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This has been a week of season finales for some of our favorite TV shows.  American Idol, Elementary,  and The Office – among others I have recorded but haven’t had time to watch yet.   American Idol ended just as I knew it would – with Candace Glover winning the title.  She deserved it – she could sing circles around the other contestants!  I know we will be hearing a lot from her in the very near future!English: Steve Carell pauses for a moment to t...

In the case of “The Office” – (which our dear son-in-law, Drew started us on while he was first dating our daughter, Ashlee) it was the final season.  Something got messed up on my DVR, even though I went in manually and set the high priority for “The Office” and “American Idol”.  Sadly “The Office” didn’t make the cut.  Luckily we found it online and were able to hook up Greg’s Mac book to the TV and watch it that way.  There were several twists and surprises to this last episode and I must admit, I was actually a little teary when Steve Carell made a guest appearance for Dwight and Angela’s wedding.

In the case of “Elementary” I was glad to find this online also – as I somehow stopped recording in progress to get “The Office” recorded!  Good grief.  But all is well, and we got to see the finale of that as well.  I found this storyline VERY compelling.  Sherlock, who believes his lost love who died two years earlier is suddenly alive!  They are reunited, only to find out that he has been played and seduced.  The woman who was supposed to be everything he had wanted and loved, turned out to be his nemesis!  The actress playing Irene, ah – I mean Moriarty – was none other than the actress who played Anne Boleyn in the fantastic mini series “The Tudors”.  (I looked it up)  How could he have gotten it so wrong?  Did his feelings get so in the way that he was unable to see what she really was?  Even as brilliant as he was?  Yes. elementary_london_bSometimes the things we have rolling around in our heads is just plain wrong.  And has nothing to do with reality.  Have you ever thought something was actually true?  You believe it for so long – it occupied your thoughts, crept into your dreams at night, drove you crazy?  And then some time (maybe even years) later – you discovered you were wrong about everything?  You wasted your thoughts and time on believing you were right?  When people disappear  from your life – often it is because of another completely different reason.  Not the one you have romanticized in your mind.  Sometimes we have to stop the fantasy in our minds.  Stop believing for that happy ending.  Sometimes things are what they are.  No happy ending.  Just hard cold reality.  Not all people are kind.  Not all people have your back.  Not all people want you to be happy.  Sometimes they are so unhappy themselves that their true intent is to destroy you.  Sometimes they never loved you at all.  And when we can make peace with reality instead of a fantasy – it is a beginning.  A step to becoming and staying content.

Something happened to Sherlock when this happened to him – when he finally beat his nemesis.  He grew up.  He let go.  He took the fantasy and turned it upside down, inside out and started a beginning into a new life.  Seeing things clearly  allowed him to move on, be wiser next time in matters of the heart and mostly – it gave him his life back.

Can you relate to Sherlock?  Have you ever trusted someone with your thoughts, your words – even your very life?  You shared a part of your heart with them so intimate and rarely spoken?  You thought you meant as much to them as they did to you.  And then you found out they were not who you thought they were.  Have you been betrayed by someone you really trusted and loved?  Do you still make excuses for them?  Have they gone away and on with their life – and yet you are still holding out for them to come back and change?  Or like Sherlock, have you had a reality check?  You woke up to the cold hard truth one day.  Things are not what you always believed?  And guess what?  You are going to be okay.  This will not finish you.  This will not defeat you.  You will rise up to be wiser, stronger and yes, you will regain your life back.

It’s funny.  Life is all about trust.  We trust with all the ordinary things we do in our everyday life.  From sitting in a chair we are sure will hold us up – to eating something we are sure will not kill us – or at very least not make us sick!  Trusting people is a must as well.  We trust the bank teller.  We trust the wait staff in a restaurant.  We trust our parents.  We trust our pastor.  We trust our friends.  These are natural inclinations.  It is only when someone proves to be untrustworthy that we are reduced to being suspicious and cautious.  I believe we are born to be “trusters”.  I like living my life open and trusting – even though others, including my own husband have called me “naive”.

