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Another Winter

Autumn fallen leaves of Zelkova serrata

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The chill in the air feels familiar

and yet

there is always something missing at this time of year

I wait for something

I sense the anticipation

Leaves hang on

as if they too

are waiting for something

and then they fall

surrendering to their time

surrendering to the cold

And like the leaves

I too – hang on

waiting for something

But in the end

I too surrender to the inevitable

perhaps an echo

of past things

a glimpse of something

from long ago

in this time of the year

when chill and thoughts of snow

fill the air

Another winter season

when something was lost

and something else found

And I realize

I am the leaves

that have fallen

surrendering to the cold

and the winter

and yet…

I am getting up again

crushed but not broken

Another ‘winter’ came

to steal my joy

rob my spirit

and I was lost

But I survived

got back up

and here I am

to face another winter

that feels familiar

but is so different

And I smile

another season

more progress

on my journey

regrets that lessen

with time

and healing

in all things that matter

and I am content


How I Use My Blog

Moo cards for blogging workshop

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A whole new world opened up to me – when I began a blog site.

I have always loved to write down thoughts and feelings – what was happening around me and my ‘take’ on the situations I found myself in – but it was always just for me alone.

When you begin a blog – you need to decide how much of yourself you are willing to reveal – if you are used to writing in a personal journal.

As I began to share my journey – I found others out there who were in a similar ‘season’ of  life and experience and it has kindled many healthy relationships for me.

I use my blog like this:  It’s a ‘sharing’ mode – my own personal experiences –  life through ‘my lens’.  Others may choose ‘edgier’ topics – but I try to keep mine as non-controversial as possible.

The reason for this is simple.  I do not think I’m an expert on any topic – and if fact know many people (some of them my good friends) who have way more experience or insight than I do – and could clearly ‘call me out’ if they wanted to.  For this reason I stay away from politics, religion and anything else that is a ‘hot’ topic and generates heated discussions.  If you want one of those – there are plenty of them available – just JUMP IN!!

My blog is to tell a story of my journey – through humor, stories, real events, pictures, poetry and music.  It is not meant to attack or criticize any one’s  point of view.  It is simply my story.

What I have discovered is this:  There are many people like me out there in ‘blog land’.  People who have discovered that if they just step out and write – something wonderful happens!  People respond.  It is wonderful to receive validation and affirmation from fellow bloggers – encouraging and cheering me on!

Another significant reason for starting a blog is this:  It’s very healing. There’s something about writing thoughts and feelings – and past experiences down on paper and releasing them so they are not locked up inside anymore.  I have felt that great release and have felt God’s hand upon my writing and have felt His healing touch through my relationships with people – as I share my experiences.  In a way – I can honestly say – the blog is for me.

But it is not only for me.

I also have received numerous emails and Facebook messages from those not yet comfortable to write something on my page – but want to let me know just how much it means to them – to have someone understand.  Someone who has the same thoughts and feelings – just didn’t know how to express it – and who feel in some way – that I wrote an article just for them.

This is why I blog.  That is the payoff and the reward of any writer.  That somehow – I can make a difference. Powerful.

I have also used my blog to inspire others to create their own blog – and I feel like a proud and happy ‘Mom’ to those who have started their own blog – due to my encouragement.  To see them prosper and blossom is the greatest reward in the world!

Do you have something to write about?  Something to share with the world?  Are you an encourager?  Are you frustrated and need to find a venue to begin and sort it all out?  Start a blog today!

There are many blog sites to choose from – and most of them are free like this one.   I chose because it has so many things to offer – and many ways to link and find other people like myself.  If I like an article from someone I can post it right to my Facebook page – or even email it to someone who does not have Facebook or twitter.  I can even print out a hard copy to take with me or give a friend without a computer.  So convenient for me!

I’d love to help you get started – maybe today is your day!  I’d love to offer any help or suggestions – just ask!

But most of all – just step out and do it! You won’t be disappointed!

God Bless

I Am Ready…Still…

The following is taken from a blog post one year ago tomorrow.  It was heartfelt and hopeful and I still am that girl – waiting for the day…one year later…
It is important to stop, reflect and look back – so that we can see how much change and growth has happened to us over time – if we allow God to work on us – soften our hearts and let things go that we can’t fix.
It is also important to learn the things that can’t be fixed and that it’s sometimes a blessing in disguise to NOT get the things you ask for.  And that is the hardest lesson of all.  To know that God sometimes heals through things not given – and through other people and relationships we encounter on our journey.  It has taken me a long time to learn this – but I’m so glad to be finally getting it.

Posted by: Cindy Holman on: May 18, 2009

I am beginning

to see

a new beginning

a new challenge

that is before me

a door I must walk through


It scares me

It is the unknown

I don’t know

how it will turn out

In my heart

I can see


and relationships

as God sees them


and healthy

A meeting of the minds

and hearts

joining of “like” spirits

wanting understanding

and reconciliation

I am ready

I am waiting

Waiting for God’s timing

Waiting for God’s healing

I am ready

I can already see it


I am afraid

It is the scary unknown

Help me Lord to be ready when final healing takes place for me and all those in my life – and for anyone reading this today.  I pray that our hearts will be open for you to do a special and deep work in our lives today so that you will be glorified as the only true relationship healer.  I pray a special blessing on my readers today that you will give them a wonderful day –  full of love, hope and promise of tomorrow.

God Bless.

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