her husband where she asks him, ‘Linda and Joe have meaningful conversations – why don’t we have any meaningful conversations’?  To which they both agreed, finally that surface conversations were safer in the long run.

Sometimes meaningful conversations between men and women are at crossed purposes and it seems easier to keep it simple.    I mean, since a man is NOT a woman – by any stretch of the imagination – it is difficult to get him to THINK like one.  I believe a meaningful conversation for my husband or any other guy friend of mine would be full of facts and information – sparring about this and that – displaying and ‘peacocking’ ambitions and accomplishments – news issues or politics – or for the Christian man – a debate on scripture or strategy on church leadership and such.

But women would rather talk about how they feel about issues – relationships and don’t care so much about the facts and figures.  And if it’s a news-worthy topic – it’s usually how people feel that are being affected – world events that talk about people and not just strategy and politics for strategy and politic’s sake.  Arguing or debating is not high on our list of ‘fun things’ to do.

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good sparring match – when it’s fun and harmless – debating about this or that – when it’s done right with no personal ‘shots’ or humiliating comments from the other party – and I can usually hold my own with any man on many topics – but it is difficult finding the balance in the sparring – when it’s your husband.

For some strange reason – over time, at least for us – we know how to do the “dance” of our relationship.  The things and words that push all of our buttons – and then have a hard time knowing how to defuse a situation after it IS into more than just a “healthy discussion”.  We know it’s important to not accuse and say things like, “YOU always says this” or “YOU make me feel lousy about myself when you do or say that” – instead we know to say, “I feel like bad when you say this” or “I am not liking what I think you are meaning by that” but alas.  Often times a discussion can turn south WAY before the intentions for saying the right thing is properly communicated.

I have learned how to have healthy and “meaningful conversations” with my husband out of necessity and out of survival – but sometimes we are not always successful – and occasionally – even we blow it.

Today I did not “stuff” my feelings as I would have done in years gone by – I spoke it right out!  It was a pretty stupid meaningless thing – nothing earth-shaking at all.  But it did have repercussions – as any discussion like this will.  And in frustration I heard myself saying these words, “Why can’t you be more like a WOMAN”?  Yeah right.  Really clever.  The problem is this:  Greg is my best friend – and he’s clearly NOT a woman.   He is a man.  He is also my husband.  So many problems with this arrangement – so much potential ammunition to want to KILL HIM at times – because he is A DUMB GUY!!

And so our dance continues.  I am learning to speak out when things bother me (this is so NOT like me in the past) and he is learning to dial it back a pinch when he has that incredible little imp that sits on his shoulder.  The Brat.  It’s not perfect – but it’s a life-long journey that we call marriage.

I suppose this is what they call “fighting fair” – having a healthy and meaningful exchange of words – really listening to what the other person is saying – learning what to say and what NOT to say to diffuse a situation and most of all – to remember to show a lot of love a grace when personal ego and pride are affected.  When your husband is a man and also your best friend – it’s worth the dance.

God Bless

Happy April! And That’s No Fooling! (via Cindy Holman’s Blog)

As I am usually QUEEN of the April Fool’s pranks – just wanted to post last years blog post on this day – telling of some of my better pranks 🙂 I’m still trying to think of a few for my son and husband – the day is still young –  Shhh!

So to you and yours – HAPPY APRIL to you!!  This year I’m watching MY back 🙂


God Bless

Happy April!  And That's No Fooling! As I look at my blog post from last year – I read how it was SNOWING here in the Pacific Northwest!  What a good “April Fool’s” that was!! This year – it’s still pretty cold out – but at least it’s SUNNY!! I am very mischievous by nature and have pulled some WONDERFUL April Fool’s “pranks” over the years – my family knows me well – and never know just what I’ll do to them on this day!!  My favorite one happened when my husband Greg was in seminar … Read More

via Cindy Holman’s Blog

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