I have also learned that I cannot trust everyone I meet – even if they appear to be all about good intentions.  And this makes me sad.  But it has not defeated me.  I’ve had others try to beat me down, but it has not finished me.   I’ve learned the lesson that I needed to learn.  And with God’s grace, it has not made me bitter.  Nor does it make me look suspiciously on every friendly person that comes into my life.  I’m willing to give everyone a chance.  I have God to credit with that – it does not come naturally to me.  He works in and through my life, finding the good in people.  I look deeper than the surface.  I watch for what others do and not just what they say.  I look beneath just the superficial pleasantries and observe how they are with others, listen to what their friends say about them and watch how they handle themselves in difficult situations.  I remember that I am not very lovable at times either – and God found something worthwhile and worth saving in me.  And in spite of many hurts and slights from people over the years – this simple thought has given me my life back.

I am hoping and praying the same for you.

God Bless

What’s Your Story?

Last night Greg and watched a Biography of John Walsh – better known as the host of the popular television program, “America’s Most Wanted“.  Some may not know that it was his own personal story of grief that led him to be an active voice to Congress and helped changed some laws regarding missing children and bringing criminals who abduct children – to justice.  He was then asked to host this show – and since the onset of the program in 1988 – hundreds have people have been found.

John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted"...

Image via Wikipedia

John and his wife had a beautiful six-year-old boy, named Adam.  Adam was abducted and murdered – his body found dumped in a river near their home.  Although John had his suspicions of who had committed this crime – it took the police and authorities over 25 years to solve the crime – and by this time, the man had passed away – before ever being sentenced.  Although it was comforting to have the thing “put to rest” – it was a lifelong sorrow and passion within John to try to change the system – and have more help and networking around the country and the world.

As we watched this program – it struck me.  I said to Greg, “I wonder if John realized that this one tragedy in his life – allowed him to be the vehicle in which real change would take place for other children and suffering families?  Do you think he knew that because of this – he forever rewrote history”?

Oh – but what a price to pay for change.  

Years ago – there was no stoplight in front of the church where Greg was on staff.  It was a dangerous busy highway and hard to turn left to come out of the church – as many of us had to do.  The city refused to put in a stop light.  Something about “not enough people’ or something like that.  It took a few fatal accidents in that place to finally wake them up – and today there is a stop light there.

It is the painful, tragic and often fatal events that thrust people forward to make a change.

So I got to thinking about this – and tried applying this principle to my own life.  I too have experienced heartache – just like you.  Yours may look different from mine – yours may be loss of a child, a husband, a parent – or a relationship  – but loss is still loss.  Grief is still grief.

What if – instead of putting that passion, anger, frustration and questions that we experience about the loss inside ourselves and hoping time, friends and activity will help put it to rest – we instead saw it as a possibility to do something great?  Maybe even something that we would never have done if we had never experienced or been touched with the pain at all?

What if – we turned grief around, inside out and stared it down, used that raw emotion to fuel a passion for others and saw it as a “God moment”.

I’m sure at the time of tragedy, the Walsh’s did not think any such thing – but the wonderful things he has done since 1981 are a sacrifice and personal tribute to their lost son – the effects of which are still felt today.

I think if we could all muster up the courage and turn tragedy around – make grief palatable – look fear in the face and use that raw emotion to find God’s purpose in the pain – the world would have more artists – more musicians – more writers and more champions.

Behind every heroic act is a story.

What’s yours?

God Bless

Top Ten Dramas Or Mini Series (In My Humble Opinion)

Anne of Green Gables (1985 film)

Image via Wikipedia

All of the following series and dramas I have in my personal DVD library.  I have many more that I like today and watch – but do not own the series.  These are simply the ones that I do – and love to pull out and watch over and over.

1)  Anne of Green Gables – with Megan Follows and a long list of impressive actors.  I first saw this ‘series’ in 1985 while living in Jeannette, PA – and I think that’s why it will always be special to me.  I read the books when I was a child – and though the ‘series’ takes a serious detour along about the 2nd book – I still loved what they did with the screen play version.  The scenery is break taking and makes me want to live on P.E.I. by the sea.  The musical score is one of the best I’ve ever heard – the theme song can make me cry – it’s so beautiful.  I also loved the ‘sequel’ and ‘the continuing story’ – but nothing tops the first one.  Colleen Dewhurst is an AMAZING Marilla.  I laughed and cried – it’s really beautiful.

2)  Pride and Prejudice – Not the movie (although that was very good) the BBC released series in the early ’90’s.  This is the one with Colin Firth – and if you’re a fan of his – then you owe it to yourself to see this.  He IS Mr. Darcy.  Period.  Another Jane Austin masterpiece – about a family of 5 sisters and the ultimate love affairs with the eldest sisters.  It is wonderful and very funny and entertaining from the get go – we have watched it many times.  My husband even like it!

3)  Wonder Years – I have a ‘boot legged’ copy from someone who recorded the series off the TV and until they get the copyright permission to release this wonderful TV show to DVD – it is all I have.  It is a story of a boy growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  The boy would have been a little older than I am – so I can identify with much of what is going on.  There is an ‘older’ Kevin Arnold that narrates throughout – so you always know what the younger Kevin is thinking.  It’s a wonderful nostalgic trip to the past – with the music and videos of real events of that time period.  When they play those old songs – I’m instantly transported back in time.  The actors are perfectly cast – it’s a real gem.

4)  From the Earth To the Moon – the HBO produced series narrated by Tom Hanks.  Well worth the investment if you are a history buff and love information, actual transcripts and events surrounding the Gemini and Apollo flights to the moon.  Very well done – we watch it every year or so – one of our favorites.

5)  Gilmore Girls – this clever fast spoken comedy/drama really caught on and have some serious fans!  Greg got sucked in when he bought me the first season for Christmas a few years ago.  He started watching with me – and got hooked!  It’s really incredibly well written and FUNNY!!    I own all 7 seasons and it’s one we pull out about every year to watch.  It’s one of our favorites!

6)  Star Trek Next Generation – Yes we are ‘trekies’ and proud of it.  I must admit though, that we didn’t like this series when it was first released in the early 80’s.  It took awhile to catch on – and I think I began watching it – when it was almost over.  By then we were hooked and had to buy all seven seasons.  Patrick Stewart is AMAZING in this – as well as all the costars – so well assembled and cast – a real gem for Gene Roddenberry.  This is one we pull out and watch all the time too.  Love it!

7)  Band of Brothers – great series about true events during WWII – a ‘band of brother’ who fought together – laughed, cried and watched death happen all around them.  This series is one that my husband Greg and son Shawn pull out and watch often – a real testosterone series – but I like it too.

8)  Victoria and Albert – with Victoria Hamilton and Jonathan Firth – the delightful story of young Queen Victoria – her 6 decade reign as Queen of England and her love for a man named Albert.  Gives a rich glimpse into what it must have been like for a very young girl to take on the heavy responsibility of ruling England.  Loved it!

9)  True Womenwith Angelina Jolie, Dana Delany and Annabeth Gish – a story of pioneer women spanning 5 decades from the Texas Revolution, the Civil War and beyond.   Beautiful story – well acted.

10)  Tom Jones – by Henry Fielding – starring Max Beesley and Samantha Morton – this is a VERY PG-13 – (if not R) series written over 300 years ago – and it is both an outrageous and irreverent look at England society in the 18th century.  It is NOT something to sit down with the children and watch – because of the subject matter and inappropriate scenes – but it is a work of art – very funny and entertaining about an orphan who grows up in a wealthy home and falls in love with a childhood girl he played with.  Once grown there are several obstacles to being with her and he has many adventures and mishaps that only a man like Tom Jones could have.  If you’re easily offended by some crude language, situations and sexuality – this is NOT for you!  It’s no Jane Austin!!  Just saying!

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